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  1. I have to laugh at this from P Neva: "For the last day, I've been griefed on multiple sims and parcels by the same old Woodbury/PN style griefer with the same creepy effigy of myself -- a high-prim horror. " I mean, what genius! You argue and ban anyone who doesn't comply with "your" mainland rules, and then get irritated by griefers who make effigies of you! It's given me the biggest laugh. Thankyou!
  2. Hi Indigo. As the founding member of Commune Utopia community over 6 years ago, i also had the same dilemma when reality got too much and I had to radically rethink how the community would be run and evaluate if all the land was needed etc. After debating with many others, a wonderful soul came to the rescue and donated a whole sim, a larger village of rentals was created, regular music events and art galas happen , and the community understands that unfortunately nothing is free in sl, everyone has to chip in if these artistic and free thinking communities are to survive. That's what you need
  3. I'd love to add my community to the mix... we're a very friendly and active village of hippies and freethinkers, we welcome all to our varied events - live music on Wednesdays and parties every single day with our fun DJs. The village has one vacancy at the moment - twelve simple huts with a central mingling area! Search for Commune Utopia and meet your new family <3
  4. Oh dear Vecchio. You were extremely kind and generous but it sounds like you threw your money down a bit deep well, never to be seen again. I'd recommend donating any beneficiary lindens to established businesses or at least know the person really well as there's just so many dreamers in SL who never quite manage to get their project off the ground. I haven't even mentioned the scammers yet. I wish everyone who had a beautiful vision like the person above could walk for a moment in my shoes and see the work it takes to get a place to and running and then sustain it for five years... That's why
  5. I had a very rude response from Steph on another issue, but now I see it's just her personality. Steph... You can't possibly know everything, and sometimes it's OK to back down and agree that someone else has more expertise than you. Hope you manage to calm those aggression issues <3
  6. Hi Viv! You sound so much fun, but unfortunately as I'm GMT timezones, I will be going to bed at 2 pm when you're just getting inworld... However, if you ever do get up early (unusual for a teen, I know!!!) maybe we can meet sometime as I've got a whole range of glitter pens and even some scented ones! I also love to make cakes for everyone! I've got a large family of hippies who would take you to their heart and show you a very relaxed way of living, you might even be encouraged to skip school and get back to nature... We're always having impromptu parties around the campfire.
  7. I wanted to send you virtual hugs and only wish i could give you real ones too. Coping with a chronic illness is not easy - I've had the same, before SL existed - and I can only imagine how SL has become a lifeline for you, not only with the business that you can pick up and drop when you feel like it, but how your active, well avatar has reinvigorated you when your reality has seemed a little depressing. What you need is a community of kind, thoughtful people who won't judge. My community has many creators and thinkers, some of whom have revealed they have certain illnesses or disabilities
  8. Just visited and was blown away by the detail, the size and how friendly everyone is... I got taken on a tour of the sims by two sisters on bicycles, it was a lot of fun
  9. Plenty of men in rl use a female avatar to express their feminine feelings. I even know of a woman in rl who uses a male avatar as she feels masculine. Gender is fluid, as is sexuality... Everyone has a right of expression <3
  10. Sometimes there is no other way, after being harassed by throw away alts out to cause trouble and drive people away from a well established community. As it is, I've decided to not have a security orb as I believe the actions of one disturbed person should not impact everyone's freedom. However for those clubs and communities that do have it, their reasoning had been thought out, nobody wants to stop people visiting, but it has to reflect the happiness of the community as a whole. There are many people in sl who need to grow up and not grief. As a new person, you may not have met the destructi
  11. Steph, don't knock someone when they're trying to help. You may think mentors are a bore, but to someone else they can be a lifeline. SL has a huge learning curve that people soon forget when they've been here years.
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