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  1. Well I got reply from the Lindens again: Simply put, if you didn't let them earn enough money on the Processing Fee, they won't increase your process limit. Now all they care about is how much they can earn from you. Shamelessness has reach a whole new level.
  2. what's worse, now I saved up SOME credits, but they tell me that I'll have to wait for several months, in order to fully cash out. nasty.
  3. the 5% is the fee already taken when a selling is done. another 1.5% is the fee when you cash out. it now almost becomes 15 USD when every time you proceed credits, since they restrict the proceed credit limit to 999 USD per month. it used to be 1 USD fee for cash out, regardless how much you cash out. and then they make it 1.5% and then they make it 1.5%, and limits it to 999 USD per month. speechless.
  4. I see....>.< and thanks! eep, LL is getting so nasty on the money issue, they already charge 5% on each transactions on MP, now they find more ways to squeeze out money from sellers...
  5. hi there, thanks for the reply. I file a ticket already, they close my case very soon, saying that I do not meet the requirements for a Tier increase. They never mentioned what kind of "requirements" I need to meet to increase Tier, all they provides is a bunch of useless links, So, exactly what I should do to meet their "requirements for a Tier increase"? Do I need to get a premium membership? >.<
  6. Hi all. Since SL now have that nasty 1.5% fee for each cash out, I was saving money and trying to cash out in one time. But it looks like SL suddently change my Process Credit limit (per day and per 30 days) to $999 USD. That means, if I want to cash out more than that, I'll need to wait for several monthes and pay even more FEE. This is extremely annoying and ridiculous. Is there a way to increase this limit to a more acceptable amount? Say, 3000 USD? If there is a way, what process or steps should I follow, and who should I talk to? =.=
  7. I am not sure which one weapon you are exactly pointing at, but some (most) of my weapons can be transformed into multiple forms. which means, they may not only be a sword, but also a gun, shield, etc. If that still sounds lazy to you, well, bye bye? PS: might be an irrelevant question, though. How do you view an item's keyword? I can't even find it unless going into the item edit page... Unless you are a ...................... ?
  8. I really didn't know that. Will be more careful next time... Anyway, all unlisted items are back to listings, no harm down so far. The L's said that they are "investigating" these issue, I just hope that they will actually investige it and get that grifer banned for good. Thank you all for your time.
  9. I already state what I need to state. If you are such a friend of justice, maybe you should really report all the so-called "copyright protected" items on the whole marketplace, other than trolling here. Good day.
  10. I don't know if others are using mesh or such, but all those items I made are build with basic prims and sculptures and it's not like I am stealing from anybody. You call that break laws? then maybe you should report another 200k pieces of fanart items on the whole marketplace, so that no one breaks it?
  11. go do a search on the marcketplace before you say that, thank you.
  12. Hi there. I am quite sure I DID NOT list any adult-related keywords like that. The same series of keywords has been used in many of my products, none of them ever been unlisted before, until now. Someone must be trolling, and some LL staff is highly suspected to be blind. They didn't even check before unlisting something. PS: Also, I notice this from a mail notification, a mail name "An item has been flagged". Which means, the system did not do it automatically, SOMEONE did that on purpose. Troll confimed. If I ever find out who did that, she is going to pay for it.
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