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  1. Cool beans Nuuanu. I had the same kine problem getting a hapa / Poly male bod-head-shape going. Even fewer choices for guys, so finding the right stuff is pretty difficult. I finally went with Slink Physique body, which is nice and slim and surfer kine. Most male bodies make avatars look like a protein sheik, all Bruce Banner and all. I used a Catwa Shaheen head for a while, but it had goofy expressions and just wasn't quite right. Landed a AK Deluxe Yang head and shape, and those work out well. And yeah, gotta concur with AlohaShoyu - my hair was a mess until I found the YumYum store.
  2. Added bonus: this is on the North Shore of Hawaii Surf. But no room for surfing in this water 🙂
  3. I suppose a lot depends on what you consider realistic. What sort of body shape is your avatar looking for? As others have said the system avatars with a new head can work nicely. I like a fit avatar that's built more like a marshal artist or swimmer. For that I use a Slink Physique body, and see that they have a "Male Body Bundle" in their store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/64/109/26 Gotta be honest, IMHO there are way to many 'roid rage avatars out there. And when the typical male animation is added and it looks like a sequel to 8 Mile is being filmed. 🙂
  4. That's my story too, though I never recovered the old account. Like you I'd probably be horrified if I did 🙂
  5. Aloha and thanks everybody. Mahalos Chic, glad to know it's not just me. Good idea, I'll check forums. Sad that SL MP is a big fail for land. Another thing: I'd like to be able to leave reviews for items purchased inworld. Can't do that either, even though I'd really like to throw some kudos to SL's great creators. Thanks for reaching out Count, I'll look for it. Thanks Wai, yeah, stumbling seems to work :-) I really enjoy exploring just by pulling up the map and clicking on random regions. The map view is helpful because you can tell if a region has boating potential, if you'r
  6. Aloha all. Hope you're safe and healthy and happy, and dealing with life OK. I'm having a hard time browsing homes for sale/rent on SL Marketplace and would appreciate your advice. I have a budget, but all the marketplace listings are priced at 0 so I can't sort them by price. I have a prim count I'd like to shoot for, but the listings can't be sorted that way either. There are specific types of regions that feel like home, but the listings aren't separated that way, and can't be sorted that way. This makes Marketplace a really frustrating place to find a home. I've gone to the inwor
  7. Sadly, the Firestorm Support group just pointed me back to the Firestorm Wiki page I linked above. Guess I'll be doing videos in the SL viewer.
  8. THIS. I get annoyed by the chatter in some groups so open the groups profile and disable chats (though leave announcements on). The peace is... wonderful.
  9. Seeing this error pop up when I log into SL. Wondered if it was problem with my gear, but see that SL Marketplace is down for maintenance at the moment. Maybe MP is moving to Amazon servers today.
  10. My friend Waiomao had a similar issue. A film soundtrack played whenever we arrived at her Linden Home. She had no media player or media assigned to the Linden Home preferences, so it was a mystery. Noisy neighbor maybe? But restricting sound to the parcel in preferences didn't stop it. She later moved to a new Linden home, and the sound persisted in the new place too. Weird as hell. She had named both homes "Hawaii," but later changed the name of her place. The soundtrack disappeared when her place was renamed. It seemed like the media was attached to the property name in SL's servers, and di
  11. Hi. The Second Life viewer allows my avatar to speak using my computer's microphone. The exact same settings in the Firestorm (v 6.3.9) viewer puts the "voice dot" over my head, but my voice isn't heard. It seems like a microphone activation issue. I opened preferences and changed the mic activation from "middle mouse" to another key (used z) but still no voice. I went to the Firestorm wiki and the instructions there mimic the settings I already have in place. Tried different mics on the off chance but still no voice. Any ideas why voice works normally for me in the SL viewer but not in Firest
  12. Hiya Phil. I used the Linux viewer for a long time and it worked just fine - movements were smooth using my keyboard's arrow keys. The difference may be in what distro your friend is using (which version of Linux). I was using Linux Mint. It may be that the distro your friend is using has different functions assigned to the arrow keys, so they end up useless when in SL viewer. How to find out: Burn an install DVD of Linux Mint (free download), then reboot with the DVD still in the machine. When it powers up the BIOS will give you the choice to run the normal Linux distro or Linux Mint. Choose
  13. Excellent info MaxMare. In my limited experience this has changed since Tilia. Before Tilia I was able to purchase L$ with the delayed better exchange rate and all transactions were completed within an hour or so. Now with Tilia I have a Limited order that has been unfulfilled for two days. The minimal difference in exchange rates means a Limited order is not worthwhile - unless you check into SL once a week (or however long the order takes top fulfill).
  14. Hey Jackson. A friend and I have been dumped at sim crossings more often too. She has several boats, small and large, and they all get dumped. The only things that help seem to be 1) lowering avatar complexity, 2) lowering avatar scripts, 3) slowing boat to almost a crawl when crossing, 4) crossing only between two sims at a time (so avoid sim corners, where it becomes possible to cross four sims), and 5) leaving graphics on lowest possible setting until in a place you want to photograph - only then bump up the graphics.
  15. Me and a bunch of friends received a spam IM last night, and it sounds like a chat extender could be the culprit, especially if it allows region-wide (or multi region) communication. I can see where such a thing might be needed by owners of a region where groups of people meet, but is there any need for these things to be allowed otherwise? I picture someone going to a boat rez zone or sandbox and blasting everyone with spam.
  16. Last night me and five friends were sitting together in one region and all received a spam IM from a stranger. It contained a landmark link labeled something like "how to get everything you'll ever need in Second Life for free." Sounded like a scam for sure, and everyone blocked. Sadly, the sender's profile said that s/he is a thirteen year resident; looks like even SL elders can be *&*($! I saw another thread talking about reducing whisper and chat ranges; hope that will help stop some of these large area blasts of spam.
  17. I've noticed big differences in inventory between marketplace and inworld stores. This first happened when shopping for clothing in marketplace and a shop said "demo available at inworld store." SO annoying, because shopping inworld is a bigger challenge for my pc, and involves wandering around stores that generally aren't organized very well. Browser searches are quick; searching through an inworld store while it slowly renders seems to take forever. What I usually do is find something in marketplace, and IF it's an expensive item I'll go to the inworld store and check for a lower price or gr
  18. This question reminds me of an old film called Total Recall, in which virtual vacations replaced physical ones. Virtual travel had/has a lot of advantages, but it is a different experience. Until we live our entire lives virtually, like in another old film The Matrix, we will likely still enjoy travel with our entire body, not just our mind. The OP asked if virtual worlds could help reduce real world pollution though, not eliminate it, and the answer to that is yes. Consider online education, which has been doing this for a decade or more. More recently, professors at University of Hawaii
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