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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings! I'm a Linux user, my distribution is Manjaro KDE. I'm using two viewers to connect to SL: Kokua (main viewer) and Firestorm (backup viewer), native 64-bit binaries (no WINE). Everything seems to be working great except for one recent issue: Voice support stopped working on all viewers, something both myself and someone else can confirm. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice For FS we followed the instructions provided on that page. We edited the viewer launch script and commented out those lines in order as suggested: export LL_BAD_FMODSTUDIO_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_PULSEAUDIO=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_ALSA=x The issue persists with either and all of them: In the audio preferences under voice, the input / output devices are grayed out with a message saying "is voice enabled". We looked everywhere but can't find any answer: What should we try next?
  2. New install on Linux Mint 19, Tricia Second_Life_5_0_9_329906_i686 Logs in fine, acting normal, but the boxes from the WORLD menu item are coming up blank. I can't enter in text to search on, and the destinations are showing blank. Firestorm does not have this problem, so it's an official viewer problem.
  3. Any window that needs to connect up to web services is appearing blank in the official SL Viewer for Linux. I looked at the guide to opening ports in my firewall and that doesn't seem to have done anything to change it. There's another person who reported a similar problem in 2017. Can anyone confirm if the information on that thread is accurate and that this is a known problem? Seems odd that there would be a bug for over 2 years and nothing being done about it. This doesn't seem to be exclusive to Linux viewers either. Here's someone with the same problem, and they posted a screenshot. Here's my "About" stats... Second Life (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at 20.7, 194.7, 26.9 in Social Island 2 located at sim10281.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Social%20Island%202/21/195/27 (global coordinates 261909.0, 268483.0, 26.9) Second Life Server 2019-12-04T20:29:26.533447 Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (2941.26 MHz) Memory: 16001 MB OS Version: Linux 5.3.0-26-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 18 05:37:46 UTC 2019 x86_64 Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 435.21 Window size: 1408x1136 Font Size Adjustment: 96pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 128m Bandwidth: 500kbit/s LOD factor: 1.125 Render quality: 5 / 7 Advanced Lighting Model: Enabled Texture memory: 512MB VFS (cache) creation time: January 10 2020 20:12:38 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.2 Audio Driver Version: Undefined LLCEFLib/CEF Version: Undefined LibVLC Version: Undefined Voice Server Version: Vivox Packets Lost: 31/72321 (0.0%) January 10 2020 20:12:38
  4. Hello guys, i am using Linux Mint 19.2 and Firestorm Viewer. I have a problem with Voice Calls, when i start one or i am invited into one i can't hear and can't be heard, even tough in local i can use voice without problems. I don't use a Firewall so it's not a connection problem... Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  5. I know that most people here have Windows on their machine. However, I want to see what other OS you're running most of the time. I, for example, run mostly Linux: I have Kubuntu 19.04 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (and Windows 10) on multiboot, running OpenSUSE -- on KDE -- most of the time. The window design is called SteamPunk, and that nifty clock in the middle of the screen is called TimeKeeper. 😎
  6. Whatever happened with the 64-bit Linux viewer? That's mentioned in various places as "real soon now", but the downloadable viewer is 32-bit only. The latest Linux desktop distros are 64-bit only. Nobody runs 32-bit on big machines any more. Apple just announced end of life for 32-bit applications. (I just need to run the SL viewer to report bugs.I run Firestorm for real use.)
  7. Hello. I I have been a resident in SL since 2015. This is my first post in this forum because I have been rendered desperate for answers in regards to why my computer shuts down completely and randomly when I am in-game using any viewer and irregardless of the graphics settings in Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit linux. I am a Ubuntu user with a 2013 Acer V5 series laptop with Intel HD 4000 Graphics(and thus uses mesa drivers for OpenGL rendering and intel i915 as my graphics driver) onboard as its integrated graphics adapter. Now hear me out. When this laptop was brand new, I never had these problems using any of the viewers as long as I set it to low settings the worst thing it would do is close the program and not crash the entire system. But as the viewers updated and with drivers and OS versions following the same route, I noticed an increasing demand on the system to the point where I had to use lightweight viewers like Cool VL Viewer in order to be stable. For a while Cool VL viewer seemed to work without any problems, I could travel anywhere,be in any crowd or in a quiet sim without crashing albeit i did had some random crashes that werent fatal and infrequent from time to time but as long as it was set to low settings and object/mesh details were low/mid,everything worked as it should. This was on Ubuntu 16.04 which i had upgraded from not too long ago. I updated my system from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit and this is where the trouble starts. Now it randomly crashes no matter what I do/where I am after a couple seconds even in Cool VL Viewer. I noticed that when im in certain areas of a sim or if i pan my camera to a certain spot(this used to happen when my camera is rendering potted plants or trees in Firestorm and is a consistent problem with other viewers as well) the likelihood to fatally crash and shutdown is almost 100%. I had found out that a kernel version seemed to help with the problem a bit but then it eventually started crashing even on the older kernel(4.4.137). Also note that i can use other programs that can be equally demanding and they do not crash the system. I have cleaned out the laptop and applied thermal paste to the CPU 4 months ago and I can feel cool air blowing out of the vents so I do not believe this is an overheating issue although it could be. Another notable issue is that the CPU fan is constantly high,even when the system is idle and it started behaving like this when i first cleaned it. Is it truly time to throw in the towel and buy a new laptop or is this a glitch/graphical that i can fix?
