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  1. That's what I thought when I found it.. Literally a ball (or any underwater event) It could be like a theme party spot for all things that swim. So much fun!
  2. What I would do, personally, is simply have 5 versions + 1 blank in a folder, with a texture in the folder showing what the 5 versions are. I know texture change things are popular, but I'd be just as happy with versions, since we're talking 5 and not 30. Just my opinion though, I'm sure there's a simple script out there that will be exactly what you have in mind
  3. I have a feeling it still would. Just about anything that relates to stores is walking on thin ice. You can always try to contact a Linden, or maybe one will answer here, just to know for sure. I think plenty of creators would gladly donate things without needing advertisement of some sort or even recognition. I have a few things already in mind, and I don't even have a store.
  4. I'm pretty sure it'd be fine as long as an element of advertising wasn't with the "treats". I'd totally participate, maybe have the pumpkins or whatever by the door with a little flashing light on top so it'd be easy to tell which homes were part of it I think any LM or notecard or even website connected would make it a commercial venture. Keeping it just for fun is best. If someone likes what they got, they can find a store easily enough.
  5. I like MSPaint. Sometimes you just need that personal touch.
  6. There's a book's worth of what I've learned in SL, but the most important part is having learned about myself. I know who I am now, and I probably still wouldn't if I had never found this virtual world to live in for a while.
  7. let's see.. first alt was when I was RPing fantasy sims.. I wanted a fairy character, so Sunshine was made. She turned out to make me feel happy and more extroverted, and I've occasionally used her to log on to cheer myself up. Then of course I needed her polar opposite.. a very dark, broody character. I logged on her when I felt sorry for myself. She's retired now. Then I made a character for more RP, in a genre I felt like I needed to really leave the old me behind. During that alts lifespan, Morena became the shelved alt. But when it was time to leave that behind, it's just me now. I have one male alt I have never played, just to save a name I like, one alt I use for SL gaming so I don't get bothered, and one Llama that makes cameo appearances from time to time I've never been secretive about any of it, there's really nothing to hide.
  8. I thought opensim was essentially still SL? It seemed like it the times I checked it out. Nevermind my ignorance. I just thought if SL "closed", it would there too. I came to SL when TSO (the sims online) was breathing its last gasps of breath before closing. I'm a gamer and love my MMOs, but I "need" something else that imitates life, and that includes other people. So if SL was gone, I'd migrate to another platform like it. There will always be something, of that I'm sure.
  9. This thread is nothing what I thought before I opened it... Even on forums, I still visit them with my SL frame of mind. I thought of my biggest fear *in SL* Which is accidentally saying something extremely personal in the wrong chat window.....
  10. From my perspective, and people I've known, it tends to bring out a creative side that's dormant, or never realized before. That's usually right brain stuff, the artist, the writer, the dreamer, but it can be the left side too, with creating inventive scripting. This all tends to spill over into first life, where a person might start up a new hobby, or new ideas in their workplace. Those are positives. I can name a dozen negative results SL can cause, but I always prefer good things!
  11. I keep thinking camels are a clue on the mysterious SSPE185. There is a Camelback waterpark resort that exists, that looks like it'd be a fun thing to theme a recreational area after, so I'll put in my guess for that (and to back up theory, it's named after camelback mountain nearby: the region next to 185 has houses on a mountain.. There is also a goat (kid) there, kids love water parks! And finally, what appears to be a water tower is next to the -distraction- train station.) *takes off tinfoil hat now*
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