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  1. I don't have a lot of experience with Catwa's newer heads, but I have had stuck expressions before with other mesh heads. In my experience it's usually due to clicking a static expression and not realizing it. However if you unpacked a new head that should not be the case. I do know from when I did demo the new Catwas, like their older head, they come out of the box basically doing all their animations, and the user has to go in and untick the unwanted face animations. @Skell Dagger , Catwa's gracious CSR, will be better equipped to help, but I would say check the default lip animation an
  2. Legacy does have demos at the store. Have her search around again for them. I can only speak from personal experience and opinion, but I love my Legacy body, and have been wearing one full time for almost a year. I paid full price for it, and have not regretted the decision as it fixed a lot of my issues I had with other bodies. I won't say it didn't come with some issues initially ( neck not fitting head, visible slices in the body at high altitudes), but they released updates to fix the slices and Lelutka's universal neck fix makes my head/body connection seamless. Not a fan of alpha hide pa
  3. My Second Life resolutions are pretty much the same as they are every year. Organize my inventory so that it is better utilized and curtail some of my shopping. The latter will help immensely with the former. I did manage to box up most of my premesh wardrobe and stuff into scripted objects that let me search them without unpacking them. I also deleted all the sizes of clothing I don't have bodies for . I really want a visual system of looking at what I have , and while I do own the wardrobe system , I think I can do something a little more basic in One Note. Being more organized in general
  4. Hive, Deathrow Designs (DRD), Hisa, Milk Motion, Llorisen, Balaclava!!, Fancy Decor, The Black Forest, Loft & Aria, Second Spaces, Plaaka, Taikou, Bazar, Kraftwork. By no means a comprehensive list just ones I didn't see mentioned yet that rock my socks.
  5. The full face ones are always a bit too heavy handed for me, but I swear by Izzie's forehead lines that she put out for FLF awhile ago, and her "Age Yourself Up" eye wrinkles. They are pretty subtle looking I think. Also, I am not sure what head you are currently using, but in the BOM stuff that comes with the Lelutka Evo heads, they included a highlight layer that really gives the skin texture albeit shiny. *back on topic* While clothing movement doesn't really interest me a whole lot ,I do find interactive clothing/ hair pretty neat. Having different clothing states and hair styl
  6. @FairreLilette Not sure which viewer you use, but in Firestorm (and I am pretty sure most others) have the ability to turn off camera restraints which should fix your camming issue. It is under the advanced menu which should be at the top of your screen should or (CTRL+ALT+D) should enable you to see it.
  7. If you wore "Cartoon Seltzer Sprayer (add to hand)" and went into mouse look view it should work. Make sure the land that you are on have scripts enabled. Also with customer service, I am not sure how long ago you contacted the creator, but it will usually take some time for them to get back to you especially right now with the holidays going on. Typically I like to give creators 48 hours or so before I send another message to them. Most of the time you'll hear from them way before the 48 hours is done, but it is a very busy time of year for a lot of people. Something else that is helpful fo
  8. Cool to see the goodies that come with the homes. Curious they are giving so many interior doors in the package. Is that for the people who make mods who want match the aesthetic of the rest of the home?
  9. I wish there was a way to sticky a post at the top of avatar forums with the best ways to get appearance help. Pictures of the worn folder along with pictures of avatar are so helpful and can save a lot of time and frustration for everyone involved.
  10. @brie90212 It really took me some digging when I was looking for this earlier. Scroll down and it has the slurls and everything .
  11. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to get the free heads today . Such a value ! I've been using Lelutka for almost a year now, and I am so pleased that people who were perhaps not in a place to buy a new head can experience them. Their service and product is the best on the grid in my opinion. I can't wait to see what they do next. Thanks for the heads up about the other locations. I didn't think to check the notices again, and just happened to see them in this thread.
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Firestorm-Default-Sky-Windlights/20088838 Tommy was super generous and exported the Firestorm windlights and put them up here on MP. So not gone, but they will exist as a physical thing in your inventory now.
  13. This is just an observation of my own work, but it seems that the more I fuss with something in post, the less I like the image in the end. What I do find interesting is listening to how others make decisions about their creations, especially when our styles are very different. The best advice I could give for anyone who was wanting to take pictures in SL as a hobby, and want to grow their skills and develop their own creative voice is to just start playing around with the tools. In general HD images are created by taking your snap shots in the highest resolution your computer can manage. I
  14. @Sandra8675I love the string light kit that Hive came out with last year. Love Lundy's stuff in general so they are worth a look .
  15. I got more skins then I got sense. >.< but I think with her latest update to body skins she made it where you could use the other body styles with a tattoo layer specific for Legacy toes ( which is where the difference in body shape really are apparent). What I don't know is if she is including the toe tattoo with the other skins now or if you need to buy Legacy slim in your shade and then if you want "tummy" body buy the Maitreya version of it. If you are using Legacy, I would demo the Maitreya version of the skin you want from her, and look in the folder to see if there is a toe la
  16. I've actually seen a trend now where other designers have started to do this as well. I know Pepe Skin's newer stuff is made for Lelutka and Genus, Mudskin I think has a couple for Lelutka, Genus, and Catwa. And while Uber shopping this morning I saw that even Bold & Beauty's new skin is for Lelutka and Genus. I am sure there are others too that do it as well. I know there was a time when BOM first came out that the necks did not look great , but with the invention of universal necks I've seen most of the big designers move away from the neck blenders to just a head skin and body
  17. @Horus Salubrius I am not sure about how the neck works on Gianni body and if they've updated their neck to work with the universal fix that Lelukta generously gave out to other creators. With the newest update to the Lelutka heads, they got rid of the two versions of the head . But if you are wearing the older version still, I would probably recommend wearings the non SL version of your head with Gianni as the "SL" version was created to fit seamlessly with the Legacy body. If that doesn't help, I'd take off all your layers and put them on one by one again to see if there is something spe
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