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  1. SO a kind of interesting thing happened, yesterday in this thread i posted a picture of my avi standing in a field with flowers wearing a long white dress. I took several pictures in the field, some with the dress some without. I posted a couple dress pictures to the Flickr page for the sim, but did not post any of the dress lacking pictures, because the group rules said nudity was not allowed. A few hours after i posted, in my Flickr notifications I get a notice that the Admin for the group had changed the rules, And he sent me an invite to include this picture.
  2. For me it's a treat if I don't have to make it.
  3. You also want to play nanny in a house I pay for with a baby I pay for, with baby supplies I pay for, and you want me to pay you even more money to do it? You are not providing me any service I actually need. If I go out and don't take my baby, I can just pretend you are at my house pretending to take care of my pretend baby, instead of actually paying you to pretend to take care of a pretend baby.
  4. Why would I pay for an SL nanny? In RL I might need to pay a nanny to watch my baby while I go to work. The cost of the nanny is justified because my salary is much higher, and if I do not pay the nanny, I cannot go to work and get paid. In SL my baby does not need that attention. I can just derez the little guy when I am not available to take care him.
  5. One of the joys of SL is meeting new people, it seems that limiting IMs to friends would be counterproductive to that goal. Also since the OP runs a RP sim, I would presume they're interested in having new people join the roleplay, this also would be more difficult if interested people can't send IMs asking about it.
  6. It looks like you may have a little bit of the system head showing through, To eliminate this wear the. Alpha.
  7. So people come to SL because SL is a place where you can be whatever you want to be. But why not be that in RL? Because jerks give them grief in RL. But the jerks come to SL and give them grief here as well.
  8. Send me an IM sometime. Maybe i will send you one first, but lets do this.
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