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  1. Thanks so much Rae! You were the first person I wanted to tell - I was so happy you were inworld when I caught it! X
  2. Thanks for the group invitation Alumna. I accepted because I want to keep in touch with all of you on here but I am so pleased to say I am out of the lottery and no longer a Bellihopper!!! Managed to snag a beauty that backs onto a river in Oldbridge (water views on two sides) so no more late nights for me! (Except to decorate ;)) I’ll have you all over for a BBQ when I’m settled! ❤️
  3. Yes. Use Bellisseria, although I am finding that by the time the alarm sounds it is usually too late. Manual refreshing seems to work better when you have the time.
  4. I’ve got 3 in the last few days (2 were the same one). Very sporadic though.
  5. I caught it. It was the one I released earlier. Released again.
  6. Caught a houseboat on Doran about 10 mins ago. Nice outlook but very laggy and in a highly concentrated Houseboat area. Released but hasn’t gone straight back into the pool. Hopefully someone with a better connection can enjoy it.
  7. Weird! Hope it gets sorted. Looks like a beautiful area for what it’s worth!
  8. Did you manage to sort it out? I’m assuming relogging didn’t help?
  9. I can’t believe this. Nearly 3am here. Couldn’t sleep so checked forum again and I MISSED IT!! Gonna cry myself to sleep now 😭
  10. Is there any sign of any movement guys? Moles in chat? Derrick and Patch? Red lines gone? I think I’m gonna have to hit the sack and give up the chase.
  11. I was doing neither so happy to have a different answer to try! It may have been where I was going wrong.
  12. I wasn’t quick enough for either. I’ve got 3 devices here working hard but no luck yet!
  13. Just to clarify, what should I be doing when I get the sold out page? Do I refresh or choose another option?
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