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  1. theres asian male head at akeruka for body muscle mess, base on the photo, legacy does fits ur category, if u want bigger muscle, signature
  2. the theme is very beautiful and tempting, sadly i cant just abandon a trad that took me two weeks to get those who are premium and havent got their houses in bellisseria yet, nows their chance since this is a big release
  3. since someone already uploaded a few, just to share a view
  4. sorry for wrong post, please ignore my comments, thanks
  5. roller skate from west to east of southern part development site took me about 12min this is a slow pace which i find the duration is pretty long, lol
  6. yeah, u also fly like i did lol, can't imagine if theres little kids though, region crossing already lost my concentration halfway, by the time i saw it will be already too late to brake, the new area is fun to explore, while the lag is still at its minimum
  7. this is what happens when driving randomly from southern belli
  8. @Littlemouse Topaz, you can get it from redeliver terminal at Caspertech http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Izanagi/191/70/132
  9. i think i have a glimpse of idea, but could be wrong, lol
  10. using zz motorbike to wheelie up in whackamole waterfalls
  11. @RaeLeeH, yeah it's a heart attack knowing that if you accidentally screwed up and press the abandon button and that's it, the house will be gone within minute/second before u even have a chance to appeal back at the moment i don't think there's any safe guard other than to be careful when you are on the [about land] page
  12. @roseelvira, congrats on your rezz day tomorrow, my friend celebrate their rezz day with a party set
  13. this is before the build of west side campers, using fog settings and going through shortcut
  14. i stayed in old linden homes for a short while before moving on to bellisseria, that time i went back to check it is still an abandoned home, several weeks later someone claims it and i stopped going back anymore
  15. normally i would use local chat unless i need to contact someone who is out of range or dont know where they are or i need to IM store or land owner for help, thats usually the case i think
  16. if i can choose i probably go for a more open space and less density area, non obstructing view and peaceful neighbor
  17. @PrudenceAnton, it looks really good, glad that u managed to get houseboat after such a long time
  18. either i buy it as a set or i don't, splitting into different event makes it annoying
  19. i log out if i'm going to be inactive for more than half an hour, although i have high performance case fan but second life can still run pretty hot on my system
  20. congrats @Patch Linden
  21. i see quite a lot of games out theres comes with 'deluxe' package with additional items, to me they dont sounds like higher than other premium, usually they comes with additional cosmetics which i dont need premium plus do sound better like @Rolig Loon said i think we probably need a poll to see which name type is liked the most
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