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  1. thanks to zz's gift i get to travel around in bellisseria, once the whole place is fully developed it will bigger place to explore
  2. @RaeLeeHthis guide is helpful, it makes everyone life easier instead of explaining over and over again thanks for your guidance
  3. thanks for the compliments and your welcome
  4. managed to wake up in time for shamu live performance, lol
  5. Hello everyone, I will be sharing of what I recorded so far when Pirate DJ performing in Bellisseria I will be handling the song copyright issues on my side, so don't worry and enjoy
  6. i think this is DJ Scottish, almost fall asleep in bed while taking a nap and recording this lol
  7. this is DJ Doc and BJoy as host, 4k will be ready in a day or two i found out the root causes of jerkiness, if using full screen on viewer, changing view or readjusting chat box will occur, where as no problem on windows mode, i never saw any jerkiness during the party, only after i check out the video then i know lol
  8. your welcome, didn't know your time zone is far as well, i'm glad you get to see the sets
  9. thanks to giulio's idea, i'm able to speed up and by pass the song id claim by muting certain song myself lol this is the dj baphy, right now is at 1080p, i think youtube will take a few more days to render finished 4k
  10. yeah, it is amazing and how crowded it was, i got 2 more videos, it's gonna take some time for youtube to mute certain songs, but when it's done i share it here, lol
  11. this is dj shamu on belli blue, based on the comments, many people loved him lol, now i still need to wait for youtube to clear one of the baphy video claim
  12. this is the foxy luscious dj, one of the song is being claim so one song won't have sound, fortunately lol
  13. your video is great, mine have a lot of movement jerking lol, which i don't know why
  14. i want to apologized that i screwed up the recording and ending up short, should have put the recording button somewhere hard to reach the 4k video will be up in a few hours, but i share the link first before i go to sleep, hope you guys like it https://youtu.be/VyAzfSDL_zg
  15. congrats, you are the number 4th person now who got house this way
  16. if you are holding on the old linden home, you need to abandon it before you can re choose a linden home from bellisseria but, bellisseria is in high demand now, you will not going to see a bellisseria house unless you are prepared to keep on refreshing until you get one
  17. that's a pretty nice location, i don't see any linden mole fences around, i think you can decorate more on it
  18. congrats on getting a new home, how's your surrounding view in evard?
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