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  1. Wanted to confirm Nick0678's suggestion works like a charm: I haven't tested with someone else yet but in-world voice appears to be working perfectly, at least as far as the viewer and its mic volume bar are telling me! I really wonder why Linux viewers don't come packaged with the win64 libraries by default, and that script instead of the broken SLVoice binary... till that's settled I'm keeping the patch in a separate directory so I can apply it with each viewer update. Last thing I should have to ask is if we may have a link to where those SLVoice binaries are periodically posted. So if I need to update them I won't have to ask for help again. I'm assuming they're updated periodically, if viewers won't ship them like they should I'll probably need to recreate this patch from the latest versions.
  2. Thank you very much, that's very handy! I may have to give it a try later tonight but I downloaded and saved that file for now. Only one more question: Will this also work for other viewers, such as Kokua in my case? I keep Firestorm around as a backup, it's bloated and slower so I try to avoid it. I take it this is an universal solution for Linux viewers that don't deviate from the original code on the voice system so I should be good. [EDIT] Replied before seeing your reply, that answers that too, thanks for the clarification.
  3. That sounds okay then, if this process can be automated and functional. Thanks, will wait for the instructions when you have time, it is not an immediate rush.
  4. Is there no other way than to run the Windows viewer on Wine? That sounds slower and counter-intuitive when a native version exists. I know voice used to work as normal over an year ago, I used Linux then too and I think it was still the 64-bit viewer. Perhaps the native viewer knows to look at the Windows / exe version of SLVoice when that is available? I do after all get the following error message pointed out in the log: 2021-12-27T16:05:27Z INFO #Voice# newview/winevoicevivox.cpp(616) LLVivoxVoiceClient::userAuthorized : name "mircea_lobo" , ID b0186c1c-e2d9-44a5-a895-760b42195974
  5. Hello. I am having the same problem. I looked at this thread and it provides pieces of information but I still don't know how to fix it. In my case I'm using Linux (Manjaro KDE) and tried both Kokua and Firestorm, native x64 versions as there's no need to emulate a Windows viewer on WINE when that exists. Looking at the log I can see the error mentioned above: 2021-12-27T16:05:27Z INFO #Voice# newview/winevoicevivox.cpp(616) LLVivoxVoiceClient::userAuthorized : name "mircea_lobo" , ID b0186c1c-e2d9-44a5-a895-760b42195974 The binary "bin/SLVoice" is present so I'm not sure what I might be missing. Do I also need to put the binary provided above in there? Anything else after that?
  6. Greetings! I'm a Linux user, my distribution is Manjaro KDE. I'm using two viewers to connect to SL: Kokua (main viewer) and Firestorm (backup viewer), native 64-bit binaries (no WINE). Everything seems to be working great except for one recent issue: Voice support stopped working on all viewers, something both myself and someone else can confirm. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice For FS we followed the instructions provided on that page. We edited the viewer launch script and commented out those lines in order as suggested: export LL_BAD_FMODSTUDIO_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_PULSEAUDIO=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_ALSA=x The issue persists with either and all of them: In the audio preferences under voice, the input / output devices are grayed out with a message saying "is voice enabled". We looked everywhere but can't find any answer: What should we try next?
  7. I understand. That is unfortunate, I will have to see how to adapt my other meshes in this case. Thank you.
  8. Greetings. I have a question regarding mesh avatars. I'm following instructions on the rigging instructions page but would like to know something not mentioned there: To what extent are custom bones supported? Is the builtin animation skeleton the only one we can use, or can you import a mesh containing your own armature granted you use custom animations for it? I have several characters not using the builtin rig and bone naming scheme (L_UPPER_ARM, R_HAND, PELVIS, etc) for which I'd prefer to keep existing animations. I don't expect the appearance editor to work, nor things like the head turning around procedurally, but am hoping that with a custom AO I can still get it to animate the movement accordingly. Renaming the bones to match the current SL mesh isn't a problem, but I have special bones as well which I'd like to be supported by custom animations. Do I have any chance of getting that to work? Thank you.
