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  1. The 750 character thing is a throwback to the legacy classified. A few year back the classified listings were changed, around the same time when all the search parameters were juggled around with. Prior to that classified listings had a far greater allowance of characters. Those classified you see with the extra long text are probably ads that were placed years ago prior to the changes. ^L^
  2. There are a few outfits like Metabiz that have Grid wide ad boards. I've had some moderate success with them in the past. You sign up, fund your account and submit your graphics. But don't count on a flood of visitors. In general even if you have the most eye catching ad and compelling offer ever, 99.9 % of folk will ignore it. Correction, they won't even notice it 'cause hardly anyone ever reads anything in SL even when you push a sign in front of their nose and have it carried around after them like a faithful pup. What Chinrey said is good advice. ^L^
  3. I've just had some helpful feedback and assistance from Dakota. I must say she's always on the ball, fair and great to deal with. Markplace team's best asset if you ask me. ^L^
  4. Today I have had a few of my more risqué items flagged as not being listed as adult. Even though I had and always do, take care to pixelate or blank out the naughty bits that nature gives us all. The flagging was thankfully a rare event and having been from time to time on the wrong end of the censors trigger finger I went to review the item and make the neccessary adjustments before relisting. However this time around the items were not just flagged and delisted they have apparently been completely blocked. Very Odd! I've never had that before so I'm wondering if there is a newbie in the censor department who has hit the wrong button or is this a new policy? ^L^
  5. Lot's of sound responses and good advice from the others. Without a doubt the new search has skewed sales in all sorts of odd ways for many. Whilst my own sales are a little down, they traditionally dip this time of year anyway. It's the kind of sales that I am finding interesting. My usual best selling items that I could always count on have taken a dive and in their place a whole host of obscure items I had almost forgotten about are on the rise. More worrying overall is the solidity of the new SL search. The marketplace has at best been less than adequate in that department but I had grown accustomed to it's many eccentricities. However a whole raft of new quirks are beginning to emerge. For example yesterday I made a search for some some footwear I needed and I was amazed to see one of my own totally unrelated products pop up in the results. Somewhat perturbed I checked that listing Title & Keywords etc, that could have brought it there. Nothing! I then checked all the other language pages associated with the same listing still nothing, I doubled checked that there wasn't any keyword stemming that might have kicked in - absolutely none!. Nor was there a related stem in the description (which they say doesn't count anyway). So for me the jury is still out on the new search algorithm and indexing. Meanwhile should one of my products that is totally unrelated to your own searches sneak into the results please accept my apologies and be assured it's not by my design but rather that of the mysterious hand of the Marketplace random search returns. ^L^
  6. Thanks Dakota - I gave the Cache a good flushing and in addition I did an actual search with my preferred ratings. After I did that the pesky 'general' went back in the box, and my full maturity setting are now glued back in. All is well again :-) ^L^
  7. It's utterly crazy. The best selling results are more like those you would expect from the old nihilistic Bizarro Superman world - the absolute opposite of what it claims. Good thing I have a resilent sense of humour and some of the oldies shown do raise nostalgic memories . We seem to have a marketplace search algorithm that's high on digital crack! ^L^
  8. Hi Dakota - Overnight my marketplace page has decided that I'm not an Adult. I always have my maturity setting selected to "General, Moderate, Adult" Now it tells me I'm only eligible for General. Whenever I try to reset the setting it partially works for the page I am on IE I see the item (my own by the way) but it won't show me the other adult related items bottom of page. To compound the problem, after changing the setting to the full monty, when I navigate to the Marketplace Main Home page my adult settings revert back to General. It's a pain in the you know where and makes editing my own adult listings double troublesome. As I said, this is an overnight problem and I'm pretty sure sure it is connected to the ongoing new search disaster. Can I kindly request that that you ask the dev team to roll back search to the original until they can figure out 'what the heck is going on" ^L^
  9. Oh dear - I'd advise folks with blood pressure issues not try sorting their store page by 'Best Selling' - the new search engine algorithm seems especially adept at presenting us with results representing our 'least' selling items. How on earth did the devs manage to pull that one out of their magic hat? On the other hand we now can't moan about there being no difference between Best Selling and Relevance (which does seem pretty relevant). Cynic that I am, I don't expect there will be any real improvements. Most devs would rather give up their first born for slaughter than admit they have got it wrong. If they can't fix it it then they could save face by just changing the drop down selection to say 'worst selling' ^L^
  10. Yep - I'm having same bother too - there's a thread about this already open https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Search-for-a-related-product-products-not-showing/td-p/3057422 and a Jira has been opened https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-37670 I'd comment on the Jira but I've been blocked from it for years after I spoke some home truths that OZ Linden didn't like. ^L^
  11. Thanks Alwin that was the problem. The system did need to be reminded where to send the payments. Support got back to me very quickly with the same advice to re add paypal - worked a treat. ^L^
  12. I haven't made a process credit for a few months due to the change over of the system, preferring to let things settle down. However when I went to start a cash out today I discovered that my 'Request Process Credit' button has been deactivated. So for me it's going to take longer than usual regardless of the new service standards. I'm curious about this because it's never happened to me before nor can I find references to similar here in forums. Any advice welcome. I have logged a ticket and will feed back on how things go in case there are some out there who have a similar issue. ^L^
  13. Indeed I do - thanks :smileyembarrassed :manembarrassed:
  14. There is definitely something odd going on with the Lindex. After similar experiences to yours over the past month I placed a limit order at 254. It was filled in seconds - Yippee - until I discovered that it had been wrongly filled at the fast sell rate which currently works out at around a rate of 268. Thought I might have hit the wrong button by mistake however the transaction history shows the correct 254 limit sell rate and the wrong final settlement. *sigh* I really, really, really don't want to go through the raising a ticket dance. Sellers Beware! ^L^ Ammended after tip off from Qie
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