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  1. Black and red, the team colors for the Atlanta falcons. Patch is showing team spirit
  2. As far as I know it's fine to click on the boxes left behind and "return" - I've been doing that and haven't got yelled at.. yet
  3. There is no line, people get randomly assigned the home type they chose on the land page, as they refresh it until the bellisseria option comes up. Then if they are fast clicking through the accept page, they will be assigned a random home. You can't know where it is, until you actually have it. Everyone just refreshes that page til they have a choice to quickly click on, name, and accept the terms. well, I knew the multiple posting would happen about that, LOL
  4. tin whistle releasing. I thought it had already, but every other parcel is gov linden's
  5. I used to keep an avi logged on always for traffic purposes. I wasn't trying to trick the traffic system, I simply wanted places I've had to at least show up on the first page of searches, or nobody ever comes and it feels pointless. There was a time in the past when I had an unhealthy desire to see if a certain person logged on, in chat history. But we won't talk about that. I'm pretty sure it's not that uncommon, though.
  6. yeah... I hope it was a bug only, because if someone is lurking right outside my parcel for a long time, I'd kinda like to know. If something like this is implemented, in any way shape or form, it'd creep me out.
  7. you may want to try a clean install. I had a very similar issue a few years back, but for me, it was always the left hand missing on all system avatars. I just learned to live with it, then when I got a different computer, the issue was gone of course. I suspect it's a small corruption that a clean install usually fixes. I didn't want to bother with it. Edit: actually, my post is junk. Seems it's mesh that isn't rendering, I misunderstood. I'll leave it though, just in case.
  8. Oh it is a little necro'd isn't it? Well, I never saw it before, or the mention, so thanks!
  9. started as elf (2006) annnd still an elf in spirit (today) although usually the ears are under hair
  10. I've met more people at Japan Tempura by far, than anywhere else in SL. There are always people who want to talk there, and all types. Just hop on a tai chi ball, and if there isn't chatter in local, it doesn't take long for an IM. I guess it really depends what sort of venue you prefer. I never seem to make friends at clubs.
  11. Green Liquor Offers Risque Yoga.. WOWZA
  12. Your Overt, Unwavering Noobness = GREAT! hmm finally read back to origins of this in the thread and I guess I'm doing it wrong. *goes with it anyway*
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