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  1. I'm gonna be super stressed until I know whether that egg was soft-boiled or hard.
  2. I'm not totally up to speed on SL lore, but I think somewhere along the line a group of people decided that everything made by Utilizator looked too young. I went to one adult area just after starting out (fortunately in a default AV and not my new-ish Kemono alt) and I swear there was a sign ranting about banning Kemonos every ten feet.
  3. Anyone want to name some of their faves from this year? I can't believe it's already October!
  4. Quite like black metal, doom, post-metal, sludge, mathcore, and drone, as well as some things that I suppose are hard to categorise like The Body. I know a few power metal bands, but not many - Pathfinder's Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time and Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys are both favourites. Industrial is also fun, death metal sometimes as well.
  5. Not what I was expecting, but I suppose it's not a problem since I'm steering clear of the adult stuff.
  6. Been pulling my hair out trying to get this body sorted, decided I'd take a break to explore, and made some friends!
  7. I'd be interested in the same thing! I've seen deformers to reduce butt size on at least one other body, but nothing for the Lara as far as I can tell. Considering a re-review of the clothes situation for the Slink Physique Petite - the whole itty bitty event might mean more clothes for that body? Clearly we need an itty bitty booty committee. 😄
  8. I'm new enough that I could be doing something completely wrong here, but wanted to ask: I've got a Genus baby head, and got a Dura haircut with a pretty sharp undercut on one side of the head, pretty much like Natalie Dorner had five years ago. It wasn't until after I'd demo'd it that I realised I wasn't seeing anything apart from scalp on the shaved side. No problem, I thought - that's just the hairbase, I'll slap that on (it came with the hair), and everything will be great. Only thing is that I've added the hairbase, and nothing's happened; it's being worn, but not showing. Do some heads n
  9. I'm a zillion miles away from being an expert, but one thing I do know is that you want to do is get a load of demo heads and try them all out on your body. Also, I'd say choose your head before you choose skin tones, and then demo all the appliers that are meant to make your head and body match to make sure they do. You end up running around in a cloud of 'DEMO' labels, but you end up with a body and head that match up and have the same coloring! Which head you choose is pretty much down to your preferences I think, but I like the Genus Baby, though the Genus Strong is also really nice
  10. Tell you what, I was standing in a body shop nude trying out sliders all of about four days ago and some kind woman spoke to me, escorted me to a sandbox and gave me a load of good advice on my very first day. Can't tell you how much I appreciated it - there's a lot to take in here! Thanks for being one of those people.
  11. It's a shame there seems to be less support for the Slinky Physique - you can actually give it a pretty petite profile on its own, and miracle of miracles, it's smallest bum size is actually pretty small! The Slinky hourglass less so, but I can't really complain about that when it's in the name. SL avatars really have gone all out on big bums, haven't they?
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'll definitely check out the Itty Bitty event, and will also try out the demo of the Legacy Perky - it's not exactly cheap, but if I end up liking it a lot...
  13. I'm just starting off in SL, and also just starting off in getting my head around all the options for bodies and heads - I had no idea there were so many! I want a petite avatar - not adolescent, just petite, and I've noticed a few of the big brands have petite mods for some of their bodies. I wasn't sure though - if you get (for example) a slink physique hourglass body, does the petite mod make a mess of the clothes that you'd buy for the normal physique HG? I was searching for stuff like that in here, and saw someone saying that some clothes for the Maitreya with their petite add-on didn't q
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