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Found 12 results

  1. I know land impact can't be joined when the two parcels are in different regions. But the plots have an adjactent border. Can I link a set of decor, and have the root prim on the one side, and the rest of the linkset in the other region? Does SL land allow that? I know griefers do it, but is it a limit to how much I push over? Let us say I link a set of 100 Li, located in A, and the root prim in B. I know it is a limit to how far apart the parts can be, but things that are close to each other should not have that problem.
  2. Or How to Enjoy the Benefits of Building to Scale Without Making it Impossible for Others to Explore Your Creation! A lot of people tell me that they want to scale their builds down, but feel that if they do larger avatars will not be able to fit through doors in their sims. This is a very valid concern, but one with several very simple solutions. Before we get into said solutions, first remember that you can only resize a building that is either modifiable or includes a resize script (most no-mod houses do not, at the time of this writing, include a resize script). So your safest bet is to avoid buying no-mod. If you build mesh houses/buildings yourself I'll say right away that the best solution is to leave the wall over the door phantom. Bam! Done! You've made a building that is more accessible to all sorts of SL users and a bit easier to rescale to better suite for your customers purposes. For those of you who have purchased your buildings and need solutions to the small door problem, read on! The Physics Solution Here is a mesh house I've shrunk down to about 1=1 scale. For reference, my avatar is 6'1" (it's my crazy tall platform shoes) and the door frame is about a foot and a half or two feet taller. So how is an 8-9' tall avatar going to fit inside that? EASILY! First you need to find out how the physics for your structure are done. Many mesh buildings use a shell of some sort, separate from the mesh model. Not all structures do this. If your building has no separate physics box, a quick solution is to see if the wall over the door is a separate mesh item you can simply set phantom. Even if it's connected to the wall on either side of the door you can set it all to phantom and put two invisible prims in its place. If the building is a single structure that can't be separated you may have to set the whole thing phantom and build the physics with prims, I'll explain that a bit more later. In the meantime, let's reveal the physics prims for this house! The prim physics boxes are blue! Notice how there's no prim covering the wall above the door! That wall is completely phantom so avatars of any size can fit. All of the interior doors for the house are the same! Leave that space blank and you have doors anyone can squeeze through. So what if your structure doesn't use prims for the physics? Set the building phantom and build a physics shell out of prims like I did for this house! If you also set the house itself to "no-physics" you can often reduce it's land impact considerably! The root object of a linkset must have physics so you may have to link the house to a prim first, set the whole structure to "no-physics" then set the prim itself to "convex hull" for minimum land impact. Remember to set the physics prims to "convex hull" to reduce their own land impact. After you've done all this you can often link the no-physics house to the convex hull prim shell for even more of a land impact reduction. The entire house in this example is 21 land impact. Teleporter Solution 1 Another solution to the small doors problem is to place a teleporter above the door! Just rez a prim above the door frame, where the physics for the wall over the door begins, like so. And one for the opposite side as well. Then you simply make the prims invisible and put a teleporter script inside each. If you want this to be completely seamless you'll need an Experience Key. This way when an avatar collides with the prim they will automatically be teleported to the other side of the door frame. They may not even notice the teleport. If you do not have access to an Experience, you can put a script inside the prim which informs the avatar colliding that they need to click above the door to "duck". Setting the prim to "sit when touched" and an old fashioned sit teleporter script will then be enough to achieve the effect. Success! A door anyone can pass through! Teleporter Solution 2 There is an alternate way to use teleporters to create doors anyone can pass through. That is to make the entire doorway itself a teleporter! I like to put building interiors into skyboxes (reduces lag, increases framerates, and gives me more freedom in building) and the entrances/exits for these skyboxes are teleporters disguised as doors. You can script your own or use a an existing door teleporter like Curio Obscura's "Anywhere Door". The "Anywhere Door" is a sit teleporter. You click the door to open, then click the open doorway to be teleported to the door's destination. My own sims now use an Experience based teleporter for a more seamless experience. You click on the door to open it and then simply walk into the open doorway to be teleported. ETA: Here's a thread about scripting the doors themselves. (I'll maybe look around to see if there's a good thread on scripting teleporters unless someone wants to throw one at me!) And there you have it! Three solutions to the problem of doors being too small for giant sized avatars! I hope these examples help you out in your own sim building adventures, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!
