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  1. Do you want a role play job, or a job that atually allows you to earn Lindens?
  2. there are 4 things you have to have, Shape, Skin, eyebrow shape, and eyes, they are listed at the bottom of the list of what you are wearing, if any are missing you will be a cloud, if they are missing you can simply add the missing ones and you pop into view.
  3. Sometimes people assume that when your profile is blank
  4. Note that at least two of these states, Florida and Nevada, have legalized gambling of some sort. So rather than some moral objection to gambling, it is more of a "we won't let you do it unless we get some tax revenue"
  5. but, he has 16 posts and is a resident, I have 30 and I am a new resident, so age must have something to do with.
  6. We need one of those hug reactions like Facebook has.
  7. If there is no gambling then why are residents of particular states banned from going to certian regions?
  8. When a noob searches for a place, will it show up if it is one of those places where that person cannot go to yet because they are to young.
  9. The region crashes but forunately restarting it isn't an issue.
  10. I don't have photoshop, but I know in programs I do use there is a box that says something like maintain aspect ratio that is automatically clicked. You will need to uncheck it if you want to change the aspect ratio.
  11. Of course not, However if someone was shopping for a car at a used car dealer who is known to have sold junk cars at premium prices. I would let them know they might want to shop someplace else. I never told her to avoid finding a partner, just expressed my opinion that SL isn't the best place to shop for one.
  12. True she did not, however comments about girls seeking guys are still not relevant to her situation,
  13. One of the nice things about SL, When you totally screw up you life here you can just start over, wiser than you were the time before.
  14. @Rowan Amore, @Orwar, All that is true too, but she does not seem to be looking for a girl, so it really isn't relevant to her situation.
  15. SL allows guys to hide their true selves behind an avatar and it tends to attract guys who need to hide their true selves to get a girl. Be very careful.
  16. Nothing at the bottom of the box except "insert image from URL" on the far right.
  17. I cannot post directly from my computer, maybe because i am new, but the option to post from my computer isn't there
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