  9. I am considering a few other options as well... not putting my hope in much really. As for content creation, I know it's a very active domain in SL... and since I'm experienced with Blender 3D I might be able to do something there. Not sure exactly what people are most interested in however, nor where and how to buy a slot in the market for selling stuff you create.
  10. First of all the long story short: I'm 26 and have been a SL user for precisely a decade now, although I rarely ever used it to make money. I don't yet have a job in real life... and for motives I won't get into, I cannot get one currently. Because reasons and people, I now risk being left without any income and ending up on the streets rather quickly. Therefore I'm looking at the few options I have, and SL is one of the first among them. One problem is that I haven't worked in SL before, and can't say I'm particularly skilled at anything. I did quite a bit of scripting and building in the past and have average kowledge in LSL, while I am also quite good with Blender 3D meaning I could perhaps help with mesh making to some extent. What I am mostly aiming for however is something based on in-world interaction, like working in a club or organizing tours of sims or other things of the sort. Roleplay related stuff is also okay, although I don't have much imagination nor a good ability to concentrate, so I worry I might mess up at that part. In regard to requirements, I only have a few, which hopefully won't sound picky and get people hating at me: First of all, I don't want something that pressures me into being there X hours a day / week, and would get me in trouble if I happen to not come online for a given period of time... rather something I can do when I find it possible, and of course only get paid for the amount of work I did overall. The place must also, at worst, be okay with me having a furry avatar... and at best be a furry sim since I'd very much prefer working at one if possible. Lastly, I'd like to first know if withdrawing money from SL will drag me into any weird legal stuff, since some people reported having their transfers suspended and being asked by Linden to sign some form by email because the government got involved. Other technical stuff: I'm from Europe (Romania) so I can usually be online between about 14:00 and 4:00 GMT+2. I also run x64 Linux (openSUSE 13.2) which means I cannot run Windows software unless it works under WINE. I also can't enable the advanced shaders due to a driver bug, so I can't see or create objects that use complex materials. Lastly, I use both the main grid and OpenSim, so feel free to include jobs on any grid in case a commercial OS based grid has something I'm looking for. All in all, I'll need at least 200 US$ a month to survive, which seems to be about 50.000 L$. I can imagine that's a lot, so I won't be surprised if there is probably no solution for me on SL. I still thought to ask just in case, so please let me know if there's anything which even somewhat matches these criteria. Thank you.
  11. Right. Europe isn't perfect either... especially my country (Romania) which is one of the most corrupt. My cold blood toward the US comes from believing it's this great and functional society where things actually work... only to later find out there's more control and spying and police brutality than here. Internet users from all over the world getting directly involved into the tax issues of monetization services is a latest example of bizarre American laws. In related news, I just signed this form for my Patreon account. To my surprise, it's automatically approved and remains editable on my profile. I was afraid to touch it, because I thought it would need approval from US bankers or government, and I might somehow get dragged into weird legal issues including IRL. Hopefully it's as simple on SL in case I'm ever asked about it here... still stuff I feel uncomfortable with so I hope not.
  12. Not sure actually. I looked again, and apparently it says this exemption only applies to certain EU companies. It's also surprising that the W-8BEN form itself isn't mentioned anywhere on that VAT page... gets me worrying again. Either way, I might eventually choose to cash out some L$ from my account. Now I have to worry about dealing with angry Americans shoving bureaucracy in my face through an internet connection, and involving me into weird things for a simple and legal transaction. If LL has to pay weird taxes to abide the law, they can keep part of my transaction... if that's the law for US payment services I of course can't complain and will pay extra. Just please don't force me to sign weird paperwork or get me involved with foreign governments and banks or god knows what... this is not cool and I want none of it
  13. Sorry for the double post everyone. I looked at my SL account settings just now, and it seems this has gotten a lot better. The only setting in this regard appears to be called VAT, and can be found under Account -> Billing Information. It is (at least now) labeled as optional; If you're from the European Union, you can file a request to be excluded from this tax. If you don't, you're simply charged this extra tax for transactions and that's it. So if I'm not missing anything, it looks like everything is as good as it can be, and I take back what I said about LL screwing up again. I don't mind Linden paying their transaction taxes by taking a percentage from each of my transactions, and me having the option (not requirement) to complete a legal form if I want more money to get through. Since I'm from the EU, I might look into opting out of this tax later. Till then, I'm glad this won't be rubbed in my face if I cash out any L$
  14. I found this thread in a google search, after I saw this form on Patreon and tried to see what it's all about. Wow... I can't believe Linden is involving ordinary users into bureaucratic junk of this sort! It's Linden's problem how they pay for their taxes and run the transaction service used to convert L$ to US$. Next we're going to have to provide documentation for LL's tap water contract. Anyway I have no idea about the ID's and other stuff that form asks, and I assume most SL users don't either. Therefore some probably won't be able to complete this at all. Another gracious way for Linden to screw up. And yes... I read a bit about this issue before posting here and I understand they're obbligated by law to do this, otherwise they have to take a 30% fee from each transaction. But if Linden wants to allow users to extract their money without having to pay those taxes to them, they should at least make this form optional! Those who don't sign it could have the option to pay 30% of the sum to Linden... which obviously sucks, but is better than forcing users into dirty bureaucracy!
