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  1. People are getting fed-up with the Linden / Marketplace crowd refusing to act with integrity and take care of rip-offs and problems, and with the Linden Dictatorship in general. I want people to show they still have a spine, and to start uniting in an indefinite protest against this overlord attitude until the Linden / marketplace crowd and in-world merchants drop the attitude and start acting with integrity. I've been around for a long time, and this garbage never changes, and usually just gets worse; all the talk-talk-talk never changes it and I have had enough of it! The only way to get these people to wake up is to start hitting them in the pocket ! How many times have people tried to submit a ticket - and IF they even succeed, they don't get even a reply or answer until the last minute or never at all, eh? - Does anybody else out there have a spine???
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