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  1. Friends that lead to family , looking for son

    You sound like a great family! I have always been particular to vampires and the rp (but not a fan of bloodlines itself). To bad you are looking for a teen son, I rp either as adult or 4yr old (And no, none of that baby talk! I cant read it why would I talk in it, plus my son at 4 never talked like most do in sl at that age!) and both as a girl. I hope you find your undead son soon!
  2. looking read carefully

    Age has nothing to do with a Dd/bbg relationship! As for OP, I wish you luck in your search for love or at least a fun relationship! I would hit ya up and get to know you, but as you prefer the people single (Me and the hubby are venturing into polyamorous in rl LOL) I won't waste your time there :). But again! I wish you all the luck you need to find what you're looking for!

    Good luck in your search! I would offer to get to know you as a sister, however, I couldn't change my last name (as it's our family name as well, mine and my husband's and out whole family has taken it in). But I hope you can find the sister your looking for!!!!
  4. Does anyone elses ptsd make sl hard to keep friends?

    For me, I don't use Sl to help with my PTSD, since mine are all physical triggers (due to years of abuse as a child). However, I do have extreme anxiety that I do use sl to help cope with/get my social interaction with. Esp with me working from home, I don't get out and meet a lot of people anymore, so sl is just that. I do feel you (the OP) on the meet people and then the next week or so they are MIA. I get that a lot. But in my years here I have met a lot of people that I call friends. Even though I don't see them in sl much anymore, I do keep in contact with them via discord, and with one or two my rl fb. I also think the, You're supposed to keep sl and rl separate, isnt the rule of thumb. I am no different on sl than I am in rl, and anyone I meet and hang out with more than once will know i am married in rl, will hear at least one thing about my son and so on. So its more what you want on that. But also as its been posted, there are many groups, and support groups for people within sl that are suffering from any number of mental/physical illnesses. If one of your main goals was coming to sl as a coping mechanism, then that might be a good place to start looking. Find those with similar struggles, and go from there. Good luck in your journey!
  5. Earn L$ Writing

    In regards to the how much has been made djing, I remember I worked one set (As a dj, at a popular club) I pulled in 5k in one night (I only dj'ed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so not busy nights normally). And on average, i would make 2-3k. With jobs like that, Its all about what you put into it, and how you sell yourself. Now in regards to the option for the blogger, to be fair, most bloggers dont make L's, they receive free items from stores they are hired by when they have a release. And that is only so you will post it on your blog. To find a paid blogging position is rare, even for 200L's, considering most bloggers you see out there, dont make anything as not all have stores they work with.
  6. female looking for a partner

    Hey! To be fair not everyone cheats! My husband is fully aware and loves me having my girlfriend's. LOL
  7. Farming/cooking and lifestyle hud

    My part in all of it would be on the business end, As well as marketing, and all those other things that get in the way. If the builder/scripter's had to do it all, then it hurts the product overall, esp with a system like this where you want frequent releases. If they also had to handle marketing (which takes a lot of time esp in the beginning), customer support/relations, and everything else involved, then there is no time for creating and hence a failed project.
  8. Farming/cooking and lifestyle hud

    It will be similar to all of those (once one system is out via that style others have similar qualities, its how you make them different that counts) . Life2 and Xeolife are more lifestyle huds/systems while DFS and them are farming/cooking simulations. Take the mix of those two and add in a few other things and thats what I want to make.
  9. Farming/cooking and lifestyle hud

    I am looking to work with a builder and scripter on a farming/cooking and lifestyle hud. The three of us would be partners in this endeavor meaning pay wise, once the hud and product are released we will do a profit share between the three of us (With 5-10% taken out for land fee's, and such). The builder would need to be comfortable building plants, food items, and also furniture to accommodate the needs of the hud and system. The scripter would need to be comfortable working via a website and in world scripting (I am hoping most of the scripting can be out of world, to help cut back on script usage with the system). Would need to be able to script a growing system for the farm aspect, cooking system, and more concerning the lifestyle aspects. If you are looking for a long-term situation, please send me an im/notecard in world and we can discuss further details and questions I am sure you have.
  10. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    I am already part of several BDSM groups, however most of the groups that would be appropriate to post in, annoy me as most just post in for random hookup's. I have tried in world, but even in the groups you only reach so many people. Forums, you still only reach so many people but there is a good chance there are people here that arent in those groups either (People I havent met!)
  11. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    Thank you for your suggestion. However, hiring someone for this is a good fix for temporary but not in a long term situation. I might have ground rules, every dominate has their ground rules. Does not mean that the person is not able to work with another. And as well, I am not looking for a third to bring in. I am looking for someone to only deal with her, not to join our family dynamic completely. I have been in a similar situation with a previous slave and it worked out wonderfully, and am hoping to find it again for my current slave. Again, thank you for your suggestion.
  12. Looking for a Mistress for my slave

    Many of you would read this title and think i am trying to get rid of my slave. That is not the case. I have a slave girl that is into the harsher aspect of BDSM. Degradation, humiliation, is a pain *****, you name it, she enjoys it. However, that is not the type of Domme I am. So I am looking for someone that would help me by taking u that slack a little. After all, we know our submissives and slaves have needs, and their own kinks. Since I am unable to accommodate that aspect of her needs I am reaching out. I have tried to look within sl, as she has as well, with no luck. She does not submit to men, as she is a lesbian. Women only for her. As well, you would have to work directly with me with her contract and understand that I would always come first with her. However, we are a poly family and we do know how to share quite well, so you will have your time with her. Please im me in world and we can talk more if you're interested. Only serious people, please.
  13. Tattoo maker needed for a project

    I am looking for a tattoo maker to make one or two tattoo's for me. Must be able to make them with the omega applier as the tattoos will be added onto a mesh body. I am not looking to be able to resell, but would like it to be full perm (or atleast copy/trans) So I can pass it to who I want to give it to when they are online. Im me in world to get the idea behind the tattoo and to quote cost. Thank you.
  14. Finding SL residents around my age

    Most of my friends I don't know the age of, and for me that's fine. But those that are good friends or who I call family in sl I know their ages. For me, I really don't care how old you are, it's just mild curiosity. And for the record, I am 34, and don't see the reason some people like about age. It's just a number not a definition.
  15. What is a master supposed to do?

    The sub/slave and dominant are not greater than eachother. The sub/slave has given their submission to the dominant. Both are people, plain and simple. Just because you choose to submit to another does not make you lesser than them. This is coming from a submissive and an owner of two slaves (No, i will not call myself a mistress, even though both of them bless me with that title). Between the 4 of us (myself, my two slaves and my dominant) we are all on equal footing. Now that does not mean their are not rules. Both sides of the coin has rules, we call it a contract. And any rl lifestyler can tell you the importance of the contract, whether you are a sub or a slave. You have your rules (as the dominant) and they have theirs (their limits, hard and soft). And Sky, I cant speak for all poly type D/s dynamics, but I know within myown, its a group choice of who we bring in, if we bring in anyone new. If all parties dont agree then we leave our group as is. However, the dom should have taken some time to talk to you about it though and explain things and such. Just my two cents.