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  1. Except that no one chooses to exist. Everyone logged on to SL made a choice to do so. I would argue that making that choice means you are accepting certain attributes of the platform, such as the possibility that someone is going to try to talk to you.
  2. I don't know, but it seems to me just logging on is an invitation to comments. Of course rude is rude, and such comments should be dealt with accordingly, but If someone isn't rude there is no reason to get bent out of shape over it.
  3. So what if we do? No one says you have to post in it, except I am guessing you would love the chance to do just that.
  4. Over time I make adjustments but they are minor and once I make an adjustment i will stick with it. This usually happens after something about my look starts to bother me. My legs are to long, or something like that, eventually I will fix it and then not change until the next thing that starts to bug me.
  5. I used to have a character drawing of Taylor Swift, but now in my current profile is nothing. I should maybe put a picture of a Barbie there.
  6. Ostracized? Really? Being told you are wrong by someone who disagrees with you is not being ostracized, neither is receiving back what you dish out. I suspect that people treat you the way you treat them and you get all but hurt about it.
  7. Not nessesarily, sometimes when you let go, you get just what you wanted, it happened to me here.
  8. Why do they have to, just make the most of every moment, talk to people, accept what they have to offer, and people will accept you as you are. When you are setting requirements on who you want to be friends with, you set up barriers. Break down those barriers and you may find something even better that you had hoped for.
  9. There is a lot about the way the mind works we do not understand (trying to be good ang get back on topic) Take for example, flatworms. Flatworms can be taught. Flatworms will grow a new head and brain if you cut it's head off. If you teach a flatworm something, then cut off it's head, it will still know what you taught it when the new head and brain grows back. Not completely on topic but it shows that knowing is more complicated than some electrical charges in a brain.
  10. Yes that was my understanding as well, that he only needs a comparable bit of anatomy, but not a special hud like with mama allpa.
  11. So your an escort, disguised as a role player.
  12. Is it true that the man does not need any special hud to make this work?
  13. I love to explore, hit me up in world and we can explore together
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