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  1. Well bummer Just thought that since they were up for quite a while. I hope your luck gets better!
  2. @Anidusa Carolina it sounds to me like you may have Bellisseria in your drop down.
  3. I actually did an interception on it between you two. I think I'm calling it a day!
  4. if you check ON the box circled in the pic, in about land window, that'll eliminate sounds from outside your parcel, not just your sounds to others. oops, double posted with Pandora, LOL.. oh well, a picture might help
  5. It seems to me that it's not so much that the connection channel will be taken away, but that the connection will be much shorter. While that may take from your enjoyment of long voyages, that's a vast open space that is needed, like it or not, to develop more land. This is one case where they can't keep everyone happy, but they can certainly please a majority.
  6. I've recently decided that it's not the terrain or location that matters to me. I don't care if it's sand, grass, rock, by water or nice landscape. When push comes to shove, the most important thing to me, is the other residents. Who is around me, if they are settled, how they've done up their area, if they're friendly. That's what determines if I am at my dream home. I thought I had my ideal houseboat and traditional, but it's neighbors and feeling like you're somewhere you want to be that makes it home, when it comes to Bellisseria, for me. I'll take the most unappealing parcel there is, but will stay if the neighborhood has that vibe I seek.
  7. My avatar has always been a reflection of who I am inside, not outside, right from the beginning. It's important to me to reflect a down to earth, kind, approachable, casual and natural look. With pointy elf ears! My very first day, I pulled those ear sliders around, and the elf ears shall always remain. What I look like in SL doesn't bear even a passing resemblance to the first life me, yet it's still a very accurate representation of who I am, and feels very authentic. She is me, I am her. Glamorous? NO! Hiking in heels? Oh heck NO! Perfect makeup? No thank you! That is the similarity between my avatar and the other me. We can't be bothered with fashion and looking sexy. That isn't who we are. I'm not comfortable at all with changing appearances, either, other than outfit changes. I'yam who I'yam. Except when I'm something else. Changing into a non-human form is fun, and liberating! But only temporary.
  8. To me, the 5000 day mark is the milestone for "the ancient ones".. I'm at 4937 right now, getting there! I go by that rather than rez days, I guess because the viewer skin I use only shows age by days, not years, so those big numbers stand out to me. Sometimes at live concerts there's a lot of older avis, so I sort on radar by age to see if I'm the oldest there, and am always a little in awe of those who are over 5k
  9. I think a whole lot of misunderstanding just happened recently I need to take a forum break I think... I got defensive because of the implication the more casual properties were sub-par to the more upscale folks, and 'ruining' the area. That was the post I was responding to, originally, not you, Elora! Ugh.. I need to stick with pictures only.
  10. deleted post because it came out wrong >.> Mostly I just want to say, as someone who has spent a lot of time at national park campgrounds, I've never seen one that didn't have lawn chairs, coolers, and who knows what else strewn around many of the spaces. It's a different life. It's laid back. It's really whatever you want it to be. But it's mean to put a label like trailer trash on it.
  11. Entertainment center. If you've never used cement blocks and wood slabs for a TV or stereo, you haven't lived.
  12. Default settlings are what I mean when I say much darker overall. Sure, I can make personal settings, and have lighting more to my taste, but for example in Bellisseria, I *used* to enjoy using regional, because it was quite lovely there. But now the past week, even a sunny afternoon looks exactly as if a solar eclipse is in progress. It's so dark, using regional default isn't even an option any more. There is no way to adjust gamma in graphics options, it's only for making personal environment settings that override regional. One would think a "compromise" standard light stemming from EEP would be a realistic look we see in RL. This dark gloomy light is not realistic, and a far cry from an upgrade. Seeing recent pictures on these forums, when people use defaults, everything is so dark you have to squint to see details. Daylight pictures, mind you. It's not my graphics, every single other game I play have days that actually look like daytime. I'm sorry I'm so vocal about this. Light and sound in SL has always been a fascination with me, they are like foundations of creating a mood and vibe with almost everything else. When one of those two things are off, it throws ME off. If I have to always use my own light and sound, I feel a disconnection from the virtual world around me. I probably belong in a padded cell somewhere. Knowing this is the first step in recovery, right? I'll back out of this thread for real now. What happens, happens, and I'll adjust however I need to. But if this is how default SL is going to look now, it makes me sad.
  13. These 512's don't even feel like 512 to me, the old homes, those did feel like 512. The spacing, and landscaping for campers is like an optical illusion, but because it *is* only 512, the tighter prim allowance I don't even feel. For those who like big homes, I understand feeling limited, but I've always liked cozy, small spaces, so I'm just in seventh heaven now. I'm a little amazed at the well thought out planning with layout of it all.
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