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  1. Voice is no longer working for me in any SL viewer. I have tired everything I know. I did a clean install of Firestorm, I tried other viewers, and I reinstalled the Linden SL viewer. I checked my audio settings in Windows with other programs and it works fine and I checked my voice settings in preferences and tried to refresh a few times. Nothing works. One thing that I notice when I go into Task Manager is that the SLVoice.exe file is showing as not enabled. I have tried deleting the file and restarting to see if it reloads and that doesn't work. I am at a loss. Not only can I no longer see the whit dot above my avatar, but I can't see it on anyone else either and I can't hear anyone else use voice. I have searched this forum and tried all of the above based on what I've read here. Any other ideas of what I may try?
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