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  1. I for one am not happy at all about EEP. At least not how those of us who spent hours getting windlight just right on sims can no longer get the same look. Not even remotely close. I can have no atmospheric mist whatsoever now after the last rolling restart. Only crystal clear. The sun position is opposite where I had it, and can't be adjusted. I fix the settings in edit, hit apply, and it completely reverts back to something I don't want. If this is working as intended, I fail to see how this is considered an improvement. If it's still getting the bugs worked out, why is it being forced on everyone in a broken state? I feel like giving up and no longer owning land. Pictures are 1) my windlight as I want it, and 2) what happens when I apply it to the sim. I am not using an EEP viewer, yet am subject to changes that aren't even ready yet or officially released.
  2. Ok, the EEP thing is lovely, but I had finally got my sim's windlight how I wanted, after days of work and 20 versions, and now I can't use it? I can't edit anything and apply it, it just reverts to something else. The sun is exact opposite where I had it, and changes the entire look of the sim I worked so hard on. There really needs to be a way for us to use the old settings. I do not use an EEP viewer, as I'm sure a large chunk of people in SL are like me and use Firestorm, which doesn't have it. I want my old windlight back, can't we have the option to use new or old? I'm so frustrated right now.. I worked hard on that, to get it just right, for nothing.
  3. Thank you for the replies And the group is just my personal group I've had for like 10+ years, nobody in it but me and alts, so it made sense to try out this option. I've always just been owning land on my single account, and it made sense to figgure out how the deeding works. I guess I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks.... It's not pretty. Now just waiting for LL to set that abandoned land I'm drooling over! Hmm.. I hope I can buy for group if it's set to sell to me. Argh.. land headaches!
  4. Yes, I wasn't specific enough.. The 2 other accounts would buy for group and it would be directly group owned for both of the 1024s, with their contributions entered in the group land panel.. The whole thing has me rather confused.. I have my main parcel as group owned already, and was going to make it larger using alts. So, if they never even actually buy the two parcels, just enter their contribution in the group panel, it doesn't matter which avatar actually buys for group? Like I could buy for group on my main, and it wouldn't affect my tier? Or do they need to physically do the buying(for group) I don't know why I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I think I understand that tier for the alts is only going to be determined by their stated contribution.
  5. So my question is, if two premium alts buy two 1024 parcels adjoining a larger group owned parcel, and then all land is joined into one parcel, will the two accounts get bumped up on tier because it's no longer the free size?
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