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  1. I have if the relationship has gotten boring or no sex play
  2. most of the relationships I do roleplay them. I like my SL partner and have fun with her but actually don’t love her like someone in real life.
  3. I am an alt. I have a few alts from my days of roleplaying in a sim but once the sim closed I dont use them as much. I have tried to put them in different groups And do different things...like one is a furry, vampire, lesbian, etc. My main avatar is in an exclusive relationship while i play on this one.
  4. I met a girl who's avatar was very slim and 60 yo looking i think At first i felt weird about it but i figured what the hell. Omg had soooo much fun. The sex rp was intense is all i have to say
  5. I went to one of the shemale clubs and felt like chum in the water with sharks closing in. One of them IM me and asked me if i wanted sex And i said yes then then she indicated I needed to tip her. I laughed at her and she said i needed to go down to a nude beach if i wanted free sex. I wasnt going in for free sex. I was just looking
  6. There are women interested in SL sex if you dont mind who is behind the avatar
  7. I only RP when I am someplace like a roleplay area or Sim that requires roleplay. Usually I am myself
  8. I dont meet with other girls..usually only men
  9. I have a female alt and I dont share any RL info on her and know one knows but it is fun to walk into most areas. I dont consider it cat fishing that usually associated with RL pics and out of secondlife
  10. I would rather pick up a bottom for quick sex than pay anything for sex
  11. Best was a girl that voiced with me. She was british and I loved her accent. Worst was a girl who claimed she was deaf inRL and her IM to me were bad because of wrong word tense and spelling errors. I made an excuse to leave
  12. The one i am posting with is my alt and i have dated some bi men
  13. My sl gf and I have an exclusive relationship in SL. We spend all our time together, but I do have an alt which I do all my playing around on.
  14. These are the good ones. I bet there are some ones that met and it didnt turn out
  15. I have especially when my SL gf logs off. I have done a lot of one nighters
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