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  1. I hope the lab gab or whatever it will be, will be announced well in advance (preferably here on forums or even an email) because I don't want to miss it! I'm one of the worried ones, but hearing things from the horses mouth, will do a whole lot to stop the end of the world as we know it thoughts. Just the simple fact they'll be interacting with the community right away already makes me feel better.
  2. Definitely a Millbank prototype, I'll hope the C is fr a coffeehouse and not commercial.. hah Edit: the road is the same as what it looked like when it was first there, maybe it's Millbank CANCELLED Edit again to not post spam: or Community(center)!
  3. yeah.. that's usually a group setting thing, and land owner does always override, you'd need to make a new landmark. For others, or alts, you can control if group members override set landing points.Anyone not in the group will always go to the landing point that you have set, no matter where the LM is
  4. In land options, stand where you want people to land, then click "set" then make sure you have the dropdown for teleport routing set to landing point. Should work, does for me.
  5. The best way to tell if a region is experiencing lag, is to pull up your stats window, and scroll down to where you see the script info. The only two numbers you need to look at I circled in the picture. This is from my home in Porridge Pot in Bellisseria. the scripts run number is "healthy" at 95% or higher. Below that, you may start experiencing lag, but it doesn't get drastic until 50% and under. The spare time is usually fine as long as it's above 2, that's the cushion. In badly lagged regions, that value is usually 0.001, which is essentially saying there aren't enough resources for things (and you!) to work properly. That's what lag is. People sometimes think of low fps as lag, but if that's the issue, it's your graphic settings, and the biggest culprit is draw distance (and shadows, if you have those enabled). People get hit hard in Bellisseria, because there are so many homes and furnishings you're trying to render, even if they aren't on your screen. I do fine at draw 120, which is half a region distance, and really all you need. But if that's still bad, lowering to 64 or even 32 is more than enough for you to enjoy what is within your own parcel, then maybe inch it up a little if you go outside.
  6. I'm behind this suggestion 100%.. Restoring items to last position is incredibly helpful when you can actually do it. I've always wished it was a SL standard on all regions to have the smallest size possible square at 0,0,0 to be set to auto return 10 seconds (or something similar) so this wonderful feature could actually be used by people who don't own a whole region themselves. It's probably too late to retro-fit this, but maybe moving forward at least it can be considered...
  7. I don't know where else to put this. I logged on because I had an offline in my email about objects being returned from a parcel I own because it's full. I expected someone's stray object that somehow pushed mine to be over the limit, but upon arrival, I checked objects on land panel, and they were only mine, and it said only 6 available prims left. Now I'm certain I had at least 20 available before, I always do that to allow for object rezzing in furniture animations, and the objects returned to me added up to 6 LI. Confused, but wanting to get my prims back, I tried linking two mesh objects, but got the message "Server error: cannot complete this operation because mesh data is not loaded." I have never seen this message before, and around half of the items in my home are already linked from before, to lower LI values. Has something gone haywire with linked objects, hence my total prims available going down? Has anyone else been having this happen?
  8. Indeed! You're correct in more ways than one... I'm on the other side of the mountain, and named it Close encounter... If you're very quiet on approach, you may even see an alien with a little box that plays the five tones there. He seems harmless. ETA: OMG I looked and you named it that too, too funny!
  9. My alts definitely are their own unique person, and I am in line with the "different facets of who I am" aspect, but when it comes to Linden Homes, they're just pawns, the homes are MINE! The one exception is my male alt, I felt compelled to decorate in more of a masculine style that wasn't exactly my own. Not that I've ever leaned toward "fluffy" decor anyway, it just felt like being a male, he wasn't exactly part of who I am, and falls more into a RP frame of mind. It's like I was decorating for someone other than myself. This really is a fascinating subject to me. Alts to me, besides utility purposes, have always been for RP or a mood, none have ever had an actual life of their own, save for one, which replaced my main for a few years. Maybe if my main ever got something that felt like home, they could do their own thing with the ones they have, but they *always* get the ones I like best, so the boss takes over
  10. I just did this, because yes, I'm that bored of just scanning the map. I counted.. In the cabin lands, 193 named regions unreleased as of right now, and 34 regions that have been released (not counting the loners) Technically they're all released, as far as I know, and just queued up. When one fills, the next goes. That was how the big release worked last time, and seems to be the same now. With the sheer size of it though, the abandons also go up and most of those, but not all, go right to the front in random order. Hence, the filling of fresh ones has slowed way down. I think the availability might finally be indefinite now
  11. I'm glad you posted that... I've been diligently map stalking, trying to see where the next region will be opening, and have seen the lone homes going, then nothing else. It's making it super hard to target anything, and also makes it hard to not get clicky fingers to possibly get one such random! It's a lot more scrambled than the victorian release was.
  12. apparently Edgmere station, after being down for over an hour, rolled back and re-released, because someone else owned "my" home.. lol (I was going to abandon anyway, but sheesh)
  13. Sometimes, it's just all in fun... Not that I would do anything like that, of course....
  14. Laughs! I turned my draw way up at my Cobbs marina houseboat yesterday, and saw a massive prim in the distance.. I went what the heck is that?!? and cammed in... that's quite a sight over there, I thought.. that *has* to be a mistake, right? Craziness.....
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