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  1. In the camera floater, I am missing my lower buttons (shown in image link below) The image is shown in this link: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/_media/fs_camera_controls_floater_6.4.12.png?cache= The bottom portion is MIA, where it reads, position and then below it use preset. Those two (position & use preset) click ons are missing. How do I get back those two?
  2. I cannot gain access to all the camera controls. They simply have vanished. The ones I can access are the first two upper sections. The ones absent are the bottom area that normally labeled on the bottom of that Camera Control as: "Position" & "Use Preset" Position button - opens the Camera Position window. This changes the position of the camera in relation to your avatar. Small icon to the right of Position - Allows you to save your current settings as a preset. Use Preset - Opens a dropdown menu containing the
  3. Thank you so much.. reviewing all this wonderful information. PS he uses his right hand. We cannot clamp any controller down so to speak. We are actually in the process of getting an arm to mount/lock the gaming laptop on, because nursing staff will not bring him his laptop. (I'd like to see them go a day without their computer). There is no surface to clamp anything more onto, and even if there were, it is better for him to use it by his side instead reaching out in front of him. If it is mouse style, may require a stiff pad to lay that to his side?
  4. I am helping someone is one handed (due to paralysis) and would benefit from a joystick or mouse, to control avatar movements and actions. Cost is not an issue, I simply need to find the best / frustration free/minimized option for him. He would like to ride /direct motorcycles. We have set him up with a very nice gaming laptop. All suggestions appreciated. Remember: One hand must control all actions. Thanks in advance. System specs as follows: HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6" Core i5-8300H 15.6-inch with 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD Storage
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