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  1. I am grateful for.....idk nothing to be grateful for really
  2. Well i do agree with what you are saying, i play myself on secondlife and whether it is online friends or real life friends, they are getting the real me and will see me for who i am. And i do feel my online friendships are real ones, but i can only speak for myself.
  3. That makes sense yes, no one told me why they thought that. A friend actually helped me and showed me everything, assumptions suck lol
  4. Nothing wrong with that, its your secondlife afterall, i dont have alts im new to secondlife but everyone thinks im an alt lol
  5. This is really awesome, i would love to have myself in secondlife since i come here as myself and play as myself really, love this idea
  6. This is well said, thank you for saying that. I do agree with you that making a friend who is genuine and that is not just playing some game is always good to have.
  7. You make a very good point though, plus compatibility is a key factor in most things, especially when it comes to how succesful a relationship can be and how easy it is to get along with the other person. This is a good answer
  8. Nice thats definitely the Halloween spirit
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