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  1. I love Black Dragon, and all of its picture tools. I have figured out how to get movement controls sorted for my use, and would use it full time if I had area search and the built in ao functionality. I use area search a lot when decorating as I am prone to send an object scuttling across the region when I am trying to move it into place. It's also helpful when I am at sales events, and I know what I want to find. Places like the skin fair are legit a nightmare without it.
  2. I highly recommend her blush remover and she also has some highlight correctors too. All reasonably priced and tintable. She's saved many a skin for me.
  3. Nuve has a lovely darker toned skin called Destiny. It's made for the 3 major head brands including Catwa HD Pro, and comes in I think 6 shades. As a picky person myself, I understand how hard it can be to find a skin with all your qualifications. Izzies makes quite a few correctors that might work to remove some of the harsh contouring on a skin you otherwise like.
  4. @Panteleeva Some people become triggered when hearing about other people's losses. You did nothing wrong by expressing your sadness. I thought it was a lovely thing what you did for your cat. As someone who has a whole herd of furbabies at home, it is never easy to say goodbye to them.
  5. I am sorry for your losses Panteleeva! Take care of yourself.
  6. Know your interests, and join groups that reflect them. Don't wait for people to engage you. It might feel uncomfortable at first especially in settings where there are preexisting communities, but the longer you are around and the more visible you are the better chance you have at integrating.
  7. Check out Asteroid Box. They make clothes for men and women, and their textures/materials are really good.
  8. Super tired, but good. Hope all of you are doing well too!
  9. I love to layer clothing. I get great pleasure out mixing various brands, but it can be challenging. Basically any top with sleeves is going to be a no go unless the jacket you are wearing is very oversized. Tops I most often layer are tank tops from brands like Evani and Gaia.Their fit for me rarely pokes through the back of longer tops or cardigans. Blueberry's jeans are also pretty versatile for fitting under various long tops. If you are looking for things to layer on top Coco has quite a few jackets/sweaters/vests that look great on top of other brands. I only know this from a great deal
  10. Playing with Evo X again. All BOM makeup . Excited by the possibilities.
  11. Deetalez has skins for Origins as well, and they have big signs clearly marking which ones fit what. And for any skin you try no matter the maker, I would especially pay attention to the ads /signs to see if it mentions a certain Origins head that it fits. Just for those lip issues. And always demo for awhile . If you are anything like me, I impulse buy too much then find something almost the moment I fork over the money that I hate >.< If you are still interested in looking at one of the newer heads for the sake of more options, I would recommend you try Sasha. I also like smaller lip
  12. There are lots of stores that cater to more modest clothing. The ones previously mentioned are really great. I will add : Tres Blah, Coco, Fashionably Dead, and Sallie .
  13. Hey Mya, that is your system hair poking out of your head. To fix it, go into your brow shaper , if you are in Firestorm, it will have a little hairdo icon. From your inventory, right click and edit it. You'll have several tabs. First thing I always do is go to Style tab and make sure everything is set to zero. Then I make the texture for system hair transparent so you don't see it inside your head. That should make it go away.
  14. I cobble my makeup from all over. I think IDTTY has some shadows that would look great on the Ryn head (Mostly HD appliers but very pretty). Also another brand I think that might be worth grabbing some demos at is JackSpoon. They have HD and Bom makeup. Lastly Top1Salon. They are often in the Happy Weekend sale.
  15. I want to say this is a Skinnery skin because even though the picture is blurry it looks like it has her signature freckles on the neck. Peach is a great neutral pale tone from them. The brows are separate and I am pretty sure they are from Simple Bloom. No idea on the lipstick as I've seen quite a few that look like that. If I were guessing which Lelukta that is, I would maybe check out either Fleur or Lake.
  16. The new EVO X changed up that portion of the hud. It allows you to essentially tight line the eyes. I did try tinting the line as well by tinting the eye socket, but it colors your lacrimal as well .
  17. Janet's eyes look normal to me. The bottom of her iris is just below her bottom lid which is what my real life peepers do.
  18. The idea of auto-hide is nice as it is annoying to have to go fix your arm pits or whatever is sticking out when you put something on initially, but there are some annoying things that happen with auto hide too. Like if a pair of pants is part of an outfit that comes with boots, some popular brands will auto hide your feet . So if you try to wear those pants with different shoes, your feet might automatically be alpha'd despite not wearing it with other items from that outfit. You can certainly fix it to show your feet , but I have noticed that when I tped to a different region that my feet
  19. Don't you worry, as soon as someone can make me some nice face lines for Evo X you bet I am going to wear them. I can still wear my normal bom stuff in classic mode though which is great while I wait.
  20. Raw pic Avalon in Evo X mode. All BOM makeup.
  21. I missed a whole page of replies some how before I posted. I will try to answer a couple of questions I saw. As of right now you cannot use any of the EVO X bom layers on classic mode as they are so dramatically different. Your EVO X eyebrows end up on your chin if that gives you any indication. Big ole edit. If I could figure out how to strike out this bit I would instead of deleting. I was operating on some older info. Thanks @Marianne Little for the correction!
  22. So I bought the Avalon head because I liked the shape of the nose and what I could do with lips. From looking into the stuff that comes with the new heads , I didn't get any impression that they were trying to make appliers be a thing again. In fact they gave us so much BOM make up I was honestly surprised. Last time I posted, I promised a couple of pics so here we go: First me with my regular skin on and classic enabled: It still has all the previous functionality of the older Evo heads. I look at the evo x portion as sort of a bonus feature you can choose to use. I typically
  23. The main difference is that there is a new UV map that is very very different to EVO one . While using EVO X , it will require all new BOM skins and make up (I suspect HD make up made for EVO will not work either while EVO X is ticked though I have not tried it) as they end up in much different places than the ones made. That crazy picture I posted earlier is of a normal EVO skin while EVO X was ticked. Thankfully you can do all the other things you did with your other head including wearing your BOM stuff while Classic is ticked. If I were to get any of these heads , I probably be wearing i
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