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  1. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    I am already part of several BDSM groups, however most of the groups that would be appropriate to post in, annoy me as most just post in for random hookup's. I have tried in world, but even in the groups you only reach so many people. Forums, you still only reach so many people but there is a good chance there are people here that arent in those groups either (People I havent met!)
  2. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    Thank you for your suggestion. However, hiring someone for this is a good fix for temporary but not in a long term situation. I might have ground rules, every dominate has their ground rules. Does not mean that the person is not able to work with another. And as well, I am not looking for a third to bring in. I am looking for someone to only deal with her, not to join our family dynamic completely. I have been in a similar situation with a previous slave and it worked out wonderfully, and am hoping to find it again for my current slave. Again, thank you for your suggestion.
  3. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    Many of you would read this title and think i am trying to get rid of my slave. That is not the case. I have a slave girl that is into the harsher aspect of BDSM. Degradation, humiliation, is a pain *****, you name it, she enjoys it. However, that is not the type of Domme I am. So I am looking for someone that would help me by taking u that slack a little. After all, we know our submissives and slaves have needs, and their own kinks. Since I am unable to accommodate that aspect of her needs I am reaching out. I have tried to look within sl, as she has as well, with no luck. She does not submit to men, as she is a lesbian. Women only for her. As well, you would have to work directly with me with her contract and understand that I would always come first with her. However, we are a poly family and we do know how to share quite well, so you will have your time with her. Please im me in world and we can talk more if you're interested. Only serious people, please.
  4. Tattoo maker needed for a project

    I am looking for a tattoo maker to make one or two tattoo's for me. Must be able to make them with the omega applier as the tattoos will be added onto a mesh body. I am not looking to be able to resell, but would like it to be full perm (or atleast copy/trans) So I can pass it to who I want to give it to when they are online. Im me in world to get the idea behind the tattoo and to quote cost. Thank you.
  5. Finding SL residents around my age

    Most of my friends I don't know the age of, and for me that's fine. But those that are good friends or who I call family in sl I know their ages. For me, I really don't care how old you are, it's just mild curiosity. And for the record, I am 34, and don't see the reason some people like about age. It's just a number not a definition.
  6. What is a master supposed to do?

    The sub/slave and dominant are not greater than eachother. The sub/slave has given their submission to the dominant. Both are people, plain and simple. Just because you choose to submit to another does not make you lesser than them. This is coming from a submissive and an owner of two slaves (No, i will not call myself a mistress, even though both of them bless me with that title). Between the 4 of us (myself, my two slaves and my dominant) we are all on equal footing. Now that does not mean their are not rules. Both sides of the coin has rules, we call it a contract. And any rl lifestyler can tell you the importance of the contract, whether you are a sub or a slave. You have your rules (as the dominant) and they have theirs (their limits, hard and soft). And Sky, I cant speak for all poly type D/s dynamics, but I know within myown, its a group choice of who we bring in, if we bring in anyone new. If all parties dont agree then we leave our group as is. However, the dom should have taken some time to talk to you about it though and explain things and such. Just my two cents.
  7. Communities for Satanism & philosophy in general

    There are many people that voice, I am one of them. And I am not furry, well 98% of the time I am not! lol. But there is a difference between conversing/discussing religion and trying to convert. My goal is never to convert, at most to make people think, and question why they believe in their faith. And some will read that and still see it as a negative. My goal behind it is always the more you know why, the stronger that faith is. As i stated above, I am pagan myself but I have friends that are satanic, muslim, christian, buddhist, and many other faiths and we discuss religion all the time! Sometimes it helps your own faith to discuss (not convert) your faith with a non believer, I have found. And with satanics, do not confuse them for devil worshipers. A satanist is about the self. Their sacred holiday, their birthday. The goal, to build ones self up. Its not to oppose anyone or anything. Just my two cents.
  8. Looking for a farmhand

    As of right now, I am no longer looking! I have had a great number of people contact me! I will repost if they do not work out! Thank you!
  9. Looking for a farmhand

    I am currently looking to hire a farm hand for my DFS farm. Your daily tasks would be to tend and water the crops, trees and plants and brush the animals (Right now I just have cows). This is a paid job, that can come with other perks as time goes on. I dont mind teaching you the DFS system, but I would prefer someone that already knew how to use everything. Message me in world if you are interested. Thank you!
  10. Communities for Satanism & philosophy in general

    I know I always keep an eye out for different religious groups that focus on philosophy rather than practice (I am for learning philosophy and history of a religion than practical practices of it.). I am Pagan myself with an interest in all religions, and belief systems. However, anytime you either bring up what you personally believe or that you are not interested in learning what is required via the religion or things like that, it seems they clam up or like you have found the groups do not exist. I wish you luck in your search and if you find any interesting discussion groups shoot me an im with them, I am always interested in things like that!
  11. Girl looking for a girlfriend

    Nothing wrong at all to spend as much time as you can with someone. Me and my rl husband has been married for 11 years (WIll be in two months) and most of that time we would spend all of it together, other than when he was at work and then he would call any chance he had gotten. Its only smothering depending on what you're doing with the person and so forth. Thats my take on it. Jixxur, you sound like a great girl but doesn't sound like one that would like to share (even if they are involved) so I do hope that you find who you are looking for!
  12. Keeping in contact, off grid?

    I use discord for all of my friends, and again it can be completely anonymous. You have to sign up with an email address, but no one else sees's the email address. IIts the only one i have found that meets the need concerning sl, including the fact its light weight on the computer, and the phone.
  13. Looking for sort of a teacher- bdsm related Q's.

    If you want someone to chat with and ask your questions to, feel free to shoot me an im and ask away. Or if you need another shopping buddy! I myself am active in the lifestyle (in both sl and rl), as well as I used to lead discussions concerning a variety of things within the BDSM lifestyle. I also have several friends active in the lifestyle, within sl only and some that are rl and sl active.
  14. The hate on child avatars?

    I understand some of the hate, and it does go both ways. There are those child avi's that go around purposefully trying to cause trouble and headache and just being over all little ****'s. But at the same time, there are those that are in it for the rp. And they seek out those that are looking for the same (Non adult rp). I have been around those pervy type kids, I have even submitted AR reports on sims that allowed both adult and child nudity. However, you have to keep in mind, just like in rl there are those people that DO NOT deal with kids, and places that kids cant enter. For instance in RL I would not let my son go into the adult sex shop, why would I let a child on sl do so. Honestly, I dont think any child avatar (Baby to teens who rp under 18) should be allowed on A rated sims period. I know they can be as per LL's rules, as long as nothing adult oriented is posted around or being done. But I think its too risky, esp with the pervs that go under the guise of child avatar's. Now with that being said, me personally I have no issue with them, I even have an alt that is a child avi. But its just like rl, there are places they can and cannot go, and people they can and cannot associate with. And also keep in mind, I have found people are a bit more vocal on sl than in rl.
  15. Mailbox, or mail script to receive Items

    I am looking for a script or a mailbox that will allow other residents to drop items, not just notecards, into it. Most I have found seem to not accept items (Even though they say their supposed to). I am looking for something that is already made, or if not see about working with someone to make one.