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  1. so at this point i'd like to thank those of you who were on subject, i do respect all your opinions on the matter and hopefully one day it's more looked into, thank you xox
  2. It has been sidetracked, the original post was about something completely different and now suddenly its about me, all i said was i understand how people feel when there being picked on and attacked every day and the rules and regulations dont really help to stop these things....but i never asked for a pity party lol i'm just asking a valid question.
  3. I mean clearly you have some predisposed notion of me or something so therefore your opinion is irrelevant to me, Blogspot wouldnt remove a certain persons blogs because of plain 'slander'..and FYI people like you are the reason victims of bullying actually stay silent. feel free not to respond.
  4. so you dont think people should have stricter cyber bully laws? so only people under the age of 13 can be bullied on the internet and nobody can find out (real) information on the internet about people they dont 'know'? lol you've been as helpful as 2 left shoes.
  5. been there done that doesnt work...anyway back on subject please... do you think SL should be stricter or not? young people play SL aswell and there exposed to that kind of hostility, doesnt seem to be 'right'
  6. actually i never asked your opinion on my dilema, all your doing is giving her motivation to continue.
  7. the link wasnt to the 'bullies' blog actually..it was to my blog were there is a link for people to make donations to anti-cyber bullying organizations...and me sharing my experience...and how i feel the rules should be different.
  8. i'd just like to stress that this thread is suppose to be about cyber bullying in general, anything personal or otherwise will have to be addressed elsewhere were i'm not in contact with a notorious cyber bully
  9. then you'll see that i never started it, and my 4 posts compared to there 60 doesnt really show much... also i've already tried to comprimise with this 'person' and they had stopped...then less then 24 hours they were blogging again. i'm not here to argue with people, never said i was an angel. i also have a right to let everyone know the truth if lies are being spread about me, also if you read her whole blog you'll see she's been harassing people long before me.
  10. see what i mean....my 'alleged' stalker has followed me here....
  11. well you havent seen the alleged bullies blog have you? she's already posted about this thread, as i expected she would do, i dont communicate with this psychopath at all but i have to acknowledge it for the sake of everyone who is being bullied in world by a malicious animal like that.
  12. i dont see how that has any relevance to my post about SL being stricter about cyber bullying? if you refuse to stay on track please dont respond at all.
  13. oh i didnt know that, again i feel as if there being blanketed as usual....why should they be? it truly is a shame. oh and she made it VERY public...she was going to 'ruin' my life...so its not much of a he said she said.
  14. Hi Everyone, Everyday i hear on the news that sadly another young person has taken there life due to cyber bullying...whether it be VIA facebook...twitter ..or second life, i honestly feel not enough is done to scare these 'trolls' ...i am personally a victim of cyber bullying...on second life and i feel like i have been 'failed' many times by the system...in the below link i have written my ordeal aswell as a link for people to make donations against serious anti-cyber bully laws....i want to somehow incorperate that into second life.. I feel as if there should be stricter laws against second life cyber bullying whether its on blogs chat feeds or anything...harassment is harassment. *link removed you can i.m me inworld or on here for the link*
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