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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings! I'm a Linux user, my distribution is Manjaro KDE. I'm using two viewers to connect to SL: Kokua (main viewer) and Firestorm (backup viewer), native 64-bit binaries (no WINE). Everything seems to be working great except for one recent issue: Voice support stopped working on all viewers, something both myself and someone else can confirm. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice For FS we followed the instructions provided on that page. We edited the viewer launch script and commented out those lines in order as suggested: export LL_BAD_FMODSTUDIO_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_PULSEAUDIO=x export LL_BAD_FMOD_ALSA=x The issue persists with either and all of them: In the audio preferences under voice, the input / output devices are grayed out with a message saying "is voice enabled". We looked everywhere but can't find any answer: What should we try next?
  2. Just saw Google's new unveiling of their Stadia. It is supposed to be usable on most devices. Just wondering if there may be a possibility the Linden Lab or third party developer would be able to port Second Life to it eventually. I believe it would be a great platform for expanding the Second Life world.
  3. I have some questions about how powerful a machine to get if I upgrade my current PC which seems to be bogging down. I have current mid range desktop for SL - Dell X51 R2 CPU: i7 4770 @ 3.4GHZ RAM: 8 GB GPU: NV GTX 760 Ti OS: Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit While it still works well, it now approaching 5 years old, and there are a few issues: - boot and re-boot times are incredibly slow (it can take MANY minutes to log off, overall re-boot time is around 5 - 10 minutes) - Dells system analysis tells me all is well but I am wondering about hard drive or RAM health (SMART stats suggest all is good, but...) - Im lazy and often have multiple applications open while in SL. In particular Firefox is a memory hog, also Lightroom. It would be nice to not have to close everything down for SL (which I sometimes do when Im concerned about performance for sailing but its a drag). Note Im not wanting to work in other apps (except maybe Firefox) while in SL, I just want to leave the sessions open. - every so often, especially in SL I hear the disc thrashing, my guess is that there's a lot paging going on - MS support for Win 7 ends next year; I'm guessing that Win 10 has a heavier footprint The machine copes fairly well with SL under most conditions when I have it freshly booted and nothing else really running, (except for the disc thrashing I mentioned). I guess my main concern at this point is age of the machine. Aside from SL I do some work (MS office) and also photography (Lightroom). Multiple USB drives for things like music library, photo archives, backup etc. No other gaming (currently). Given the age of the machine and the factors listed Im contemplating getting a new machine. Price range (for basically just the tower unit) ideally under $2000 (Can) before tax, support etc or at least not much over It would seem to be a no brainer to go for 16 GB RAM (I dont think the budget goes to 32 GB). But Im less sure about CPU and GPU vs my current machine. For various reasons Im likely to stick with Dell (I have had their machines both laptop and dektops for a number of years and been happy with performance and especially their service; they may not be the cheapest around but have been good value. So here are the questions: - CPU: Is i7 worthe extra $ vs i5 - specifically i7 8700 vs i5 8400? - I should get 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD rather than just the HDD alone? (and so Put SL cache (and some of the OS etc ) on SSD.) Is 256GB SSD enough (vs 512 GB) - GPU - There are distinct price jumps between NV 1050 4 GB / 1060 6 GB / 1070 8 GB about $200 each step. (I do like to sail with a reasonable DD ideally 300m) Am I right that the sweet spot is probably the 1060, the 1050 may not be a lot better than what I have? the 1070 is overkill? I tend to believe in a balanced system but if I needed to econmise, whats the best way to do that - i5 CPU (vs i7), drop the SSD or GTX 1050 (rather than 1060).
