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  1. He is my silent friend.. a great listener, captures me in my best light, and always appears at the right time.. (I may be a little enamoured with Slendy, but don't tell anyone)
  2. Aww thank you Slendy that means a lot, bless your lil tendrils and stay safe and well (even while being creepy)!
  3. Waiting for Slenderman's home visit.. hopefully with extra toilet paper 🤞🧻
  4. Meanwhile at a street party Slendy is enjoying his fans' attention.. methinks it's a trap 🥺
  5. My what big tendrils you have Slenderman.. my friend and I will be traumatised by attics after this encounter😲
  6. Ah that's my house! I saw you around today Rolig, you captured the area beautifully. I've been watching with great interest and really pleased with the way the new camper regions have been developed next to my home. Looks like Whackamole is next (best region name so far imo) 😊
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