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  1. if i can choose i probably go for a more open space and less density area, non obstructing view and peaceful neighbor
  2. @PrudenceAnton, it looks really good, glad that u managed to get houseboat after such a long time
  3. either i buy it as a set or i don't, splitting into different event makes it annoying
  4. i log out if i'm going to be inactive for more than half an hour, although i have high performance case fan but second life can still run pretty hot on my system
  5. congrats @Patch Linden
  6. i see quite a lot of games out theres comes with 'deluxe' package with additional items, to me they dont sounds like higher than other premium, usually they comes with additional cosmetics which i dont need premium plus do sound better like @Rolig Loon said i think we probably need a poll to see which name type is liked the most
  7. @Elyeah probably that triggered the bug, i think you can get a notecard from littleme jewell to get the rest of the gifts without hud
  8. @Elyeah just to check, did you go near the pumpkim and click or you cam in and click? one user reported in bellisseria group that she cam in and click the hud stopped working
  9. @BelindaN, premium plus sounds good if i can give a name not too high label, maybe i name it as premium extra,
  10. @Elinah Iredell, according to linden labs it is not possible for them to spruce up the older areas, ban lines or an option to update with newer ones so they plan to build new homes and scrap the old ones, i don't know how long its gonna take for the whole process
  11. @Elinah Iredell, i think most of them have answered your questions, but just to say a few the old linden homes are being clustered together with no road, river and pedestrian path, the most annoying part would be run into ban lines when you tried to fly above your neighbor's house the new linden homes they have spaced out the houses and have access with either road, river and pedestrian path, if you happened to fly over someone house with a linden security orb, you have at least 15 seconds to move out, which is much more user friendly for any pilots out there and new linden homes have a beautiful unique landscape which you can travel around freely
  12. @Arondelle Ladybird, sounds like it's glitched, please contact their support at https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/
  13. @RacyAcey, sad to see you let go such a great location and go for house boats or campers, farewell my neighbor and wish you good luck
  14. @Luna Bliss, i have to see how the development goes, i cannot find a way to record a smooth video though lol
  15. @Nika Talaj, thanks but that's not my train, it's a gift from zz, she's very nice and gave a lot of gifts in bellisseria event's group, yeah i just like the surrounding nature, there's a spot rezz zone at sspe260, but i just rezz at campwick pier and use edit to move my train to railing lol i don't see any slrr rules, i also crash with other trains head on, though passing through it lol that's what happened when people hop into train without me realizing lol
  16. a mermaid hop on while i'm filming the moving train, also spot a helicopter behind us lol
  17. @Leora Jacobus thanks for the compliment, i'm glad you like it yeah those yellow boxes just appear for a few seconds, seeing them rezzing the land in real time is satisfying i not sure about the load oar, but i guess is some kinda home change script
  18. yes, it is under the sea appearently i got the right gifts, lol
  19. i don't know if i found the right gifts lol, but thanks patch
  20. thanks patch, when i'm free i try to look around, lol
  21. that was horrible, you are kind to him
  22. thank you moles for all your hard work, this is a short clip of the yesterday mole's celebration, hope you guys like it
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