  4. Hello. I I have been a resident in SL since 2015. This is my first post in this forum because I have been rendered desperate for answers in regards to why my computer shuts down completely and randomly when I am in-game using any viewer and irregardless of the graphics settings in Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit linux. I am a Ubuntu user with a 2013 Acer V5 series laptop with Intel HD 4000 Graphics(and thus uses mesa drivers for OpenGL rendering and intel i915 as my graphics driver) onboard as its integrated graphics adapter. Now hear me out. When this laptop was brand new, I never had these problems using any of the viewers as long as I set it to low settings the worst thing it would do is close the program and not crash the entire system. But as the viewers updated and with drivers and OS versions following the same route, I noticed an increasing demand on the system to the point where I had to use lightweight viewers like Cool VL Viewer in order to be stable. For a while Cool VL viewer seemed to work without any problems, I could travel anywhere,be in any crowd or in a quiet sim without crashing albeit i did had some random crashes that werent fatal and infrequent from time to time but as long as it was set to low settings and object/mesh details were low/mid,everything worked as it should. This was on Ubuntu 16.04 which i had upgraded from not too long ago. I updated my system from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit and this is where the trouble starts. Now it randomly crashes no matter what I do/where I am after a couple seconds even in Cool VL Viewer. I noticed that when im in certain areas of a sim or if i pan my camera to a certain spot(this used to happen when my camera is rendering potted plants or trees in Firestorm and is a consistent problem with other viewers as well) the likelihood to fatally crash and shutdown is almost 100%. I had found out that a kernel version seemed to help with the problem a bit but then it eventually started crashing even on the older kernel(4.4.137). Also note that i can use other programs that can be equally demanding and they do not crash the system. I have cleaned out the laptop and applied thermal paste to the CPU 4 months ago and I can feel cool air blowing out of the vents so I do not believe this is an overheating issue although it could be. Another notable issue is that the CPU fan is constantly high,even when the system is idle and it started behaving like this when i first cleaned it. Is it truly time to throw in the towel and buy a new laptop or is this a glitch/graphical that i can fix?
  5. Hi all, just got myself a 1070TI and still got some money to spend, so wanting to see what I should upgrade next. Currently, I am running: GPU: GeForce Nvidia 1070ti RAM: 16GB ram (2x 8GB sticks in 2 ports) CPU: Intel i7 4790 (8CPUS) DAC - Intergrated RAMDAC I will also link this benchmark test which shows off all my hardware I am currently using so you can grasp more information than me typing out everything in a DX diag. It is a bit old, so i will explain the edits as well to it: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8530914 (EDITED BENCHMARK: THIS IS THE NEWEST RESULT: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8819520 ) Now using a SSD 250GB Samsung drive. along with the HDD shown in the benchmark. And I have upgraded to windows 10 64 bit Enterprise I am wondering if i need to upgrade my CPU, or RAM, yet a friend told me the CPU might be the better option if I were to upgrade to a I7-8700k or higher, yet, a I7-8700k would fit my price range better. Thanks for any input
  6. I have been trying to get in to Second Life on and off for nearly a year now but have had one glaring issue that has been stifling any interest I start to get, a complete inability to even sustain 10 fps 90% of the time. I have looked all over for fixes, toyed with all the graphics settings, tried several viewers including Firestorm, Catsnip, Black Dragon, Alchemy, and LL. nothing software wise has so far worked. My hardware maintains a modest 30fps on ultra on games like GTA 5, Black Desert Online, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and just most games in general. GPU: Evga Nvidia 1050 ti OC edition with 6gb of Vram CPU: AMD Fx 8350 8 core processor at 3.5ghz (only 4 of the cores are physical the other 4 are virtual) Ram: 16gbs of w.e stock junk the desktop came with Storage: 2Tb HD another stock component Internet: Comcast broadband (speedtest.net states 54down/20up with 13ping to the nearest server) If anyone has any ideas as to other possible solutions, causes, or things to try it would be much appreciated. The whole situation seems incomprehensibly stupid as a game with this old of graphics shouldn't need much more then these to hit 30fps when I can play many more graphically intense games filled with a lot more happening on and off screen then I ever have witnessed or heard off in SL. My friend manages 60Fps easy on her computer with a GTX 1080ti 32gb of ram and a comparable CPU but a GTX 1080ti is just overkill for really anything regardless of w.e it is.
  7. Hello. I am planning to buy a laptop for using SL and Sansar. I am a merchant, scripter, designer and photographer in SL and use SL for long hour time per day. I am considering about gaming/VR ready laptop. Finally I have two options. Which one is better for running SL and Sansar? I like traveling, so laptop is must-have for me. Any help or other recommendations is appreciated. GL502VS 15.6", i7-7700 2.8GHz, GTX 1070 8GB, 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 120hz 1920×1080 G-SYNC Razer Blade 14 14", i7-7700 2.8GHz, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1920×1080, Thunderbolt 3, Oculus Ready
  8. I am planning to buy a laptop for using SL and Sansar. I am a merchant, scripter, designer, and photographer in SL and use SL for long hour per day. I am considering about gaming/VR ready laptop. Finally I have two options. Which one is better for running SL and Sansar? I like traveling, so laptop is must-have for me. Any help or other recommendations is appreciated. GL502VS 15.6", i7-7700 2.8GHz, GTX 1070 8GB, 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 120hz 1920×1080 G-SYNC Razer Blade 14 14", i7-7700 2.8GHz, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1920×1080, Thunderbolt 3, Oculus Ready
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