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  1. Thank you. So far SL has been really fun to use and the help from users on the forum or just reading old topics helps a lot. Ironically, I made this account in 2011 and decided it was too hard to use so I abandoned it. I ended up with nothing to do during quarantine and saw an ad for this site so I tried again, 9 years later. Almost a decade! Isn’t it interesting what COVID has done to bring us all together. What a weird time we are living in.
  2. Hey, like I said in my first post, I am a noob so I don’t know much about Second Life, let alone know about how the butts of mesh bodies work! But at least I know now thanks to the help from this forum. I tried the Tonic deformer and it’s not bad, the uplift and butt in option seems to work best. I found the hip length recommendation also helped. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  3. Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. I'll try out the various methods described and see if I can get things working better.
  4. I love how many clothes are available for this body, I also purchased the petite add-on, but now even with butt slider to the absolute zero I still think the Lara butt is too big. Is there a way to make it any more smaller? Thank you. I'm a newbie so I apologize for my lack of knowledge.
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