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  1. Well I just tried turning off my AO to sail, and it didn't work, I still ended up sitting in the air, and I could not steer the boat at all. Also tried adjusting hover height, which appeared to work, but I still got jerked into sitting in the air and lost control of the boat. Could not steer at all. Not wearing any huds other than Maitreya, so could that be the problem?
  2. I'm puzzled as to why I cannot rez my boat at Blake Sea - Half Hitch (51, 35, 30) - Orta, when I have done so there before. Now I get notices I cannot rez it there at all. What gives? Do I have to be a member of the Blake Sea group? I went to the same spot where I was able to rez my boat before, and now it will not let me. Puzzled.....
  3. Well hey, after much troubleshooting and settings work the boat now works fabulously, and is big fun on the Blake Sea. The only thing still not good is the pose it puts me in at the helm, sitting in the air instead of standing at the helm, and that might be because I'm so short. IDK. I sailed all over the Blake Sea without trouble, although some guy was out there in the water and wanted to board me, which I didn't let happen. No idea what he was doing out there, unless his boat sank.
  4. Okay, I did everything I could find in the posted links, including moving my chat history elsewhere. I'll see how that works.
  5. looking through the links you posted now. I'm supposed to have a Developer menu at the top of the screen, but I don't. I have Avatar, Comm, World, Build, Content, Help, Advanced, and that's it. okay, found it...
  6. Well I think I have a pretty good internet connection, I just got Xfinity installed last week and it's way faster than the old CenturyLink connection, which was never more than 7.4 mbps, and now I have 118 mbps, so it's pretty fast and I've been able to download at 11mb/sec at times. I don't know what else the issue might be, but clearly the boat does work for others, just not me. When I get near one of these boats all sorts of weirdness happens. It's like that boat just don't like me.
  7. I bought this really nice new sailboat, and read the manual, then set out sailing it. The instructions told me if I lowered the sails the motor would start, but if it did I could not motor anywhere with it. Also I could not cross sim lines, the screen would shudder and I'd just come to a stop. Also, I would get blown into land unpredictably, and I know this particular boat works for others, so now I'm wondering if it might not work for me because I'm on a Mac. The builder came and showed me how his works perfectly for him, but I while I was on board with him his boat would vanish, leaving me in the air, but he didn't see that I guess. I did. At one point I was about 100 yards off port floating in the air in a sitting position going along with the boat that way. Weird! At one point while sailing it just blew into land at high speed and there was nothing I could do to control it, but then it was back out on the water magically again. It also sank a couple times but came right back up. Also, I could not rez it at Blake sea at all, that was not allowed, even though I used the LM's the builder sent me. I've not had a good time with this boat. So might all this be because I'm on a Mac and the boat was built for Windows users?
  8. I left the group yesterday, it just wasn't any fun, not like the old Frank's. I've not seen any of the other clubs increasing population either.
  9. I've had quite enough of you who tell me it never happened or I somehow agreed to it. I will not respond to any more of this garbage.
  10. I bought one after a friend showed me hers, and when I put it on it did not look anything like what I saw in the store and in fact was quite ugly. It's still in my inventory unused.
  11. Ya know, I've had that very same experience, every sim I go to for a social life is empty. Even the most crowded sims I can sit in for hours and no one will talk to me. Yes, it's getting super boring for me too. If I IM someone I get one word replies and they trail off. It should not be like this.
  12. Well I have been going to the new Frank's Elite Club and I have to say it compares quite poorly to the old Frank's, although it does have the lag. There is a quite limited crowd there at L$1000 a head, and it's always the same small bunch. Meh....really very mediocre.
  13. I'd like to buy a sailboat, a quite particular sailboat, and I cannot find it on MP or anywhere else. Not having the building skills to build it myself I thought I might seek out someone who can. What I'm after is a J Class Sloop, 130 ft length, 22 ft. beam, 16 ft. draft, and 150 ft. mast, modeled after the J Class sloop Endeavor. The line drawings for all the J Class are to be found online. If this interests anyone please let me know. Thanks, a.
  14. With the demise of Frank's a sim I've always enjoyed, I find myself wondering if any club will replace it, or if any can. I've bounced around to the most trafficked jazz club in SL, and they are either empty or quite sparsely populated, with only a few there at a time. Does anyone know what the new Frank's might be, or if there will be one at all?
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