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  1. Best listened to in a crowd who know to drunkenly scream the lines, but as we're still in a lockdown here..
  2. And I don't think there are many metal fans in here, but just in case - this was on before the Aphex Twin. It's a 83 minute long song, so maybe get a snack and some coffee. It was mostly written by the band after the loss of their drummer to alcoholism, and it really captures some of the raw feelings of that even without the lyrics being intelligible for the first bit. Really moving live - lucky enough to have seen it twice.
  3. This might be a bit more Sunday-friendly! Gorgeous ambient synth soundtrack written for a trip to the supermarket (literally). I have to say, the En-Trance song is a bit grand for walking into my local corner store.
  4. I suppose Dutch black metal is an acquired taste, but on the plus side this song gives you almost 14 minutes to acquire it.
  5. Having just said that not all women's singing is soothing in another thread, I'm now listening to one of the most soothing albums I know, and it's almost entirely layers of the lead singer's voice.
  6. Wow! Definitely the most underground thing I'm going to hear today. I'll offer up Lingua Ignota as competition - most of her singing is actually clean, but she has her moments of raw rage as well. This song is off Caligula, which she wrote as an exercise in self-therapy when recovering from an abusive relationship. Women definitely aren't stuck in soothing all the time. In terms of male vs female voices I'm pretty sure I don't really have a preference, but your options are pretty limited in the more extreme genres, which tend to be pretty male-dominated. (If anyone listens to this b
  7. If you like very minimalist electronic music and watching a city drift by on a train ride, I have just the thing!
  8. I think maybe it's that and the fact that when we're teens, we've got this chaotic pile of emotions running through us that make some things like music hit us even harder than normal. You might hit on other music you like now, but you've got a million other things going; music from your teens is a bit like your first love, maybe? Also yes to there being so many options now! Anyway, some mellow Sunday afternoon listening:
  9. In the soundtrack for Friday night brooding after a long week.
  10. Two things I've learned from this song - firstly, when you're in the office it's a good idea to make sure your laptop is paired to your headphones and not the office speakers before you press play and crank the volume, and secondly my co-workers don't like Abyssal. 😅
  11. I know it's easy to romanticise it when you weren't there dealing with the griefers, etc, but I think I was hoping for a bit more of this when I joined.
  12. The most soothing song Sunn 0))) have ever been involved with, and the most accessible thing Boris have ever done (as far as I can remember). So relaxing..
  13. Seriously - do popcorn lovers not have this problem? I always get that thin shell stuff wedged between my gums and my teeth - drives me nuts. I can endorse this popcorn though:
  14. Beautiful soaring sound - ignore the youtube comments, looks like it might have been used for a less than beautiful movie!
  15. Agree with both of the above! Back when I played WoW I got to the point where I basically played one-handed a good chunk of the time using an earlier model of the Razer Naga Pro.
  16. There's loads of indices of the best countries to live in measured a variety of ways, and the USA doesn't come out top in any of them. That isn't to say that the USA is terrible, but I'm always amazed when I hear people declare it can't possibly be better anywhere else.
  17. Imagine the shame - you come here to troll, and all you do is start a reasonable and mature conversation about trust in SL and RL. 😄
  18. Neglected this when I joined! Signed up because I was curious to know what Second Life was actually like, and now I spend my time either exploring some of the amazing places people have built, or shopping. Is it just me, or is at least part of the fun of this game being an adult and playing with really good dolls? Not sure what to say about interests; I love music, and I listen to a load of genres, so my spotify just went from Kate Bush to Portal (death metal) and then off to Blanck Mass. Not musically trained, but love the emotions of just about everything as long as it sounds like the
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