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  1. awee thank you sceneris, very kind comment, thank you very much The idea was to share and maybe spark some ideas with someone that feels a bit lost or not sure what to do with their Log Home
  2. Always welcome to do so, keys under the front mat
  3. Thank you so much D, youre also make realy nice builds being your Vic garden one of Belli's finest, making the compliment even nicer, thank you very much alt
  4. awwwee thank you so much Ellie, it's your house too anytime :D!
  5. I would nevah! Come visit sometime soon ❤️
  6. Glad you liked Syn, if there is an item that you wish to know where it came from don't hesitate be well ^^
  7. Hi Aemeth, thanks ! The mjority of them are from Apple Fall, and the best about it, all 1 land impact which most can be linked and reduced to 0.5 land impact !
  8. Thank you for the compliment, In regards the suggestion, I'll politely reject it. Best regards
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