  3. Hi everyone, for my own project I'm currently interested in knowing more about 3d building. I'm not a creator but I'm curious about the topic and I hope to learn something new. Let's say I'm working on something in Blender just because it's a free and OS software, I'm going to optimize my object anyway but I want to know during building how much land impact will have on SL even though I'm trying to use as few prims as I can. Is there a way to know or "calculate" that before actually importing the stuff inworld? Do you have your own way to tell "ok, this is just too detailed, I'm going to smooth it out" if I'm making any sense? Thank you very much
  4. I made the following 3 stores. For each of these stores, I got a separate roof, floors and walls on each side. I first made the centre store, then made the right side and mirrored it to left. Applied the transformations, baked all textures & made all LODs. Those 2 sides have same number of materials, same number of vertices & tries (as per Blender). But somehow, I get two different Land Impacts on left & right roofs & 1st floors. Everything else matches. Below are the LI when those are set to Prim (Physics Shape Type). Both have hole for stairway. Dimensions are same (both physics & mesh) Left (LI) Right (LI) Remark Roof 3 4 Convex Hull LI (left - right): 3 - 4 Both have same physics, download & server weight. But more display weight is different (L)1826 - (R)1831 - Both side carries 3 textures. Only difference i found was 4 extra vertices on left (this side happens to give low LI than the other) All LODs have same vertices & tries (as on upload window) Both roofs have physics of 2 tries 1st Floor 3 2 Convex Hull LI (left - right): 2 - 2 Both have same download, server & display weight Somehow Mesh is high on left. Thus high physics - Both dimensions are same & I have double checked if it goes beyond boundary. all good. Only difference I found here was 1 extra vertices on right (this side happens to give low LI than the other) All LODs have same vertices & tries (as on upload window) This is after I managed to remove 2 physics tries from each. Before it gave 6 - 3 (left - right) LI (in Prim mode) Both floors have physics of 8 tries Floor Upload Window So I'm quite puzzled about this & curious to know whats the cause and how could it be fixed or at least a way to lower the LI.
  5. https://gyazo.com/6e905fbf2ea4c6f31b29ebf1bad19202 Look at my build window. It says 5. Look at area search. It also confirms 5, but if you wanna get all stickler semantic-y about it, it says 4. Apparently there is a discrepancy with mesh objects and the like ... Firestorm group chat has confirmed that we all go by LI now because of what mesh tends to do (be off in count, either up or down, depending --which is why I assume they put LI in the build window and not prims). Now... If I sell something I make, and I advertise how many prims it is, am I going to use what shows up in my build window, or what shows up under "prims" in my area search window? (You can arguably also use Build>Pathfinding>Region Objects, but that also just gives LI, so pretend we're lazy and we'll just use area search.) If I am building something and I need to keep my limit under 50 prims, am I going to use my build window to add up and determine how many prims I have with unlinked objects, or am I going to build with the area search window open? Will I have to ask each contest I participate in how they count prims so that I play by the rules? If I am going to hold a build contest, and each entry is allowed 50 prims, how do I know that they adhered to the prim rule? --Would I individually click on their items and get the build window information + temporarily derender things I have already counted ...or am I going to use area search? And if I use area search, will I go by LI or by prims (as sometimes things do not show a LI, it simply gives "...")? ...How do I be fair? Should I tell participants that we're playing a semantics game with everything under the specific word "prim" or do I count these things the way "everyone" does via LI? ...What do you all think? Please and thank you.
  6. For the past month now, I have had a huge problem. I will import a house which is 33 land impact. The second I try and resize it, or put a door script in it, or link a prim too it, it jumps to 110 land impact. The house itself is only 35 prims. This has happened on the past 3 houses I have imported. I have never had this issue in the past. I am using the same tools to create the houses, add physics, the same door script... the same everything. Yet the past few houses have done this. The triangle count is low, the hulls are low. I don't understand what is causing this, and what I can do to fix this. Any ideas?
