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  1. I always have it open, it's an awareness thing, to know where people are. If it's not up, I feel as if I'm blind in one eye, or have tunnel vision. My radar is always up too, but that's more to see at a glance names of people, not their distance from me. I like seeing property borders on the mini map too. I keep it small, on the lower right of my screen, since it seems the place it interferes with my view the least.
  2. Yes, the houseboats have been steadily released in new regions ever since they started around Christmas, and in the same manner the victorian regions went... around the clock, 24/7. When one region gets filled, it goes to whatever is next in the queue. There's really only a few unreleased houseboat regions left at this point. I've been watching, because I decided that neither traditionals, nor victorians, as lovely as they are, really were my thing. I've got 2 lovely permanent houseboats, and just playing the catch and release with extra alts I upgraded for grabby hands at the vics (all abandoned now) That does make me wonder how many others frantically upgraded alt accounts to try and get the prime spots, but will be letting them go back to basic when the month runs out, and if that will make availability much higher. I know the aquirement jailhouse got me paying more accounts, at least! But only for a month. Until the next theme.
  3. I've actually been waiting on Deep Thought, wanted it for my alt that I won't be renewing come March.. I can't resist the name "join me in Deep Thought" for a TP She got one on the other side, facing the lighthouse, but the mountain doesn't bother me, it's just a little bit of retro linden-land, and I'm not entirely sure they'll keep it there (although I sort of like it, in a weird nostalgia way)
  4. After using about every mode of travel in SL that there is, I have to say hot air balloon, for me. It's just the right speed to take in scenery, not be distracted with "driving", and I was amazed at all the places I found that I had never seen before. I got a modify one (of course) and added my own animations in it, and it's just such a relaxing way to explore. I find that the treetop height range is nice in most areas, with a few dives for dipping into water under bridges.
  5. in the linden home update thread, patch says many more houseboats later this week, all those added regions, there should be around 1000 put into the pool. so anytime between today and friday I guess, unless yesterday's hitch set them back a little.
  6. @Chuckey Jigsaw it's like if you abandon the first one at 10AM, then three more between 11am and 12pm, then the last one at 3PM, you get your next chance at 10am the next day, and as each try falls off from the day before at the time it happened, another try. I don't know why your abandon on saturday would of counted, but maybe you lost count? It's really easy to do, I wasn't sure myself. The boat we're in isn't fun, haha.. and hopefully first try today will be a winner, because I had already got put in it before the notice asking us to please stop went out.
  7. yes... it's making me a little crazy since I used up all my tries. More chances tomorrow!
  8. I'm a bit late for this, but when I had the same issue, It worked after I added the water, even though there's no water around. Didn't work with sky alone. Just posting in case things have changed with how parcels interpret the setting, or if it's a mainland thing, or which server type. (this is on a second life server) /*Windlight Sky: "[name of the preset]" Water: "[name of the WL water preset]"RegionOverride*/
  9. "it's beginning to look a lot like..." Curtains. I see curtains @Marianne Little ! I know curtains have been on your mind, even though it might just be decoration there in the picture. (and probably is)
  10. I don't think I can do external links like that, but firefox has its own refresh and monitor addon. I use it, but at least for me, firefox pings the website twice, so I have to set it for 120 seconds. But it's still useful, because unlike chrome, it sends an alarm immediately when the keyword is found. Chrome waits for the full time to run out.
  11. I do like the idea of what the OP was about really. Just a town center with the coffee shop type of things. People do make things like that out of their homes, but it's not the same as having it in a community place. I feel like I'm going to someone's home still. If it does become a shopping area there, I'm not interested Anyway, once the pressure of cranking out the homes eases up a bit, I'm pretty sure we'll start seeing something extra now and then like the fairgrounds.
  12. There's still something going into Millbank region, but nobody knows for sure what it will be, and it seems to have gotten put on the back burner for now. Strongest speculation is that it will be a sort of market, but there have been no hints to its actual purpose.
  13. So the topic has come up before, and I'm sure we're late to influence whatever is coming next, but now may be a good time for the community to rise up from the peanut gallery to say, in order, what their favorite theme would be! Four is a good number, because it shows what might not be most favorite, but something you'd still like. Maybe your #4 would be a lot of people's #2, or your number one wouldn't even make most people's lists. Here's mine: 1) Japanese (imagine the possibilities and beauty) 2) tree house (I'd love it, but I know it'd be pretty hard to make happen) 3) Mediterranean villas 4) Hobbit hole 512's
  14. I've been pining for those since I saw them last night.. With the hundreds of HBs about to be available, the odds of landing on one of those 4 is astronomical.. But there's at least one clone, of that island, possibly more that I haven't seen. I'm not upset at all with that trend now, we had a great run of 100% unique, but now Belli is so huge, who would even notice a little repeating?
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