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  1. Hi Veronica! yes we recently celebrated four years of Commune Utopia in SL We are at this very moment having a new year's eve party that is running all day so do come and find us! <3
  2. Hi Mae. I've had a community in sl for over 4 years now and believe me there is no golden rule about popularity. People take time to find out about places and when they did arrive, in the early days, they were encouraged to bring a friend back, join the group and also make the place a pick. This really helped to spread the word as all new traffic came from word of mouth. I then made the venue very open to everyone's ideas... Anyone can start a DJ party providing they have their own stream, anyone in the group of 1800 can rezz anything to use (and tidy away again after!), and anyone can use group notices and chat to feel included and spark ideas. This works really well as the onus is not on me as owner to constantly be thinking of things to do when the group can think of things themselves and then put the plan into action! The other thing I did which helps with group harmony, is to make 15 trusted friends " helpers " or security when I'm not online... They have almost as many powers as I do to eject and ban. This makes the group feel very safe. There are also around 200 welcomers on all time zones who take pride in showing people around as they enter the community plot. We have various events timed every week and collaborate with other places similar to us, exchanging LM givers. We are also on The Road, a new sim connection syste that might be useful to you. Hope this has been useful and don't worry... Up to Christmas is always quieter! I'd be happy to show you around and talk more if you'd like.
  3. That's quite mean. Madeline helps a lot of people in the forums. Plus sometimes people can't get in world but they can access the forums on their phones for instance (as I'm doing right now) and want to post things...
  4. HI Charisma. I have an established community in sl for four years now, and we do quite a few things that you're suggesting you'd like to do - the live music, the art gallery, the discussions and debates. If you wanted you could come and look around and see how we've done it - and we also encourage people to help out as much as they want, so you could get experience while you're here Just search for Commune Utopia and you'll be welcomed warmly.
  5. I think Dutchie do a few props that may interest you.
  6. Commune Utopia has some lovely little rentals in sky villages, over a thriving community of 1800 bohemians. Search for us in world, speak to Seductive Dreamscape or any of the family you encounter on landing. We're either in the main house or dancing in the woodlands.
  7. Prok, I totally agree with what you're saying apart from people being able to place their own ads at the info points. It would definitely become a magnet for webcam girls and strip clubs IMO. There does need to be a link to destination guide LMs at the info hubs as noobies do wander aimlessly, not knowing the variety of what's on offer... I did start helping a few and showing them around SL, showing them where to get better skins and hair, but really, what's the point when they never log back in? LL doesn't make enough of a song and dance about the creative sims that imaginative people have built so for most of the masses that log into SL for the first time, they'll never know why we've been here 8, 9, 10 years.
  8. Hi, we have people all over the world in the Commune Utopia. I'm sure you'll find some African Americans there as well as every other nationality, we're just a big melting pot and friendly to all We're busy 24/7 so do pop over. Tell them Sedi introduced you Sedi x
  9. hey Duder! The hippies are at Commune Utopia - search for us or click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orga/20/91/29 We have been in SL for four years and have a welcoming, thriving community of 1800 loving, friendly people. There are a variety of events, live music, discussions, and anything people want to do here is welcomed. We have yoga and a smokes cafe too if that interests you Today for instance we are having a sit in to remember the refugees of Syria who have not been supported by European governments (this is at 9am SLT today). Because we're a truly international community, it's rare to find the Commune empty, but like the waves of the sea, the tide will soon return with conversation, dancing and fun times. Peace and love Sedi <3
  10. I agree with the previous posters in that people do want quality rentals, but just to be a little contrary here, people also want simple community living. If you can create a homely, inviting village with a central hub whether that be a cafe or a little romantic dance pavilion, people will rent. People like to have privacy, sure, but they also want to feel they are part of something. I have 30 rentals,in a hippie village, small basic houses with a high end sex bed, a fireplace, a rug and a sex chair and then the renter gets 10 prims for personalisation, ie. pictures, plants etc. If you have a theme, and you have a community gathering space to reflect that theme, people will always want to rent. Do your homework on what your competition is charging, and then see if you can undercut them a little. Everyone loves a bargain - do offers and discounts ("rent here and bring a friend to rent another and get two weeks free" kind of thing). If you need any more help do contact me inworld - I've been doing cheap rentals for years x
  11. Come to Commune Utopia for the friendliest community in SL. Proud to be nominated in the Avi Choice 2015 Awards for Best Community. If you enjoy talking, dancing and living in a relaxed and beautiful environment that encompasses forest, beach and cosy octagon house, come visit us! We have over 80 musicians and DJs that create parties all the time, conversations that can be serious or totally silly in the space of five minutes, and genuine, loving people that really will become your friends for life. We create whatever you want as a fluid and evolving space, so come join the revolution and see how SL really can be when nothing limits your imagination! Search Commune Utopia <3
  12. true, true! I think any 17-40 yr old will be running for the hills, personally
  13. Oh now you've amended your post to say the age... You may be a troll but let me tell you there's nothing better than just getting out there and meeting people... you're not going to find "the one" here in the forums Try a busy place like Fogbound, Blarney Stone, or Crossroads...
  14. haha, I read ALL your message and nowhere can I see how old YOU are - so how are we meant to know if we're the right age for you? Plus talking about lindens so early on in the relationship is a little tacky, don't you think? Kisses, Sedi x
  15. Hello, as Venus suggested, search for "Commune Utopia" where we have many poly relationships in a free thinking, open and happy global community. (We're also much more than that but you'll discover our live music, discussions and art when you land!) Hugs, Sedi x
  16. Commune Utopia is a very chatty and fun place with over 80 musicians and regular live music events, as well as many other things going on all arranged by the members! It's unique in SL for its welcoming and inclusive nature of local chat - come and join our happy family x
  17. Sounds like a really creative and imaginative place, I wish you all the luck with it Also I had a read of your blog and I have to say that a lot of work has gone into that website - congrats! I hope you do really well with your new community!
  18. Hey it says land is not found when you use tp
  19. Ok, here goes. You must visit: Vintage Village http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Verdigris/102/68/55 Italy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FuriZona/73/67/25 Forgotten City http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forgotten%20City/73/141/24 Amazon River http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//215/23/22 Enjoy! x
  20. *smiles* I think you'll find the group joining fee comparable to many other Adult clubs and societies Thanks for your input, though!
  21. hi there, thanks for your reply BUT you don't *have* to join the group if you have no cash - the joining fee is there for a few reasons ... it's a one off payment helps weed out griefers, it helps pay for the land as land is not free *gasps* and we regularly get new things for the commune that are asked for to make it fresh and exciting for everyone. The commune has been self sufficient and active for over three years now and has over 1600 members that have a say in what happens - not many communities can boast that. So please, before you screech it's a massive amount of money, just come and hang out here with no pressures and see what we're like, many people do just that - some members even voluntarily donate the cash for others to join as that's the kind of caring, sharing people we are Sedi xo
  22. Please contact me, Seductive Dreamscape inworld and visit my hippie commune at Commune Utopia to see what can be done with a quarter sim - all done by myself. The areas I have made are: natural beach - dancing meadows with rivers - woods with marketplace - hills with winding stairs - rainforest jungle - pool with waterfalls and seating - cosy village with small huts in a forest setting. I'd love to assist you with your quarter sim
  23. But only a week ago you announced this: Star City is a beautiful island city with houses, shops, and public transit. We currently have houses and shops for rent so if you are interested in either starting a business in this lovely town or become a resident or even both then please contact the mayor of Star City in game and his username is austin11r. Thank you. You should give the sim a chance before selling it, surely??
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