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  1. Thanks! I had to delete directories and restart Firestorm. This really helped a noob!
  2. I agree! posting to my SL feed has always been problematical.
  3. I placed a tub in my house yesterday. Later, after crashing in someones sim, I returned to find it gone. I have relogged and cleared cache multiple times. The original folder is still there sans tub. Cont - Alt - T does not reveal it moved, nor does it list under land objects (it was there before - I had checked to see how many prims I had left). I do not even have a "Lost and Found" folder, currently. Shopping is one of my SL obsessions, It would really be a downer if I had to accept that things could just disappear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right clicking on the spot (and everywhere else) just highlighted the house. I'm afraid that I may have to reinstall the game as mentioned elsewhere in the forums to see my tub again.
  4. I just wanted to note that the boxes are gone. Thanks to everyone you answered here and supported me ingame, especially K. Paine. Have fun.
  5. Thanks for the update. I did not know what to look for.
  6. Thanks, Peggy. The report is filed. This post is more about why someone would do this.
  7. Hopefully they will fix this soon. My new neighbor builds a wall of "batman" soundboxes around his home and cranks up the drumbeat. Come check it out, if you want to see a horrible attempt to get rid of peeps. Does this sort of thing happen often? What are the motivations? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bagwyn/26/247/72
  8. I will ask him, though my first response was to file an abuse (spamming) report. It seemed like such a blatantly rude thing to do. He is the only change (a one week old resident). Maybe a protest, but how do we know what to fix when he seems to just want us gone? BTW I was able to mute him by name since muting the boxes (named "object") did not seem to work. I just wondered if there was something to be gained by doing this? Can't we just abandon a Linden Home and pick up another one?
  9. Can someone remove objects from your House and/or Land? Our recent problems with a new neighbor may include stolen items, which I did not think was possible. Can someone tamper with things left on your land?
  10. Why would someone surround his house with 117 (maximum) loud prim soundboxes in Bagwyn? Edit Thanks for the quick responses. I have filed the abuse report. Muting the sound boxes was a problem since they were named "object", I think. Muting the owner made them silent for me, but I do like to entertain occasionally, so this is still a problem. My actual question was one of motivation: What would possess a player to do this to his neighbors? Conjectures have ranged from "Unaware, just like the noise", "Just Cause He Can", to "Conspirational Land Grab". I do not know. He does seem to be foreign, so that may also be an issue. Anyway, thanks for the answers. I am going to close this out, maybe move it to Forums for a more dynamic discussion on Griefing.
  11. I am on the island. As an experienced Conan GM I have to say that this looks great!! I picked up a lot of nice RP stuff on the way in and cannot wait to meet everyone. The forum is pretty cool, too.
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