  15. Thank you for all the info. If it's a separate project and will not affect the SL main grid, my worries are unfounded. This otherwise sounds like an interesting project, and I'm curious to see how it goes! Also sorry for my attitude toward LL in the first post in this case. I initially thought they're switching to a closed-source viewer out of some interest... like to draw people away from Opensim to increase land renting rates. I was wrong and take back that statement.
  16. Oh... I see now. What does new platform mean exactly in this case however? Is LL working on a new virtual space, which is entirely a different project? Or might that still mean it's a new viewer intended for the existing main grid? I assume new platform means a new project (new server + new viewer), but just asking to be safe. If it's a new project, starting off as closed source is of course Linden's choice, and not for me to complain over. If it's a new viewer for the main grid, I'd be upset because they're taking away the open-source nature of the existing system. Still their right of course, but this would be a wrong thing to do toward the community IMHO.
  17. Recently there's been talk about Linden abandoning the existing viewer, and creating a whole new viewer from scratch. As expected, the new viewer is intended to be closed-source instead of FOSS like the existing one... which I assue is the purpose for LL going through the effort of making a new viewer at all. Way to involve, Linden Lab... your fear of Opensim grids must sure be strong :matte-motes-mad: Anyway, it's not the official version of the viewer that interests me, since I always use custom viewers. My worry is whether viewer 3 based clients will remain compatible with the main grid... and for how long. Are there plans to eventually disable logins for anything based on the existing SL viewer? Or will the new proprietary viewer Linden is creating stick to the same server protocol, so Opensim viewers can keep connecting to the main grid too? Will the Server <-> Viewer protocol documentation remain available otherwise? So V1 to V3 viewers can continue development throughout the community, and keep themselves compatible with the latest features of the main grid.
  18. They're certainly not required to do such a thing by law, no. Having a simple license agreement that you click "yes" on (what any normal website would do) is more than enough. But like I said all those years ago, I don't see why even as little as a separate TOS should exist for mesh compared to other uploadable assets... given that art and music are a far more likely way of infringing copyright than 3D models could ever be. My conclusion remains that a few people at LL are either trying to show off with things like this, or have a small problem if I may say that much. Then again, considering they used to do identity theft for catching kids who lie about their age, I still expect anything no matter how weird to happen on the Main Grid. Of course, this mesh quiz doesn't actually break anything so I can't complain much... just raises a few concerns about how extreme LL is in their thinking. And I tend to be quite critical of things I find out of the ordinary sometimes.
