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  1. There are lots of things people love to do in SL, and Sims dedicated to these interests. Find something you like, go to the places where people do that, and do it too. That way you will have a common interest with the people you meet there, rather than just meeting random people at a club.
  2. Sure, there are always exceptions, but the best way to find someone is to get out in world in SL and meet people, it is best to go to places where people do things you like, so you already have some common ground.
  3. The picture posted twice so I might as well at least change it to a different one.
  4. Right, in case you need a crew for your warship. It seems obvious to me that before walking away from the computer at the very least you bring up a page that anyone could see. Like maybe a recipe for lamb chops, Just imagine if you father in law saw that, he would think you were planning on making a nice dinner for his daughter.
  5. OK so everyone knows, I changed my name, and moved on, I kept what I liked and got rid of what I didn't, if it bothers you get over it.
  6. It is the "I don't use an AO, stand" So yes I suspect you have seen it.
  7. Wandering around SL you never know who you might meet.
  8. if the clipping is in the back it can sometimes be fixed with long hair styles that fall in front. assumimg of course your breasts are not to large.
  9. So sorry to hear, I never really knew her other than to see her postings here in the forums, but yet even with that limited exposure, I could tell she was special. She will be missed by all of us. I am praying that you and those close to her can find some comfort in your time of loss.
  10. “Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.” Wendell Berry
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