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  1. I vote YES. Get rid of those pesky remotes cluttering up my end table.
  2. Do you think wi-fi is dangerous? So many mixed reports I can't decide.
  3. I plan to binge Handmaid's Tale from the very beginning.
  4. I believe calling someone a troll is prohibited, as there is a rule against name-calling. For example, you can't call someone an idiot and generally get away with it on a forum that prohibits name-calling. One must be sneaky. You could say, instead of calling him a troll: "I do believe there is an entity in our midst who is not engaging in all seriousness with other participants presenting their current opinions. In fact, considering numerous posts by this entity within our midst, I suspect he may be trying to disrupt the positive energy flow normally present on our fine platform". And I am in a fine and silly mood today
  5. The heaven channel filters all that out 😍
  6. It depends but a typical process can be: If the model is made from tris or from complex polys, convert to quads (Ctrl+T to triangulate and then Alt+J to ... ummm quadrify?) This makes everything so much easier. Eliminate any suprefluous edge loops/lines first since they can be hard to identify and select later in the process. Delete any hidden tris. Do a limited dissolve (Shortcut X) and set the Max angle as high as possible without distroting the model. Limited dissolve creates a lot of complex polys, so you have to convert to quads again afterwards. Repeat step 4 and 5 until the triangle count no longer drops or the model becomes distorted (when it does, remember to undo last round with Ctrl+Z). Check the model and see if there is anything else that can be safely removed. Look especially for "zero angle" vertices that can be removed without altering the model at all. For some reason limited dissolve isn't good at handling those. Do this for each LoD model, including the high one. Here's one very useful trick I've never seen anybody mention: If you're unsure whether you've simplified too much, take before and after screenshots in object mode and compare them side by side. It's much easier to judge the differences that way than when you undo and redo to switch between the two in Blender. Thanks. Somebody should sticky this!
  7. Since getting a more complex shape requires quite a bit of geometry (as far as I know), what would be the first step in Edit mode to reduce that geometry?
  8. First, did you use the decimate modifier so that you model is less complex? You might try searching on YouTube for some tutorials on this modifier.
  9. It sounds to me like he wants some support for RL within SL, like people who join groups in SL dealing with disability, feminist issues relating to female empowerment, or all the other groups we have dealing with RL issues. So whether SL is welcoming to transgender residents or not is irrelevant.
  10. You could ask around in some of these groups inworld and find out who's effective: https://search.secondlife.com/web/search/?q=free+tarot&s=secondlife_com&m=N&lang=en-US
  11. Which is all true. However, I don't see this type of hate in SL. There will always be a few but as a whole, I'd say SL is pretty accepting of everyone. SL does seem to be accepting, but then I don't truly know because I'm not transgender in RL or presented as such in SL. I can't say I've even talked to many who are transgender in RL and SL. I would be interested in hearing from those who are transgender in RL and do choose to reveal their status in SL and what they have experienced. I can guess that the particular macho type of guy looking for only a date would not be accepting, but what about others?
  12. That sounds like a you problem. Stop believing the nonsense that the radicals tell you. "The other side" isn't made up of supervillains out to destroy your life. Hate crimes are a reality and frequently perpetrated against men and women who are transgender. We've had numerous murders in my city and the surrounding area. I'm not sure what Adrian means about losing the legitimacy of his family as I'm not up to speed on marriage laws for transgender citizens in each state, but maybe @Adrian Rowleycan enlighten us. https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime/2018/topic-pages/victims
  13. I endured Coronavirus in February and never fully recovered from it. The company where I worked closed because of this virus. I became too unhealthy to work any damn job due to Coronavirus. I lost my health insurance when I lost my job because of Coronavirus. The type of health insurance the States will develop will determine whether I'll ever heal from the long-term effects of Coronavirus. Aside from my personal woes, any person with the ability to think clearly would likely want to keep abreast of the best health insurance in the States to deal with the increasing cases of Coronavirus with its extended detrimental effects for many, not to mention the consideration of vaccination costs. So tell me again, how all of the above has nothing whatsoever to do with Coronavirus and so is off-topic for this thread?
  14. Sorry, Rosebud, but you don't get to tell me it was stupid to ask my questions here. There are many sources of information in this world of ours, and I take what is relevant from many places within my daily travels and check them all out, eliminating what doesn't work and following up on the gems. In fact, some of my best clues and avenues for finding truth came from unlikely places. For you to insinuate I believe anything uttered here is from the mouth of god and that I would not have the intelligence to view the information as only one part of the knowledge I seek is insulting.
  15. FFS, do you know there is something called the INTERNET where you can do your research and NOT rely upon some crank on a Forum (SL or otherwise)? And I'm guessing you could have voted... Hopefully the coffee pot ran dry or you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and this isn't your normal personality. *Prays to the all-knowing one in the sky* I'll ask a polite question when I please, sweetie, and anybody is likewise free to respond, or not, and in case you didn't notice, I didn't ask YOU.
  16. Sheet, no wonder the US is so screwed up. How many hours would it take to figure this out? Appreciate the pointers, now off to read.
  17. For me too, because each one is beautiful in its own way.
  18. What's the difference, and what will happen if Joe Biden's plan is enacted?
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