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  1. I am so happy that you mentioned the mature shading feature. I have tried over 30 heads from various creators, while they are all good, all of them made me look & feel like a 17 yo. I loved 17, 27, etc but I am closer to 50 than 20 would like a look in SL that doesn't have a younger face.
  2. It may have been. I have recently returned & heard about it, since others on the chat seemed surprised by it, I thought it might be new.
  3. With the discovery (discovery was not mine, someone mentioned in the Belli Community chat) of a Mole created Alpine Lodge, The Drunken Mouse, I lean towards something snowy and Vikingish.
  4. You look great Ashe! Very impressive in a short time. I gave up on my head but I am determined to get it all sorted... sometime.
  5. I had this happen to me today when I was wrestling with a demo bento head from Genus. For me, it was an alpha layer issue. I had removed it but the viewer wasn't showing it as removed. I went through my currently wearing list, verified it was off, logged out, logged back in & it was correct & my head was back. With the updates, paying attention to the icons next to the item name is essential. For me, the head is an icon square shape like any object, the same with my body (Maitreya). Skins are the full body icon (half light/half dark). Most alphas are the shirt icon. Hope this helps
  6. I absolutely relate to this topic. After being out for 10 years & being back a month, I am still struggling with rebuilding my look. I found @Chic Aeon 5 part series on creating a new avatar very helpful; while female focused, the freebie tips were great (& I scored the free Genus head because of the series today). For me, being patience has been helped. It took me a bit of time to find my look when I was first in SL all of those years ago, I am applying that patience and using the forum knowledge, blogs (Thanks @Skell Dagger) to help me muddle through. Great luck!
  7. I recall lifetime membership offers coming out of Beta (2002 or 2003) but I was unaware of a new offer. What year did they make it again? Which creation dates were the criteria? I no longer have the original email for this account but I would be curious to have more information on this. Annnd all of my questions are answered! Thank you Rowan and Solar.
  8. Thanks Maitimo. I haven't decided if I will get a car but I am considering it now.
  9. Thanks Elena & Eleanor. I decided to clear the place put last night & stay anew. I was gifted some items but since I want bright, but not garish, pops of colours I shall keep searching around. RL homes take time to decorate, so will my SL.
  10. As a new returnee and LH homeowner, I have found the LH forum and community to be a saving grace. Is there anyone out there creating anything beautifully meshed with loads of colour? I am looking for something as colourful as Baron Grayson's Fat Littles (see picture below). His textures were always lush and velvety or beautifully replicated whatever he was emulating from RL into SL. I have rediscovered Cory Edo and discovered Apple Pancake's piece but I am seeking more colour. Any suggestions are welcome. If this is the incorrect place for this question, please feel free to remove it.
  11. I hadn't forgotten, and although the question is answered, here it is.
  12. What a charming home, I like what you have done. Since it seems I lucked into a Victorian, I now think I shall stay put.
  13. Thank you Abnor! I didn't open the content pack from the mailbox but will do so next time I am in world. Also, lovely job on the neighborhoods. Please let your Mole family know that they are a delightful addition. Perhaps I would have returned much earlier had I known of their existence.
  14. Thank you Nika! Returning has been joyful & challenging. So much has changed but the people remain lovely.
  15. Thank you for the offer. I definitely shall.
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