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  1. http://teacherlink.ed.usu.edu/tlnasa/reference/imaginedvd/files/imagine/docs/ask_astro/answers/980221b.html
  2. Death is an essential part of evolution. The old generation passes away, while those members of the new generation who have advantageous trait are more likely to survive and carry forth that advantage, Eventually the whole population has the advantage, but without death, the advantage never becomes the norm and there is no progress.
  3. Considering that the same elements exist everywhere, and the same laws of physics do as well, it is not that unreasonable to assume evolution would work the same everywhere as well. Of course Sagan is in the business of selling books, and the message that there are wonderful worlds out there sells a lot more books than they are out there and as messed up as we are.
  4. And we couldn't have been, conditions were not right for it for most of the history of the Universe. A lot had to happen after the start of the Universe before life could even start, and that took a lot of time. Those same things would have been required anywhere else.
  5. Considering everything that has to happen for intelligent life to evolve, We got here in a hurry.
  6. Imagine a group of humans selected for such a journey, and then imagine their descendants though multiple generations, over hundreds or even thousands of years remaining focused and committed to the mission. Normal human traits like greed, selfishness, lust, and the like, never rearing thier ugly heads to mess everything up. Maybe the aliens are different, but all those ugly traits have been selected by evolution because they have helped to insure survival, and allowed for advancement. Nature is nature. The aliens are not going to be much different, and they will kill each other before they get very far across the Universe.
  7. It is entirely speculation that it is even possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Any alien race would have to.overcome this potentially insurmountable obstacle before they could come here. Even if they did, the Universe is a big place, the odds of them stumbling on us are very slim.
  8. They have been edited. and I wont do it again. Oh and I am also sorry that I offended you with my stupid choices and my inability to measure up to your standards while in your presence.
  9. All I did was post pictures, other people didn't like them and expressed thier dislike, I think it is perfectly reasonable when someone gets called out for being wrong, that they are allowed to defend themselves. I am more than happy to just post pictures, Why won't you just let me do that?
  10. I only wanted to hide from one person actually, lots of people start over "new" in SL so I dont see how that is such an issue. I figure even he knows now, though he is pretty stupid so maybe not, so I will have to adopt a different stratigy. Blocking someone in the forums seems to do nothing, or at least nothing when you are new. I did not hide who I was from everyone actually. there were people I told, people I trusted not to tell him. I just wanted to move on with him out of my SL, and it seemed like this was the best way, I very well may have been mistaken about that, wouldn't be the first time.
  11. It has never been my intention to make people think I don't respect them,
  12. I know this, I did not mean to post what I did, sometimes when I get worked up my brain switches gear mid sentence. It should have been all bits covered or no bits showing, but I seem to have gotten mixed up.
  13. My comment about people jumping was about people who claim to hate drama, yet can't resist commenting, and this perpetuating it. I never claimed to hate drama. I am over that show too, he just needs to stay away from any conversation or anything else I am a part of. Of course he never has listened to anything I or anyone else has said. This all started because of pictures I posted, it has nothing to do with him, and I never drug him into it, nor would I.
  14. This isnt this issue, the issue is the potential for abuse, the possibility that some horney straight guy will claim to be transgendered to go into a woman's restroom and try to get a peak at some womans private parts. Do not women have the right to go to the bathroom whithout having to worry about this?
  15. I have noticed recently several places that have removed the male and female signs from the restrooms and made both unisex, So it isnt like they are adding a third bathroom, Signs dont cost that much. I do not think anyone is forcing anyone to do this either, not every place has done it. It's fine. Of course when the room is designed to accomidate more than one person at a time, things can get tricky.
  16. I know who said it, and who you were replying to. I just want to make it clear that I do not share his opinions.
  17. I never said the rules for this thread changed, but as others have pointed out, pictures showing nudes with none of the bits covered have been posted here many times before. I was only sharing that a picture of mine had influenced someone to rethink his Flickr group. Why people have to read more into what I say here is beyond me. If I didn't actually say it then I didn't mean to say it.
  18. I was talking about those who are not in the center, who just have to jump in and make comments, while plenty of others find ways to just move on and ignore it.
  19. Yet I notice some people seem to stear clear of all the drama here, they must not like drama.
  20. let's guess, someone complains and it gets removed. Oh wait, my mistake, that might not actually be it after all.
  21. I think our standards of decency should involve more thought than a one question check list.
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