  7. I have never initiated a thread to post a link to my own blog before, I don't know whether there are guidelines around that or not, but it always seemed inappropriate, however, I am making an exception today, and depending on the ratio of trolls and hearts I guess I'll get my answer on whether it is right or wrong ? The reason I decided to do this, is that in spite of many years of mesh accounting, many good posts both here and elsewhere I still see versions of this tale playing out across building groups, including the one that inspired this post, earlier today. So here we go, in the hope that someone might be saved the frustration of a "weird accounting problem" some time. All I did was link a few prims... Beq xx
  8. Now I seldom agree wholeheartedly with @Penny Patton BUT I have a little mini-rant here and she will likely appreciate it. We have been pretty quite about let's call it "laggy mesh" these last couple of months. After that thread that went on forever with the disappearing trees and the 1024 texture for MATCH STICK HEADS, most of us probably shelved the issue for later. We can do what WE do to make changes but we can't influence others all that much. This week I had several OMG moments in the texture field. There may have been mesh issues also but these were overshadowed by the overuse of huge textures. No names, not even hints but here is the scenario. SUPER cute outdoor build that included some rugs and pillow things to sit on. I wanted to change the color of one blanket for color coordination (it was mod, I could do that). It turned out that JUST the top of the blanket (not trim, not underside) was FOUR TEXTURES. I can't think of any logical reason for that. None. I did some more inspecting and sent the OHSOCUTE item into the trash. A few days later I got another super snazzy new release which included a storage space (not all that large). In trying to tint that I discovered (upon Firestorm inspection) that it was made up of 11 textures (I would have used one). The item didn't even have any grain, it was simple white with shadows. There were some parts of the set that were customizable and one tiny piece (about six inches in real life) had a 1024 texture on it. Now my head is shaking a bit here. These were both well-known designers, not beginners by any means. MY POINT IS --- (well eventually I would get to that) When the new land impact rules come into being, they SO NEED to have the texture load figured in along with the vertex count. I sincerely hope there is SOME way that this can happen. We need some better RULES since obviously we aren't policing ourselves.
  9. Hi everyone. I have ideas to landscape my new land but will need to use large objects so mesh would bring up the land impact too high . That leaves sculpty as the only choice because you can stretch them very large and not increase land impact. The question I have is will they create too much lag? I have read that some sculpty creations are very lag intensive and create a lot of lag,while some others that are made better do not. How do you evaluate a sculpty to know if it is made well or not, and is there a way to test how much lag it will create?Are there creators that make sculpty landscaping items that are made better and do not cause lag? Thanks
  10. I remember something similar on a large scale a while ago but just now I got a message from my lag meter that "Prims are getting low...." so I looked in land and it said 109 left Well I knew last night when I logged off we had at least 700 left so it completely threw me where did 600 LI go overnight. I restarted the sim and it is back to what it should be. Any clues or anyone else had a problem?
  11. I left my viewer running overnight and when I woke up the sim had apparently reset (nothing weird here right?). I logged back on to realize that a LOT of objects on my parcel had been returned, and my parcel prim count had been maxed out -- without anybody having placed anything new, it seems. I've used Area Search and the Land tool to try and see if there were any new objects floating around (there apparently were none) and now I'm in the process of checking whether or not my items were messed with in ways that might have increased their land impact. Also a few items have different collision now than they did before, specifically where I had left my avatar idling overnight (in this case, shoving me away from areas I was formerly able to walk in. I'm still troubleshooting that one and trying to figure out which object is suddenly screwy). I have no idea what happened as I don't know anybody who would have targetted me for something I did or didn't do -- it seems like a drive-by thing simply for idling with my fiancee, or alternately the sim my land is in had its prim limit scaled back without warning. I haven't edited my parcel for about a week, but since my objects got a bit wonky for no reason, it may have been a hacked client that allowed them to spoof identity or my avatar was commandeered somehow -- or as I said, prim limits in my sim got nerfed without warning. Does anybody have an idea as to what happened?
  12. How to reduce land impact? Hey. Why when I uploading meshes it turns out such big land impact? Here to take for example such simple boat hull. It have 723 vertices only, physics set to high. But why LI is so huge? I prefer to use high LOD for my buildings. Help please! How to reduce LI? Thank you!
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