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Found 7 results

  1. A badge or award given to users (by LL) for meeting some criteria or participating in a special event (etc). Badges are shown with a tiny graphic in the users profile and optionally come with a vanity title that could be shown in place of a group title. They would provide no additional benefit or perk aside from reputation ascribed to them by other users. There would be some overlap with achievements, obviously some people would decide to earn as many as possible (participation is a good thing), the intent isn't to make people grind out arbitrary goals that have no positive purpose relating to SL as a whole. Where possible, all badges should be achievable by all residents. Gaming some badges would be expected, the amount of social reputation a badge infers would no doubt reflect this. Example badges could include (but not be limited to) Test Dummy - Participation in a Linden beta test / pile on. Performing, exhibiting or volunteering at a Linden event, such as SL birthdays. New badge every year for each of the roles. Explorer - Visit 500 regions. Bug Hunter - Report an accepted bug report on the JIRA Blogger - Users blog is featured by Strawberry on the SL blog. Forumite - Hit a certain post count on the forums. Good Citizen - A reverse badge everyone starts with and goes away if your account ever gets suspended. (controversial! 😂) Chatterbox - Say a million things in local chat. Fearless - Own a parcel of regular mainland for 6 months. Builder - Rez a few prims and link them together. Committed - Be a premium member for more than 2 years. Bellissarian - Have the same Bellissaria Linden home for 6 months. Shopper - Buy something from the SLM that costs L$1 or more. Wizard - Use every LSL function in your own script at least once. Merchant - Sell something on the SLM. Summoned - Accept 1000 teleport offers. Ethereal - You logged in with the new mobile client, once. Barber - Bid a Linden bald. Contributor - Get a submitted feature into the official viewer. Barron - Become an estate manager. Zombie - Have your SL heath reduced to zero. etc etc etc .. the more the merrier ! Ideally badges should reward some action, shows or encourages participation in SL, or have subtle requirements - Eg Fearless would require a premium account. Badges would come with a little fanfare in the viewer. At heart they would be a bit of fun, and everyone would have the option to opt out of showing badges on their public profile.
  2. Modern social media is driven by engagement. It's the primary metric of a successful platform. Every other platform generates engagement by pitting users against each other. Twitter with it's nuance free tiny messages and ability to quote tweet being the worst of the bunch. Facebook thrives on the modern equivalent of chainmail from that racist in law. Reddit is thousands of insular bubble communities just waiting to overflow and brigade each other. And in SL .. well .. we stand about in silence pretending everyone else is really active in IM. Grif is at an all time low. It's all very mature and ... dull ? As much as we might dislike drama, it's addictive and engaging as all hell. What would engineered friction in SL even look like?
  3. Tonal Ranch is a fully immersive wedding events and travel club experience for guests. The backbone of our service relies on professional customer service to be successful and we are looking for long term enthusiastic staff members who enjoy being part of something a little different. Working with us will allow you to grow into various roles and develop your own Wedding and Events Style. We value honesty, integrity, a sense of humor and most importantly, reliability. We are starting to recruit now for brand new members to our team who are ready to hit the ground running! Event and Wedding Co-ordinators - You love working with people, organising events and ensuring that the day is running smoothly. You are quick on your feet, goal driven and think outside the box. Placing importance on the clients, you work hard to make their event special and feel comfortable taking on the "organiser hat" role. While experience is an asset, full training will be available to the right candidates. Officiant - You are a poet and you may even know it....or you may just be really good with words. With the ability to get to know couples quickly, build rapport and capture them in their ceremony, you will also be good at timings (not to mention copy and paste!) and enjoy being part of their special day. Full training will be provided for this role to ensure that ceremonies are high quality. DJ - Taking requests is your thing but you always have a good collection of music from all genres ready to go. You are willing to talk on stream, make announcements and work well in a team when it comes to timing music appropriately. We can train you to work weddings and events, but experience as a DJ is a must. Photographer - You capture the perfect day for clients to remember for many years to come. Perfect angles, lighting, customer service and editing skills is the backbone of this role. Experience capturing moving moments such as the first dance, the tossing of the bouquet or just a special animation is a must but we want photographers who can meet deadlines, perform professionally as well as consult with clients and co-ordinators on the day of the event. We want you to grow with us. We fully believe in collaboration and working as a team - having fun but also serious when need be. Cross training opportunities will be availale for all staff. Interested? Apply now - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_H_yCrY_hOc8jQV3DDnd06LBwtU_aSjyzQkB6-ZHnjYh-GQ/viewform We look forward to meeting with you soon!
  4. Planning to pop the question?? Let us help make that special moment happen for you. We offer everything from private dinners for two, up to packages including dinner, photos, DJ, proposal animations and private luxury suites. We do still have openings for Valentine's day but they will go fast. Contact us now to book your reservation.
  5. Hey everyone I am looking for advice on the best ways and places to advertise my new flower shop. I put together custom wedding bouquets and all other floral accessories. Custom orders by appointment only. References available. I have a small shop opened and in classifieds filled with what I have done so far, along with the start of an MP store. I can provide memorial flowers, some wreaths and home decor , or gifts for special occasions. Just looking for places around SL to promote myself. Ad boards, mall stores, bloggers or magazines?
  6. Our Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calypso Cove/194/105/22 See you there!
  7. Lonestar and Weddings by Leona are hosting a JOB FAIR Sunday 11am - 6pm for immediate start! Looking for hosts, DJ's and photographers BUT come and see us and tell us what skills you have. You never know what we can use! Come on down and speak to us about work opportunities and we will meet with you immediately. Photographers please have flickr links and examples of work ready. DJ's will have the opportunity to audition on the spot as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming by - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Providence/13/125/22
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