  19. I hope this isn't too off-topic, as it addresses eyephones / head tracking in general. Since I saw there's a whole hype about Oculus Rift support being added to SL, I thought to ask this question here as well. Especially since the subject addresses virtual reality closely, and my question also relates to how the SL viewer coded support for the Rift. I've slowly started gaining interest in this whole Oculus Rift thing. It's actually been a few years since I wanted to play games or watch stereo pictures / movies on eyephones with stereoscopic rendering support. And although I didn't initially care about head tracking, that will be a very welcome ability as well. It overall sounds like a very promising future for VR technology... or does it? I have one big problem with this whole thing so far: I want to use devices that are the product of a technology, not a technology that is the product of a device. Think of mice for instance: Countless brands produce computer mice... optical ones, bluetooth ones, with various additional buttons, you name it. Computer mice aren't a device that belongs to either Microsoft or any other firm. Most importantly, mice require no additional drivers to provide basic functionality, and you don't need to install each brand's software to use one. They simply work when you plug them in... whether it's on a PC or Laptop, a Windows or a Linux machine, a Genius or a Logitech mouse. On the other hand, video cards require brand specific drivers (like ATI and Nvidia), but applications themselves don't need to code support for each of the two so they can render images. If I'm to take interest in modern eyephones, I want it to be the same thing; A new technology that can be developed and supported by anyone and everyone, rather than being some corporation's toy. Especially with the popularity the Rift is getting, I imagine patent trolling (for both hardware and software) will occur, and things might not go so smoothly. Now I've read about alternatives to the Oculus Rift already being prepared. So in regard to hardware, I assume the problem isn't very bad, and "eyephones with head tracking" can themselves be considered a free technology that's not up for patent claims. But I am somewhat concerned on the software part. Typically, if a common open-source implementation can exist. By common I mean a driver as well as per-application integration that can work with all and any such devices; The Oculus Rift itself, as well as all the different products made by other brands as an alternative... which might use different approaches and technologies. For example, will a game engine be able to write common code for eyephones, which can render stereoscopic image on both the Oculus Right and Google Glass alike? As an open-source game developer, who might be interested to support the technology myself, I'm even more interested in better understanding this. I don't care to ever code support for "someone's hardware", only for actual architectures. I also wouldn't want to be in the position of adding support for the Oculus Rift, then when someone makes an alternative write an integration for that, then when a third brand creates yet another headset code that too, and so on. That would be like manually adding support for Genius, IBM, Microsoft, etc. keyboards to my code, which would be preposterous. So what's known so far on this end, and how do you think things will go? Will the Oculus Rift require both drivers and application integration to support it, will only drivers be needed but the implementation becomes common, or will the Rift use a common architecture entirely which all programs and similar hardware can relate to without individual dependencies?
  20. Ah... I remember there's a LSL function to send emails actually, as well as one to check the online status of avatars if I'm correct. But for this I'd need to permanently rez an object in-world, and I don't really own any land, so not a solution for me.
  21. I looked in my account settings there, but didn't find anything about email notifications for specific friends.
  22. Good to know... I used to think the topic change spam is causing IM notifications to get limited. And #2 sounds like the option I am looking for, thanks.
  23. I'm an OpenSim fan and lover, although less good with the technical stuff than the official development team. Some things I can however say on the matter: It should be easy to make OpenSim run in a LAN, although I never tried it myself. I believe you need to run it in standalone mode (not grid mode) and specify a local IP. I believe those settings are typically found in opensim.ini and region.ini. As for lack of avatars, that's sadly a big problem in OpenSim now. Fewer people make good content there than on the main grid, which frustrates me too because I want to see OpenSim having a bigger future. That said, there are many freebies on OSGrid at least, although most are of the quality stuff on the main grid was back in 2007. Porting stuff from the main grid should however be easy with a custom viewer. Meny viewers offer an Export ability in the pie menu (right-clicking objects in world or inventory) with an import ability somewhere within the menus. Obviously, this can and should only be used on full perm objects, otherwise it's copy-botting which is kinda wrong and forbidden and stuff.
  24. There are several people in my friends list which seem to be online very rarely, or during times when I don't typically log into SL. I'd like an easier way of knowing when they're on, so maybe I can also log in during that period. Is it possible to enable email or maybe even messenger notifications when a friend goes online? Last time I checked, there was a website that lets me see online friends without having to log in with the viewer... but I don't plan to permanently keep that open and refresh it. So maybe the website might let me set up a few other notifications too?
  25. Whenever I log in, I find a high amount of popups in the upper - right area of the screen, related to topic changes of groups I am in. Apart from having to close them one by one, I'm also getting the impression this might be why I lose offline IM's, due to the "IM delivery caped" problem. This is becoming an annoyance, and I'd like to know if it's possible to get rid of it. Can I disable notifications about topic changes in groups? I don't care about those and am not interested in seeing them.
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