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  1. yep AND NOTHING I GOT NO JOB AT ALL AND NO MONEY stop asking me this questions
  2. aint working i got no money at all from it
  3. if u want me to help u with something work in ur centre or something i am here text me pinkshadow1
  4. if u looking for a babysitter i am here to help and take care of ur children text me pinkshadow1
  5. hey u got some suggestions for me to give me some strip clubs where i can work theree
  6. i am new to sl and i need job pls help me username pinkshadow1
  7. hey i need friends i am new to second life add me pinkshadow1
  8. can someone tell me clubs where can i get money fast
  9. hey i am new to this server only one week here and i dont have nothing to make my avatar cute and if someone can help me i will really appreciate it username pinkshado1
  10. heyy if u bored and want to play second life with somoene i will love to be w u and spend sometime together and be friends
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