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  1. Listing (no-copy) gacha items.

    Alot of gacha resellers will also put the gacha key for the texture of the box too, so there is also another reference as to what they are getting. Thats what I do personally.
  2. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    My opinion on the topic is that no matter where you go, there will always be those that are looking for something you're not. There are many here that come to find a connection, maybe not rl as in a partnership, but even just as friends. I personally know quite a few on both sides of the fence. I personally don't look for rl connections, however, I have made a few in terms of friendship. my husband and I (we are rl couple that plays sl together) Have a couple subs/slaves and we never planned for any rl connections, however, they have happened. We are really good friends rl wise with them all. We know their spouses, know what their going through and so forth. So it will even happen when both parties never plan on it. Now if you are not looking for a rl connection, those that are, just keep away from them, that's about the best you can do in a setting like this honestly.
  3. I want to become someone's slave

    If you truly want to find a Dominant, feel free to IM me in world, and I can help get you set up somewhere to possibly find a D/s match!
  4. 5 Hint to Female RPers

    You know, I am horrid at looking at dates, and didn't realize how old this is!!!!! But oh well!!! lol
  5. 5 Hint to Female RPers

    I complain to people constantly about difficulty finding panties to fit under certain clothes. It has nothing to do if someone else can see it, its all about me knowing I am wearing it, and I want to wear it. And yes, I am 100% female (you can ask my rl husband, yeah he is on here too!)..... And, not all real females on sl are comfy voicing, or sharing their FB page! I voice, But I DO NOT share my fb, email or anything like that with ANYONE!
  6. lonely sub need home

    If you are still looking, drop me an im in world. I might be able to help you find an owner or family.
  7. Looking for a Daddy Dom

    The reason they are not considered the traditional submissive, is that even though within the D/s dynamic they are considered submissives first and fore most, then a Babygirl/little/middle you handle them differently than your traditional submissive. Outside of a D/s dynamic, honestly i do not have much experience in the handle of them. And honestly, (And this is my personal opinion, coming from a babygirl) Is that the base of being a babygirl/little/middle can not be learned. Its something that is already there. However, the how to act, how to be around others and so forth can and should be taught. I would second the option of going to discussions, and meeting like minded people and picking their brains. See if its a lifetyle that you truely feel you fit into. I know i personally lead discussions and I do go over the babygirl/little/middle dynamic often. Because even if its not something your into, it is never a bad thing to learn of a different dynamic And yes, I know this is an old post, but a very common thing people look into, so never hurts to keep the post going and open.
  8. Looking for business partner that can mesh!

    I own a small business that is tied to a Rp hud. I make items that work with the hud. However, I am wanting to expand it from simple food items to include furniture, decor items and more! Just I can't build to save my life, so I am looking for an experienced builder that would not mind going in with me on this. We will work out the payment rates and all once we have spoken in more detail. However, it will be more a commission based pay (when something is bought you will receive a certain amount for it). I am mainly looking for someone that can mesh and make the mappings for furniture and decor items, however, if you are more versatile than that, we can definitely expand to incorporate it all! Shoot me an im in world if this sounds like something you might be interested and we can talk more about it! Thank you for reading!!!!
  9. need some adivce wanting to try slave/sub first time

    Klytyna that is not always true. There are several discussions that are held in world that are held by those that are in a D/s relationship outside of sl. I for one lead one of those discussions. Now I will agree, that many that claim to be in the lifestyle are sl only and they will take the dynamic completely out of context. Those that demand HP (High Protocol) for example are those group of people that do not understand what it really is and what it involves in rl. The first step honestly though, is to do your own research. Find out what submissive style works for you, what you are interested in. Finding those that are like minded in interests and kinks can help you to discover if that aspect of the lifestyle, or the lifestyle in general is for you.

    I have found that as well. But Daddy has agreed to hold to one rule, only one babygirl in the family (I get a wee bit jealous of my roles lol) plus he tells me its too much working having more than one! But yes, so many out there i get the feeling think its more a sugar baby with the addiction of the I wants! they dont understand the full enveloping of the kink. Its one of the reasons in the discussions i lead, i tend to go over that kink often it seems lol. And Ofc! I will add you, like you said, cant have to many friends!
  11. need some adivce wanting to try slave/sub first time

    Honestly, you will just have to put yourself out there and talk to people. Its hit and miss, sometimes you will find someone willing to guide you and teach you, and sometimes people will exploit that part (there is always those people out there). I would suggest finding some places that do BDSM discussion, research, and so forth to learn more about what you are interested in. When it comes to limits, you want to have anything that would make you cringe, you get a sinking feeling in your gut and so forth and put those as your limits for starters. As you continue on your way, you can always tip toe across those limits and try them. Those things that get you wet/hard thinking about, smiling when the thought crosses your mind. Those would be your kinks. If you ever want someone to talk to about starting in the lifestyle, you are welcome to im me, and i can also point you to dome discussions (Yes, i will even offer for you to come ot the one i lead lol) can help you find others to talk to, and more.
  12. Need a slave who can be a mistress to other girls :P

    It sounds like you are looking more for a Alpha sub. A submissive type that shows some dominant traits, and will help control, and even punish the rest in the "family" if they are stepping out of line, but they are still always submissive to the main dominant "head of family". Or you are looking for a switch. Most slaves are just that, slaves. They are not dominant in the least. But if you like the very few restrictions/limits slaves have, you can find that within a sub as well. I have met quite a few of them. And many are very confident in their roles, and very hard set to their titles. (I know this, being an alpha sub myself)

    Being in a Poly relationship myself, i have seen this happen ALOT! As well I work in a setting where i see tons of poly families come in and out. It seems to be a common thing that the new girl or boy coming into the dynamic alot of times do not understand how to communicate or simply get their rocks off on the un needed drama. I myself am someone that does like attention (i am a babygirl myself, NOT AN AGEPLAYER, but not the typical babygirls you find in sl, nor just a babygirl there are many other facets there) but I dont have to get it from a specific person. Most of the times I do seek out my Dd for attention (Who also happens to be my husband/Dd in rl aswell.) But i will seek it out in my slave, or my friends. I dont understand this need that its only one person that can do this, not the other. I would say dont give up on your search for your sister in the lifestyle to share and bond with. I am still looking for that myself and won't give up, and we have had some doozies. If you ever need someone to chat with, i am always up for meeting new people (You never know when you will find a good friend)
  14. Are you a people person? Looking to help people find their match in the BDSM Lifestyle? Well, look no further. We are looking for dedicated staff that is willing to do at least 5 hours a week. Job includes: Sending notices Assisting buyers with questions Assisting subs/slaves with being put up for sale Answering general questions. This is a paid opportunity with great people to work with. If this sounds like something you can and want to do, please feel free to message me or you can visit our sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PoD%20BDSM%20Resort/47/119/51 or visit our website to apply http://podslaveauction.com/staff-information/staff-wanted/ Hope to see you all soon!!!
  15. Looking for a builder/scripter for a long term project

    I am wanting to build an interactive farming and cooking system, starting off with plants (tomato's, potato's, and so forth) and basic cooking items and recipes. This is to go with an already in place RP hud. I don't want to go into to much detail, would prefer to talk in person with that. I am also in need of a scripter that is willing to work long term with me on this project as well, again for a cut of each purchase made. However, I am looking for a mesh builder to work long term on this project and will receive a cut from each purchase made. I am able to give a rough idea on how much it can bring in each month and the cut would be between the builder, scripter and myself, with 5-10% set aside for land rental and such. If this is something that sounds like it would interest you, please shoot me an im or notecard in world and we can set up a time to meet and chat.