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  1. Dont fall asleep on the beach cause me and the newbies will be there without our AO’s and a free dong that has serious color mismatch issues with our body
  2. If you are in a location known foe sex then what do you expect
  3. Yes i am a male and roleplay as a female too. I like it and it is different than being a male. I do put in my female avatar’s RL bio that i am female and most times I am a lesbian but try not to get into any relationships
  4. I did this once having an alt in the same social as my main but no one knew. Never did it again as I found the group talking about me..mentioning private stuff too.
  5. Thats another great point. You are only experiencing what they want you too.
  6. I like this answering. I think some people consider it catfishing because their SL is an extension of their RL. I have never catfished anyone. Have I lied about myself... oh yes.
  7. If they are upfront thats showing honesty otherwise its guesswork
  8. I usually have given limited information about myself. Only one time I lied about my gender
  9. Have you ever been catfished in SL? With many not wanting to give out personal info I would Imagine it happens a lot
  10. I would ask him if you need to know and sometimes I have had the conversation about real life info. If you are with a male or female in SL its very nice to know the guy is a guy or girl a girl even if you never meet them in RL. You feel you can connect, share info and talk.
  11. Sounds interesting but if you have a dozen people and if the system is not a quick play system it could get bogged down a bit. A combination of dice role and roleplay perhaps. A roleplay area based upon a D&D supplement like Forgotten Realms for example would be interesting though.
  12. When I was out from work on a medical leave I used an alt to have another girlfriend on a different time zone. Now i use my alt to play around when my gf is not logged in
  13. Yeah i need permission from someone if they are recognizable but not from the crowd in the background. If you cant determine who I am with I do not
  14. After reading all the posts what does the rules say?? Not a moral debate
  15. What you are saying is i take pics on a public beach and angle camera so it cuts her head off and i can post in my feed because she is un recognizable
  16. I have walked into a club and it was like an onslaught of IMs. Or the sex workers...errr..escorts ask me if i want to go have sex then get mad when i say I have no money or beg for tips. I dont tip. I sit right there at the end of my night watches the girls...do what I need to do in RL...then bang I log
  17. Now answer with out emoticons. I would say depending on the relationship. Maybe within two weeks and if the other person says it first then I would say it. Usually you know how the relationship is working after almost a week. If she or he wants to wait to have sex then before or during sex.
  18. Not really just another movie where they are screwing with the time line and confusing us
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