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  1. Me personally I have only used Life2 (out of the two you posted questions with). Life2 started as a great system. There was always updates, fixes, and such. Unfortunately, as time has gone it has gone downhill, in my opinion. Now that being said. Life2 has a good cooking system in place, perfect for rping family dinners and such. They offer for you to still use your own furniture but make them Life2 compatible. And all the other great things people have said. I have moved on from Life2, and am now doing DFS, which I quoted Red from. Not sure if any of that helps, but that is my two cents. lol
  2. Sadly, i would have loved to chat with you both as I am looking for possible sister/s but the last name change would be a deal breaker for me. As my inworld last name is important to me (and the rest of my fam). As I also do video's and such! But good luck on your search!!! I hope you find that missing sister!
  3. There is a completely different difference between the SL BDSM lifestyle and the RL BDSM Lifestyle Sadly, the vetting process as one pointed out is very easy to fake. And Even if you do get a second person to speak for them (not an alt) again, you have no idea if they are part of the sl or rl lifestyle. I know me and the hubby, have gone through many people thanks to the difference. We are an rl couple, that is part of the rl lifestyle and most we have found follow the sl lifestyle it seems. The best I can say is honestly use your own judgment. Don't add just anyone to your stuff, give them a trial, ask questions (Ask the same questions at different times) and such. and eventually, all sl and rl ones will show you which lifestyle they are in.
  4. I actually used to work for the one you're talking about (I don't now, and haven't for about a year). But yes, the reason they do that is to encourage you to go to the sim and meet the person. Now, it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's just fine. But speaking from a Dominant's perspective, It can be useful. Take a little time go there grab the cards of pictures that catch your interest and then go say hi when they are there. I have bought a few girls and boys there myself, and for me. I don't want to see how they are in my im's, I want to see personality, I want to see how they interact locally with people. When I look for a sub/slave, I look for a long-term match and so for me, it works great.
  5. I will second that! Any Master (or Mistress) within the lifestyle is more than happy to do a trail, after all they are taking a risk on you as well. And the match needs to be on both ends. And don't rush it! Don't go out of your way and make it your only priority in sl to find the Dominant. Or you lose out on a lot more experiences And @Alyona Su #7 is an excellent principal! My husband and I are poly, but very open about it and if someone who wants a piece of him doesn't come to talk to me first, they outta luck! And vice versa!
  6. There is a BDSM Auction that I go to occasionally, and have found a few slaves/subs that have met what we look for. We meaning my husband and I. Now I will agree, that the auctions are filled with people who are more in it for the L's and have none to little experience with actual BDSM and is looking again for either the money or just sexual gratification. However, you can find some people there, buyers and sellers, that actually know the lifestyle, know what they want, and are looking more for the match than anything.
  7. For myself, my rl partner is my sl partner as well. And we have other partnerships in sl aswell. But then we are not monogamous in sl. With that in mind, about half of the girls we have both dated has/had rl spouses and we personally like to know. It doesn't change our opinions if they are or are not involved with someone in rl, but we also like to know that the spouse is made aware. We both have a big issue with infidelity. Infact one of the girls we both are in a relationship with, we are pretty good friends with her rl husband, even though he does not do sl.
  8. There is plenty of D/s dynamics out there without the SM part of BDSM. The great thing about BDSM is what it is. You have the core, D/s and then most (NOT all) you have S&M. However, there are plenty of people that are in a more vanilla relationship with the subtle D/s flavor to it (where there is a dominant, and the submissive is meant to obey the dominant, however, the S&M and harsher side of things aren't really present). And to answer your question, Yes! There are those type of relationships in sl!
  9. There are some companies that will allow you to pay them via paypal instead of in world (Or maybe those rentals dont exist anymore!) But that could be an option. However, i agree with the Alyona on both parts. You dont want to give access like that. And Second, premium is a great way to go if you always want your place, set your premium account up and forget about it (it will automatically bill your payment method every month/quarter/year)
  10. Another system to maybe think about is DFS. It's more a farming/cooking simulation than a lifestyle hud. You don't have to worry about your hygiene, bladder, and such but you do have to make sure your cows are happy! DFS Has livestock, fishing, farming, plants, tree's, and crafting! (You can make tables, chairs and decor pieces with things you grew). Also, one great thing that I love, is once you are set up in what you want to grow and make, it's self-sustaining. That's what I love about it, you don't have to put 100,00L's or more over the span of using the system to do what you want! We even now have two community sims, that you can rent and rp on to enhance your experience, and the community is just amazing! between the staff and other users. the staff has done a great job of keeping the community from going acidic or even clicky! If you want to see what the system is like, I do make tutorials, feel free to check it out, or shoot me an IM (And no, I don't work for the system, just love it! LOL) DFS Video's
  11. You are always welcome to shoot me an im. Personally, i have found 75% (i give leeway since I haven't been to all the BDSM places lol) of places to be "SL BDSM." There is a huge difference between what a submissive is inside of SL and outside it seems. I live the lifestyle in rl myself, and it does transfer to sl. My first advice is if someone you're chatting with says add me to your collar/rlv/whatever your wearing and we will talk about it, walk away. They are the ones to watch out for. My second is there are a few ground rules to BDSM but at the same time, it is not the same for everyone! Learn the basics, then explore it, learn what is the right way for you.
  12. You sound like a great family! I have always been particular to vampires and the rp (but not a fan of bloodlines itself). To bad you are looking for a teen son, I rp either as adult or 4yr old (And no, none of that baby talk! I cant read it why would I talk in it, plus my son at 4 never talked like most do in sl at that age!) and both as a girl. I hope you find your undead son soon!
  13. Age has nothing to do with a Dd/bbg relationship! As for OP, I wish you luck in your search for love or at least a fun relationship! I would hit ya up and get to know you, but as you prefer the people single (Me and the hubby are venturing into polyamorous in rl LOL) I won't waste your time there :). But again! I wish you all the luck you need to find what you're looking for!
  14. Good luck in your search! I would offer to get to know you as a sister, however, I couldn't change my last name (as it's our family name as well, mine and my husband's and out whole family has taken it in). But I hope you can find the sister your looking for!!!!
  15. For me, I don't use Sl to help with my PTSD, since mine are all physical triggers (due to years of abuse as a child). However, I do have extreme anxiety that I do use sl to help cope with/get my social interaction with. Esp with me working from home, I don't get out and meet a lot of people anymore, so sl is just that. I do feel you (the OP) on the meet people and then the next week or so they are MIA. I get that a lot. But in my years here I have met a lot of people that I call friends. Even though I don't see them in sl much anymore, I do keep in contact with them via discord, and with one or two my rl fb. I also think the, You're supposed to keep sl and rl separate, isnt the rule of thumb. I am no different on sl than I am in rl, and anyone I meet and hang out with more than once will know i am married in rl, will hear at least one thing about my son and so on. So its more what you want on that. But also as its been posted, there are many groups, and support groups for people within sl that are suffering from any number of mental/physical illnesses. If one of your main goals was coming to sl as a coping mechanism, then that might be a good place to start looking. Find those with similar struggles, and go from there. Good luck in your journey!
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