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  1. Started second life because my brother who was a soldier in the United States Army would log in world to have dates with his wife who was still State side as he was overseas they would make plans to meet up go dancing and made friends along the way, so they asked me to join in and spend time with them on the journey of a virtual world I remember walking around newbie island as i have always called with with a box on my head, thinking no one could see it but me hahhaha boy was i wrong, with in the next week my sister in law had me all fixed up and my addiction had begun, I have thought at times about leaving when i start to get bored but then i always seem to find something new to explore or learn
  2. Wednesday Oct 31st the Community of Cedar Creek will be hosting the opening of the new river walk , Everyone is invited many shops and different things to see and do with in this community. feel free to come and explore .. the event starts at 4pm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Array/90/11/22
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