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  1. Things you see when looking at the map too long
  2. Definitely pranking going on over there
  3. Land Of Hobbits, Little Oceanic Huts, Leet Overpowered Haciendas. That's all I got right now
  4. I'll place my bet on southwest/southwest contemporary.
  5. GoH was incredibly fun. Watching things develop was fun. Stalking region releases felt like a safari. Now I'm coming down off the high, and have lost all interest in SL. I know the flame will rekindle at some point. I'm looking forward to whatever comes after stilts, since those aren't my thing. Personally I have no problems with prims. Enhanced premium I don't really care about unless it means I can own a homestead. I'm not replying to whine to LL about the state of things because I'm positive they're working hard to do their best to give people what they want. And like Milk said, one day it'
  6. What I did is not perfect, and you have to get just the right dimentions, but I put my camera looking directly down on the Linden terrain, gyazo'd what was my best estimation of what the complete texture square was, saved that to my computer then uploaded the texture to my inventory. It might be trial and error to get the right seamless texture, but this way works when you can't find an exact match. (edit) if this is considered stealing and against a rule, I'm sorry! I think it's ok when it's a LL texture?
  7. Ohhhh your packet loss is HUGE and that's usually an ISP issue. If I get up to 2%, it's awful, and you're at 30%! I didn't see that before, but that's definitely a root of the problem. Try restarting your router for starters, if that doesn't help, there's sometimes things you can do, other times, it's out of your hands.
  8. yes, that's really high usage, if an alt owns it, log the alt on so you can see where the heaviest usage is from. That's more than double of any parcel I've ever had.
  9. That's the region stats, not parcel, and I'm not sure why scripts run is at 48%, it should be at or near 100%. That's your lag. But the "spare time" is a very healthy 15.9.. that's the buffer, and with that much spare time, I don't know why your scripts would be running at 48%. Open your about land panel, and on the front page at the bottom, click script info. That will give your parcel usage. It should be between 5000 and 13000 or so for memory usage, and if you are the parcel owner you can see details for each active object. I can't explain why the other readings are off, maybe someone
  10. My first home was Fofita too! I think it had just been released because all the people there were just moving in. Plot was half sand, half grass, weird hedge placements, but like you, I was just too excited I actually got one to care. It was by the little pond there. When I was told it was named after a mole's cat, and there was a picnic area there with a kitty, I thought I'd stay forever. Well....
  11. I'd like to see just one of the themes not follow normal. The whole "wide appeal" guideline has me worried there's going to be nothing for those of us who would like to live in something that would never be seen RL. There doesn't need to be 5000 of every theme they do, does there? A little creativity would be beautiful to see happen.
  12. Logged into my cabin on Porridge Pot, everything seems as usual. Maybe it's a server bank having issues.. I have no idea how that works, but it's not happening across the board.
  13. Rubies of Eventide was a small Indie MMORPG that practically nobody has ever heard of, but it had a soundtrack that really influenced how the game felt. I've never heard another like it since in a game.
  14. Soundtrack to Harold and Maude. The Cat Stevens soundtrack fits the movie so well, that I can't think of one without the other
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