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  1. So, in addition to muting them I have to block them as well? Why does not muting them just shut them up? It would seem blocking them is the only thing that works, so why is there muting at all?
  2. I've been getting IM's from those I have muted. Why might that be? Shouldn't they be unable to send me IM's? Just now I muted a guy I saw eyeing me, and just after that he IM'd me. I thought he would not be able to do that. I've also muted people saying offensive things, and they just kept on sending me IM's. What's the skinny on muting?
  3. Over the last two days my Linden home has been taking forever to rez, and never rezzes completely. I cannot use it like this, cannot even try on clothes I bought because they won't rez there either, and I've tried the support portal, but it only has categories that don't fit the issue, and there seems no one I can turn to about this. I'm not sure if it's a sim issue or an issue with my account. I'm a premium member and should not be having this problem. Can anyone advise me as to how to get help with this? Everything worked fine until two days ago, and now it takes over 40 minutes for the hous
  4. I have this red arrow in my house now, after having re-added my Maitreya HUD, which was by no means easy, and it's sort of pointing off in a direction, and I don't know why or what it means. How did I get a red arrow in my house? How do I get rid of it?
  5. I did a search on chat places in SL by traffic, and the top three I came up with were Fogbound, Sexy Nude Beach, and London City.
  6. I went to Frank's Elite Jazz Club, and paid to join the group, but did not find it to my liking at all. It was not a place you could meet and mix, but for the most part seemed only for partnered couples with a few others just standing around not doing much of anything. I visited a few times, but it was always the same, so I left the group and did not go back. Now if this New Frank's is something different, and has anything like the action of the old Frank's, I'm interested.
  7. Very well Heathcliff, I'm on a Mac Mini running Mac OS 10.12.6 processor is 2.5 Ghz Intel iCore i5, 16 gb 1600 Mhz DDR3, graphics is Intel HD 4000 1536 mb. I do not use WiFi, just CAT5 ethernet. Internet connection is Xfinity 100 mbps. You are right, the builder is a really good guy, and he tried to help me with the boat, but there was just no end of weird things happening that even he could not account for. I credit him with excellent customer support above and beyond what I've seen from any other builder in SL. I'm pretty sure he did not see the same things happening that I did, and of
  8. Well I just tried to sail it again, and it went quite badly. This time I turned off my AO and detached the Maitreya hud as well, boarded, started sailing, I got out into the Blake Sea a short ways, then raised the sails, and suddenly the boat started raising up into the air and I had no control of it at all. I clicked STAND, and my avi vanished from the boat, then the boat vanished, and when I TP'd home I was hanging far up in the sky with no way to do anything. I think I'm going to give up on this sailing bit. BTW, the boat is a BBX SLB A2. I know it works great for everyone else but me. I gu
  9. Well I just tried turning off my AO to sail, and it didn't work, I still ended up sitting in the air, and I could not steer the boat at all. Also tried adjusting hover height, which appeared to work, but I still got jerked into sitting in the air and lost control of the boat. Could not steer at all. Not wearing any huds other than Maitreya, so could that be the problem?
  10. I'm puzzled as to why I cannot rez my boat at Blake Sea - Half Hitch (51, 35, 30) - Orta, when I have done so there before. Now I get notices I cannot rez it there at all. What gives? Do I have to be a member of the Blake Sea group? I went to the same spot where I was able to rez my boat before, and now it will not let me. Puzzled.....
  11. Well hey, after much troubleshooting and settings work the boat now works fabulously, and is big fun on the Blake Sea. The only thing still not good is the pose it puts me in at the helm, sitting in the air instead of standing at the helm, and that might be because I'm so short. IDK. I sailed all over the Blake Sea without trouble, although some guy was out there in the water and wanted to board me, which I didn't let happen. No idea what he was doing out there, unless his boat sank.
  12. Okay, I did everything I could find in the posted links, including moving my chat history elsewhere. I'll see how that works.
  13. looking through the links you posted now. I'm supposed to have a Developer menu at the top of the screen, but I don't. I have Avatar, Comm, World, Build, Content, Help, Advanced, and that's it. okay, found it...
  14. Well I think I have a pretty good internet connection, I just got Xfinity installed last week and it's way faster than the old CenturyLink connection, which was never more than 7.4 mbps, and now I have 118 mbps, so it's pretty fast and I've been able to download at 11mb/sec at times. I don't know what else the issue might be, but clearly the boat does work for others, just not me. When I get near one of these boats all sorts of weirdness happens. It's like that boat just don't like me.
  15. I bought this really nice new sailboat, and read the manual, then set out sailing it. The instructions told me if I lowered the sails the motor would start, but if it did I could not motor anywhere with it. Also I could not cross sim lines, the screen would shudder and I'd just come to a stop. Also, I would get blown into land unpredictably, and I know this particular boat works for others, so now I'm wondering if it might not work for me because I'm on a Mac. The builder came and showed me how his works perfectly for him, but I while I was on board with him his boat would vanish, leaving me i
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