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  1. Ok wait, I thought SL was a big place. There is one person out there I want nothing to do with. And today I randomly run into one of his friends?
  2. I had a relationship with a guy once, we hardly ever emoted. We would park our avis on the poseball, then talk about all sorts of thing, plus we would get involved in group chats dropping subtle hints about what our avis were doing. It was great fun, and fely way more intimate than any emoting experience.
  3. The test I took said I was 10 percent narcissistic. Well adjusted with some narcissistic traits.
  4. That seems to be the way it is in most Sims at first.
  5. Do you want a nice baby, or a cheap one. I went with cheap, it didnt do anything other than look cute in pictures of me holding it. Eventually however I replaced it with, a real person with a child avatar who RPed as my child. The result of that was the most meaningful relationship i ever had in SL.
  6. Sorry to say, but stripping in SL just aint what it used to be. I at one time made very good money at it. My best month was over 30,000L, and I am far from being the best. That was with another account way before this one was even created, so dont look at my dates to try to figure when, it was years ago. The place where that happened eventually closed down, probably because the owners were not making any money any more, The girls were not making much by that time either. Now most places you go to have a dozen girls dancing for maybe one ot two guys. Those odds are not gping to make you any money. Keep in mind that stripping is not just parking a pretty avatar on a dance pole and watching the money roll in, it never has been. To be successful you have to engage the guys, send them IMs, start conversations, keep several conversations going all at once, while contributing to the conversations in local chat as well. none of that works if there is no one there. I have heard that now the only way to make the big bucks is with a webcam and your RL body, though not all of us want to go there.
  7. Start slow, get out in world with the starter Avi if need be, meet people, figure it out. You do not need to drop a ton of cash into SL to look good. But you will need to work a bit harder, and be patient.
  8. You do not have to do everything all at once. Figure one thing out then move to the next. It can get overwhelming otherwise.
  9. Hmmmnnn, those allowed to sit at the cool kids table seem to have a different standard than the rest of us.
  10. You may run into an issue if you have built in shadows along with regular shadows, this can give you two shadows that overlap,
  11. Its more complicated of course, subsidized grain makes it cheeper to feed the cattle. We need to eliminate all subsidies, let the market deturmine the price of everything.
  12. The single most damaging thing mankind does to the environment is industrial agriculture. When have you ever heard a polititian saying we need to change the way we produce our food? Government will never solve the problems we are facing, because the problem makers are getting rich doing what they are doing and paying off the politicians. Our only hope is that there will be enough people who figure out that they need to change thier habits and start to support sustainable solutions.
  13. Sounds like the typical SL relationship.
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