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  1. this is dj shamu on belli blue, based on the comments, many people loved him lol, now i still need to wait for youtube to clear one of the baphy video claim
  2. this is the foxy luscious dj, one of the song is being claim so one song won't have sound, fortunately lol
  3. your video is great, mine have a lot of movement jerking lol, which i don't know why
  4. i want to apologized that i screwed up the recording and ending up short, should have put the recording button somewhere hard to reach the 4k video will be up in a few hours, but i share the link first before i go to sleep, hope you guys like it https://youtu.be/VyAzfSDL_zg
  5. congrats, you are the number 4th person now who got house this way
  6. if you are holding on the old linden home, you need to abandon it before you can re choose a linden home from bellisseria but, bellisseria is in high demand now, you will not going to see a bellisseria house unless you are prepared to keep on refreshing until you get one
  7. that's a pretty nice location, i don't see any linden mole fences around, i think you can decorate more on it
  8. congrats on getting a new home, how's your surrounding view in evard?
  9. definitely lucky, it can't be coincidence 2 times lol
  10. thanks for the warm welcome, i see the surrounding already started to decorate nicely, you guys are pretty fast
  11. both of them wished me luck when i visited their cafe while homeless a few hours later, got a house, never use auto refresh, really appreciated them
  12. never used the auto refresh since last week, so every once a while i just load the page, saw it, click and got it, before i got the house, i went to belli blue cafe, they wished me luck today, a few hours got it, really appreciate their wishes on me and many have said, it's the sweetmarsh
  13. i visited your house, it's nice and warm welcome for the love of animals
  14. it works after re log but i'm done for now, i wait until they are ready, i wish you good luck for getting the house you want
  15. i get this all the time, this is sold out, so it's not the error page, every time i saw it i didn't managed to get, looking at this page it makes me sad, i stopped auto refresh and be homeless for awhile
  16. sorry, i haven't got the error page before so i don't know how it looks like
  17. yes, saw a house, someone claimed faster than me
  18. i think he meant those that get error page instead of being claimed
  19. thanks for sharing, now using auto refresh rather than need to click refresh everytime saw some house that's constructing halfway at sspe152
  20. it works properly now, thanks for your guidance
  21. i think i go get a mesh body instead, i went to maitreya isle, i don't really see any mesh body selling other than accessories, any ideas?
  22. so i need to get a mesh body in order to use this?
  23. hi all, i started off with the normal avatar and went to buy anime head+bodyskin and maitreya bodyskin the head+bodyskin is working fine, but when i used maitreya bodyskin, i only get the icon board, i couldn't figure it out, any help i will appreciate, thanks
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