  8. It is my understanding that voice in Second Life depends on a module supplied through Linden Lab, which uses proprietary code from Vivox. All third party viewers depend on this code and use a module called "SLVoice", marked as an executable. I have not seen any clear statement of when this code was last updated. While Linux support is suspended, and a future "Alex Ivy" viewer for Linux depends on work from the TPV community, which I see is being done, this particular component appears to depend on Linux code that ceased maintenance four years ago. I refer to the gstreamer-0.10 module. It already appears not to work any more. Since it is not open source there is an obvious problem in an update depending on the TPV community. I can see a couple of possible fixes, but they depend on there being a legal way for somebody to work with the Vivox code. Essentially, it needs somebody with Linux skills to do the work under contract, but is it Vivox or Linden Lab who has to employ them. While there are similarities with the situation over the Havok code for mesh import, I would argue that Voice is not the same. We don't need to agree extra T&Cs to use Voice, as we do to import mesh. Is there a long term plan, or should I assume that voice is now a dead option for Linux viewers? Should Voice be assumed by event organisers to be a universal (I hit problems at SL15B, where presentations by Linden Lab used Voice with no apparent alternative.) (Having somebody speaking on a media stream while listening for questions on voice could be a fix for these big events, but you would need to be careful about feedback loops.) The voice problem also raises questions about the regular in-world user group meetings. I am not enthusiastic about using Windows for a special event, but if it is going to be necessary, I would prefer something a little bit more explicit than saying Voice is used. It isn't working with Linux. Say these events don't work with Linux viewers.
  9. I've just spent an hour running NickeyD's branch of Firestorm on Linux. This is based on the LL AlexIvy version. It's looking good. Went to Tralala's Diner, a Japanese street market with high detail and good LOD textures. The new texture cache handling seems better than the old. The street market looks good, LOD transitions are working well,. and nothing broke. I tried some fast motorcycle runs around Circuit de Corse, sometimes outrunning the texture loading, and that worked fine. Very nice. Nothing broke anywhere. This seems to fix https://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-22342 segfaults related to using OpenJPEG instead of the non-free version. (Not OpenJPEG's fault; a problem in error handling.) That's been the show-stopper on self-compiling Firestorm for some time. Once that branch gets merged back into Firestorm main, which is at, we should have straightforward 64-bit Linux builds again. Waiting for this has been holding me back on working on velocity extrapolation at region crossings, which still needs improvement. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  10. I'm running Linux on my desktop (OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 64bit), and never had any problems with any viewers - no matter if official viewer, or TPV (well, except with Voice, at times). Now I just tried to download the new official viewer release (version , and had to see that the download button on the site just didn't work for me at all. Now my question is: Did LL stop supporting Linux in general, or is it just a glitch on the website?
  11. Hello, I need your help. I just created an account and deleted the official viewer for Linux. I log in (login) and up there all right, but in the loading screen the dice connect the region and it closes. I leave a fragment of what is read in the console: 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFORMATION: print: *************** SURNAME OF CALL END OF LL *************** 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: lock marker file created /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-409b-a712-485ca525d991//dynamic_debug_info.log ./secondlife: line 138: 1845 Segment violation $ LL_WRAPPER bin / do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "$ {ARGS [@]}" *** bad closing ($ LL_RUN_ERR). *** ********************************************** ***** This is a BETA version of the Second Life Linux client. Thanks for trying! Please read README-linux.txt before reporting problems.
  12. Hello, I need your help. I just created an account and deleted the official viewer for Linux. I log in (login) and up there all right, but in the loading screen the dice connect the region and it closes. I leave a fragment of what is read in the console: 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFORMATION: print: *************** SURNAME OF CALL END OF LL *************** 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: lock marker file created /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-409b-a712-485ca525d991//dynamic_debug_info.log ./secondlife: line 138: 1845 Segment violation $ LL_WRAPPER bin / do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "$ {ARGS [@]}" *** bad closing ($ LL_RUN_ERR). *** ********************************************** ***** This is a BETA version of the Second Life Linux client. Thanks for trying! Please read README-linux.txt before reporting problems.
  13. Hola, necesito su ayuda. Me acabo de crear una cuenta y descargue el visor oficial para linux. Me loguo (login) y hasta ahi todo bien, pero en la pantalla de carga dice conectando region y se cierra. Dejo un fragmento de lo que se lee en la consola: 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: print: *************** END OF LL CALL STACKS *************** 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: Created crash marker file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: Opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-409b-a712-485ca525d991//dynamic_debug_info.log ./secondlife: línea 138: 1845 Violación de segmento $LL_WRAPPER bin/do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "${ARGS[@]}" *** Bad shutdown ($LL_RUN_ERR). *** ******************************************************* This is a BETA release of the Second Life linux client. Thank you for testing! Please see README-linux.txt before reporting problems.
  14. More of an inconvenience than anything, since pretty much everything that doesnt work can be accessed from the website. But i have no UI for the Profile, Destinations, Help, etc. It seems to be everything that normally requires a connection to a web browser. As things that are ingame only work just fine, like my appearance, inventory, world map, etc. So i have a feeling this is an issue with SL not wanting to interact with my browser, Firefox. Ive had this issue with a couple of things (Steam, mainly) and everything else that needs to use my web browser is able to do it just fine. SL isnt restricted from it, everything is set up to where SL should be able to connect to a browser, but it still wont. Not 100% sure why, anyone who's dealt with this issue; your input is appreciated. Specs wise its in the Pic, ive got 32 bit Xubuntu running on a separate HDD from my main one, since SL doesnt like 64 bit.
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