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  1. Oh yeah! I would hop over there in a minute. ***PROUD HOPPER*** haha
  2. It's not like that. There are homes I'd like from the very first region that was released. Like on a cliff facing the ocean without a boat salvage yard ruining my view. And roooooocks everywhere! There's no value in a fresh, new region. The only value is in the landscape no matter when it was released.
  3. The Moles don't decorate our yards, only the public areas. Noooooo There are big rocks outside the yard boundaries in some yards, like cliffs. Cute.
  4. So any tips for when addiction sets in? Is it like when you miss your breakfast because playing with auto-refresh is so much fun? Or is it like when your husband complains you don't have any time for him because you're flying through Bellisseria all evening?
  5. I resent this interpretation of me! I don't have an unhealthy obsession, I'm not neurotic, I'm not searching for a perfect spot, nor am I addicted! I just want some effing pretty rocks in my yard!
  6. I don't want a boring yard. I want a yard with some of those pretty rocks. Don't make me wait for it! haha
  7. Alwin -- please stop editing your comments. That's not fair.
  8. Hollowman said "I am really thinking of stop giving refunds and customer support at all! " . If he stopped giving refunds and customer support at all he would have turned into one of the creeps. My advice is to not get so upset by a creep being a creep that you cross over to the dark side as he is considering doing. Prolly just a fantasy though like we all do when we've been hurt.
  9. Yep sometimes there's a new home plot that has a nice feature I never thought of and it's better than what I thought I wanted.
  10. Hey don't turn into one of the bad guys! Ignore the creeps and don't let them get you down.
  11. I am starting to feel harassed reading this thread. Oh no.
  12. YES! There has been faulty communication on both sides, and nobody is to blame! Or everyone is
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