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  1. Due to holidays i cant go online before 23th. is there an official end of the Hunt?πŸ€”
  2. Got it on the first release April 15th. But to far away from Light of aurelia now
  3. Releasing my houseboat at Kuga at 1:00 pm. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuga/121/190/22
  4. Light of Aurelia was an accident! We refreshed the landselection page, no sound from auto refresh. Then i saw the Text "Bellisseria" and clicked, clicked, clicked. "Sorry blabla unavailabe...." Arrgh! . . . . . another refesh . . . . "go to your land" ...... woot!? Got a nice place, so no more hunting, refreshing and so on.
  5. just abandoned my parcel at Milleers Pond. Satus now "Maintenance"
  6. Looks like a training train crash scenario for the SLR-SAR group (Second Life Regional - Search And Rescue )
  7. Some hints for future releases: Look for Patch and Derrick in the nerby regions. when they are near the locked regions, something wonderfull will happen! Normally there will be a region restart, the red region-frame will be vanished when region is back, so be prepared to refresh the land selection page. Got a home before on Kuga, Quinberry, Millers Pond, Kirbee, another at Kirbee, all returned to the pool. Now got one at Light of Aurelia. Nearly perfect spot, no more search neccessary!
  8. Maybe is should use more words to explain next time. I copied the picture of SSP83x region at the SSP continent map via paint.net and pasted it into the Bellsisseria map on SSPE83. Sorry!
  9. Just copied SSP83X into the Bellisseria Region SSPE83- Maybe the trailers are coming soon? Space for rumours . . . . . .
  10. Someone should start a new topic, like β€žThe new island needs a nameβ€œ πŸ€”
  11. Raccoon Run ready for delivery!?
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