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  1. I think there are quite few women hair stores that would still work for guys. If its the basic style you like, it never hurts to just try a demo to see if it fits. I have seen quite a few guys rocking hair from Tram (some of it is resizable).
  2. The demo for the new heads is out but beware you are gonna look nuts with your regular skin until you change it to classic . Please enjoy forehead mouth: Thats my nose in my hair >.< This is where you change it on the new hud.
  3. I don't actually normally post a ton, maybe every couple days , and usually not in this section. So thanks for helping me work on my post count a bit . When I do post, I try to be thoughtful and constructive. If people like that then great, but I don't think too much about it. I do personally like things when I agree with them or like them, but no ulterior motives. You'll believe what you want regardless so it's really neither here nor there in the end. But this is all a bit counter productive so I will move on to other topics, and stop contributing to the negativity. I hope perhaps you
  4. I can't speak for Rolig or the other girls, but I was not personally offended or hurt by what Doc said, but thought it showed a real lack of self awareness of what this thread was supposed to be about. Gopi asked us to talk about our nontraditional, "ugly" avatars, and why we used them. Reading over the other responses myself, those that participated were lightheartedly sharing their avatars with the rest of us. These avatars have an interesting side effect of allowing us to actually play, be creative, and step outside of our own real egos. So if I seemed irked it was because he was disturbi
  5. Thank you. I was a bit worried to run shadows in Belli , but Black Dragon took it on the chin pretty well. That was the only picture I took where Eva's shirt texture rezzed for me though >.<
  6. That is the thing about expressing opinions on the internet, Doc. You must be prepared for people to disagree with you. I am sorry you took it personally. It's not personal, I don't know you in any other way than your posts on this very forum. Generally speaking though, I think people's opinions say more about them then it does about the other person. Feel free to disagree or read into it the way you want.
  7. Let me see if I follow. By having an avatar that is not pleasing to you, I am violating social mores? I suppose in some ways I am flaunting "the rules", but honestly that is the fun of it. I'm an irreverent person with a particular sense of humor. And you do have a right to your opinion . I just think your opinion says more about you than it does about me.
  8. I have two questions. Why do you care about how others choose to present themselves? Why do you think I should care? Not being facetious.
  9. @Doc CarlingI think if someone is so shallow to snub me because I am dressed silly then we aren't going to be well matched. To each their own really, but I am not here to be cute for anyone, but myself.
  10. My version of the morning ride with @Scylla Rhiadra, @BelindaN, @Eva Knoller, @Saskia Rieko, @TatianaNikolay, and @Stranger Hoxley Not pictured: The top of Hox's head. It's always an interesting challenge to get everyone in frame.
  11. I also have a ridiculous looking avatar that is probably my oldest outfit that I still use on semi regular basis . She was born a giant frog avatar with the prim parts removed and human skin added. She's very much a departure to how I normally look , but she speaks to my inner weirdness. It's interesting to see how people react to her should I take her into public. If you can't hang with Beula (that's her name) it indicates to me that we might not mesh well in general. I don't take myself too seriously here, I got a whole real life for that. She's almost 8ft tall, and still has he
  12. I'll definitely try this on other pictures later.
  13. I think there are several animations. I tried it on a couple of other pictures after that first one, and there wasn't a smile on most of them. I got lucky that my first one turned out okay really. The uncanny valley is strong in the Deep Nostalgia algorithm .
  14. How fun! I gave this a go. I just used one of my latest pictures and got a pretty cool effect without Art Breeder. Original Pic: Cool animated gif:
  15. Yes! Final Deviation is terribad, yet awesome revenge flick. You always know that you are going to get a good movie when the lead actor also writes and directs it!
  16. I am not sure I feel guilty about this, but I love bad movies. It all started with Mystery Science Theater as a child ,and then I rediscovered it as a teenager, and now weekly as an adult I scour the internet looking for the worst movies to watch with my best friend. I love all movies really, but the bad independent ones have a special place in my heart. Most of you have heard of Tommy Wiseau's "The Room", but there are so many others out there that are just as good. No one: Absolutely No One: Drunk Eric Roberts as a talking cat: Neil Breen movies speak
  17. A lot of the best hair makers use alphas textures to make their hair. Alphas are see through and when they encounter another alpha in the world (like windows, trees , eyelashes, some clothing, applier make up) it creates a transparency . Things you might see, part of window is missing behind you, or if your hair hugs your face, your applier make up might look like its not there or that you are missing eyelashes on one eye. Here are some things you can do to lessen the impact of the alpha issue : 1. Wear bom make up and hairbases as much as possible. Bakes on mesh or system layer
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