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  1. I wonder if it has to do with firestorm.
  2. About a month or more ago we had this person spamming group chat with the same message over and over again and i did report this person but WHAT annoy me was you could not MUTE or BLOCK the person as then it display the message " The person has sent a message and become UNMUTED / UNBLOCKED " and i am not sure if this was modded cilent or what but this seems like a VERY SERIOUS issue as it basicly breaks the MUTE and BLOCK option if a user is annoying you and if it gets any worst you get 3rd party ad spam like " Go to this bogus website and buy LINDEN ! " then if you try to block them the same thing would happen " Person has sent a message and has become " UNMUTED/UNBLOCKED !!!! PLEASE LINDEN LABS I hope you fixed this from happening again !
  3. Should this really be in the LSL Scripting sub forum ?
  4. Not sure about banning by script but you most likely can delete or return all object by said owner ...
  5. You can also use sensor script and have it scan for objects if any objects show up that you don't remember placeing lets say its something like "SuperMarioWorldBrickSmasher" that covers the whole sim in marios then you know what is causing it .
  6. Sorry i am new to these cam controls can you change them to such a way that you can make it stay over your head kind of like zelda games ?
  7. I am trying to make a transformation like thing and it requires completely changing the characters form ... But the problem i have having is it ask for promission everytime and it will get really annoying if i have to click ok 13 times just to attach the different form so what i was wondering is if there a way to attach all the objects with only requesting attach promission one time .
  8. I try to look for that but is that only i the beta viewers ?, i also heard it might mess up your inventory on the official grid.
  9. I need to know how to life my character into the air using some second life script, i don't want to use animations if i have to because that will cost 10 linden to test out but there should be a way to make a person fly or lift into a air for a few seconds then go back down to default location , i try some test using attachments and it didn't seem to move the avatar at all.
  10. But you have to think about those people who spent lindens when this happe and got -1 lindens i bet there screaming mad now getting there family to calm them down !
  11. Please list here on this page the list of LEGAL GAMBLING SIMS i had to ask around because Linden Labs way to slove this is a full on ban on accounts lucky for me no devil slots are approved machines if you want to make sure look around SL Wiki for approved gambling sims !
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