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  1. I haven't figgured out why the main option for hiding a neck seam is a choker. Back when I had a slink body, it came with a separate piece for around the neck that blended the seam. Yet last time I looked, there is absolutely nothing like this you can get separate on the marketplace. Hundreds, if not thousands of chokers and collars, but not one single neck ring with alpha fading, for a very, very common problem. If I was knowledgeable in making things like that, you bet I'd have something on the market! *hint hint* to anyone who can.... just a moddable skin ring with upper and lower edges alpha faded.. is that too complex? Setting windlight just so, is sorta going into denial, others will see the fail matching.
  2. I was helping a friend update his avi, and one of the skins I tried was one of the photo-realistic ones that resemble a hardened prison inmate. On the marketplace, this skin looked like a RL photo someone was using to sell a skin, so I tried it to see what it looked like in-world. The result disturbed me. It really did look like a real person, not an avatar, and something about that was squirmy. The fact the friend doesn't use hair further shot the skin into the no... no, this isn't SL anymore zone. I agree about hair, hair is definitely the grounding factor here, and I'm not sure why it hasn't reached a very realistic point. But after the experience with that skin, I don't mind so much. I think avatars still having an unreal look allows us to immerse ourselves to be a second self, in a second world, and not trying to project ourselves into someone who isn't us.. Who is some other person we're just controlling. I have no wish anymore to try and make my avatar more realistic. Nope.
  3. It's a picture kind of day, sooo adding to it with my trademark no frills. Just to keep things balanced and to say, hey, it's ok to just use firestorm snapshot filters, or none at all. I like seeing all styles here. "How does your avatar look today?" Is still the thread Mine... is going to stay close to the shadows because she's been up all night
  4. All very good techniques that normally work very well, but when making a lot of intentional dips and knolls to try and replicate what nature does, the parts you don't want smooth slopes are hard to pull off. The picture below is the sim in my OP, and while the formations may look lovely and natural, when walking around at eye level, those little points are everywhere, and the only way to make them go away is by changing the shape to a smooth, even hillside. I've pushed, pulled, nudged my heart out and gave up. Speaking of pull, that's annoying too, to work one section and get it right, then see a section 5m away you never touched suddenly grow a point... gaaaa! I hope they do *something* eventually about all the little land headaches like this. I won't hold my breath though.
  5. Oh gawd, being able to make caves without having to try and camoflage with fakey prims/mesh above has been on my wish list forever! I'm just starting small with what I'm begging for now though... lol I'd love so much if what you say there ever got put in SL though! So many possibilities.
  6. As an avid terraformer, one thing that has really bugged me over the years, is how some little bits of land, when you are making hills, and especially shorelines, have a sharp, unnatural edge, and no amount of smoothing fixes it. The smallest size you can select to try and refine is simply too big for fine tuning for a perfectionist. The 3X3 size I will guess is directly related to how the ground is set on a grid, but if it were possible to get a size 2X2, or even just 1, it might be possible to smooth these jagged bits out? In the picture, the sharp part is roughly the size of "1" in the 3X3 if that makes sense.. I am aware of terrain height differences often having a major effect on what the ground will and will not do, but I get these sharp edges even with the most careful, gradual sloping. I am certain I'm way too picky, and 99% of the population never even notices these things, but the ability to shape land has always been a beautiful thing to me. For imperfections to be unfixable puts me in "Monk" mode Anyway, just a hopeful suggestion to give us a bit more capability to get things just how we imagine
  7. I don't think they really care what viewer people use. It's not like they make money off the viewer. It's not really a bad thing for theirs to be more basic, while others offer more. Some people don't want more confusion with even more options. I love firestorm viewer, but that doesn't mean everyone should. The SL viewer gives me a headache because I can never find how to set things how I like... because it's not there. I don't think they even have the ability to put the user AO into the viewer. But again, makes it less complicated. The only issue is when I'm trying to help someone using a viewer other than mine.. I really can't.
  8. Yeah, I got a 512 premium home while I wait, and just checked.. The webpage where you claim homes just has my current home on it, which is a little discouraging, since I got it all decorated not knowing how long I'd need to wait for the new ones. I have the update SL blog set for notifications for when they release more, but would hate to pick everything up in a rush, abandon, then when clicking through to buy, lost my opportunity. I'll just settle in and get comfortable, and resign myself to getting one whenever the craze dies down and there's no pressure to hurry. It sure would be nice if that was set up differently, getting a 24 hour grace period to claim first, then abandon.
  9. I look at the old homes as sort of this temporary idea.. It definitely is for me! I'd never had a Linden home before, always went with parcels I bought, mostly because the old ones look so bad. But this week I got one of the old 512 ones, for the first time ever, as I wait to be able to get one of the better ones. I wanted to make sure I was in the clear, since I still have a deeded to group parcel. (I had my premium alt cover the donation when I decided to do this) So while not as fun as the tent city idea, the holding area is already in place.. sort of.
  10. I'm just dropping in because I thought of something after repairing the light on my sim for the umpteenth time since this started (seriously, every single restart it's different again, and it's annoying) But as I watched the fluffy clouds cross the sun, I wondered if it's even possible in the future for clouds to cast shadows.. because.. that would be the ultimate in awesome. I'm guessing that would be impossible. But for now, I'll just be happy for things to not be taking me 2-3 hours weekly to attempt to repair. And it never looks the same no matter what.
  11. As part of the tutorial area, I'd also add a virtual person beneath a big "Explore SL!" sign that will give a simple explanation (and perhaps a video link) how to find and open search, how to use it by typing in a search term, then how to go to places that are in the results. Not only does this help a newbie to never be lost somewhere or "stuck" but it also will immediately show them the limitless possibilities and how just about anything they can think of exists here. If a newbie knows how to look for things, the controversy over advertising is needless. I realize that a good chunk of people who try it here would type in something naughty, because SL has a reputation that I wish it didn't have, and the idea of the adult venues being the first thing a brand new shiny avatar sees makes me shudder. I think the good in giving them the knowledge of the freedom here outweighs the bad though, and if they see something freaky, well, it's because they wanted to. I just have a feeling if newcomers were able to grasp just how vast SL is, the retention would be better.
  12. I've never been capped on them in my 13 years here, but offlines can be invaluable if you have a friend who's been gone for months or years and they came back and are trying to touch base when you're not here. I've noticed on an alt I hadn't logged on in forever, that things as simple as toasts from something you may or may not have willingly subscribed to, as well as group notices, *will* cap them, so hearing there's an increase helps me feel a little more confident that I won't miss something important if I can't log in for a week. This non-IM type of cap is the main reason I turn off all but the most vital group notices.
  13. People talking about traffic bots.. do you not remember when almost every business back in the day had campers? Even my tiny little beach bar I put a guitar case camper out, and every single day someone would find it and stay for hours. Those things were everywhere 2007-2010 era. people made alts to sit on them 24/7 to make that 10L an hour or whatever it was. It was so widespread, I'm pretty sure it far surpassed the traffic bots of today. It was rare you'd ever see a business without 2-20 of them. So while traffic bots definitely do make an impact on the total online, only maybe 5% of businesses use them. 10% tops.
  14. Well, since I'm still poking through this thread, and haven't contributed anything, here's my first try at posting a picture on the forums. I take a lot of pictures, but I'm really bad at it! No flickr, no tools to speak of, no poses or special lights- I'm so amateur compared to you all! But here's me today. I don't dress up...
  15. It's been 2 years now, make much progress on that inventory? lol..had to ask. I'm doing the impossible of trying to go through the whole thread, and couldn't resist. Picturing you still standing there, looking the same, still creating sub-folders...
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