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  1. Yeah, that's what I run into. It goes from Tilia to PayPal which takes time, and then from PayPal to my bank which again takes time. If I could buy them on PayPal with the ability to send them to my own wallet, I could live with that, it's just the 2 steps that have to happen that seem to take longer than they should. If it could go from Tilia to a Bitcoin wallet directly with the same regulatory things (how they generate the 10-99s) in place as if it were going to PayPal/Skrill, that would be fantastic.
  2. PayPal has recently allowed it's users to buy cryptocurrency, which is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately you can only buy them, and sell them there. Can't send to another wallet or trade as far as I know. I wish there was a way to get my Tilia USD to Bitcoin without a series of steps (Tilia to PayPal, then PayPal to Bank) that take a long time, while Tilia still being in full compliance with the IRS. It would be even more awesome if the linden dollar just became it's own cryptocurrency that was available on several exchanges
  3. I just updated BUG-227725 on the Jira with my findings on how I got this fixed for myself today, in case anybody else runs into this in the future. In my case, it was a piece of software called Nahimic, which is packaged with the Realtek HD Universal Audio driver. If you manually close the NAHIMIC processes from Task Manager and open the viewer on the second monitor, it opens up just fine. After discovering that terminating these processes solved the issue for me, I disabled the Nahimic service in Services and rebooted, and no longer have the issue. No software modification was requ
  4. Nice! Is the viewer launching from either of the monitors just fine? I can launch it from my primary (which is the monitor on my right) but if if I drag it to the left monitor, and relaunch it, it will attempt to launch on the left monitor and freeze with a white screen (Not Responding).
  5. The person who originally filed it was on a 1070 having the same issue, although I am on a 1080 Ti. I did try disabling the Intel onboard GPU from Device Manager, but no change in status (I read that Jira also). Did you happen to do it that way, or through the BIOS?
  6. Hey all, I have 2 monitors, and an nVidia GTX 1080 Ti. Several days ago, any time a Second Life viewer (TPV or official) launches on the second monitor, it just shows up white, with (Not Responding) in the window title. Looking at the update history, it seems that the only Windows updates around that time were Windows Defender antivirus signature updates, and security updates. At the time this started to occur, I was running a fully updated Windows 10 1909. I tried everything I could think of to get it working, various clean installs, video driver rollback, etc. What is interesting i
  7. Started here in 2003, and have some very very old ones, but I'm just going to go with the Decade Challenge and post one from 10 years ago, and one from now.
  8. I see there are some references of Experience Tools in the latest server release notes: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/15# Could this be related?
  9. Just curious, have any of these been issued yet? I had sent a request at the e-mail address as instructed. Thank you!
  10. We're having a strange non-reproducable error on Electrobit City (well I can't reproduce it anyway) where a small number of people who join the experience, auto attaches and teleports are not working for them. This happened to one of my testing alts today which is why I am posting now. The "quick fix" I found was to launch the project viewer and leave the experience, and then get our request to join it again, and then everything worked fine. The huge majority of our visitors don't use the Project Viewer and can't perform this function themselves. I see no way to eject anybody fro
  11. Every MMO out there always suggests, "We reserve the right to purge your data if you don't login/subscribe for more than so many months" however in practice, this never happens. It would be a shame, if a wonderful MMO were to be created in SL, a player gets to a very high level obtaining rare artifacts/gear/weapons, isn't able to login to SL for 6 months (or insert any number there) and all that work/questing was gone. A reasonable limit, per avatar, would be great if doable, with the ability to upgrade that limit per avatar for a price. I haven't logged into Everquest since 2001 but all my
  12. We are only just starting to take a look at the database functions, however I think a global size limit is a bit, limiting. Could we possibly consider space per avatar? Say you have an experience that has been running for years, and 2 years ago, some new person to SL tries the experience ... this person has now been gone for over a year, never to return again, yet this data is still in your database and you are paying for it. New avatars have unlimited inventory associated with their account, and often go away, never to return again; LL is able to deal with that same how, could we apply thi
  13. We just disabled our traditional way of "getting around" this retro platform gaming inspired region. Experience Permissions are now compulsory if you wish to leave the start area. Crouch down warp pipes, walk down stairs, walk through doors, transport by walking on a telepad, all on contact! In order to get anywhere in Electrobit CIty off the rooftop start zone you must accept the Experience Permissions popup once at the start. This isn't an ad or anything, I just figured since nothing has been posted yet as a working example that I have seen, some of you might wish to try it. We
  14. I have confirmed this bug. The reason this is troublesome is because it is a default setting in the SL viewer. A good experience shouldn't include, "Oh, before you can play, be sure to go to Me > Prefs > Move > etc... and disable this." This is not directly related to the Experience Tools project, however, now that we have Experience Tools, stuff like this is gonna popup because we're creating melee experiences that don't follow tranditional SL ways of gaming in the past!
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