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  1. I used the Lilah kitchen last time I had a Winchester. They released the Vics before I could finish decorating but this is how I did it: That's a homemade partition wall which I didn't get around to adding coving to, lol. I put a bathroom behind it. There was another homemade add-on through the back door which I used as a lounge; a nice big space with a fireplace and a Christmas tree: All very work-in-progress but I'm sure there are professional add-ons doing it properly. I just like building more than I like spending money.
  2. Actually it doesn't matter how many premium subscriptions you buy, stilt homes aren't coming any quicker. If money were the issue here I am pretty sure it'd be more lucrative to start selling private regions again, rather than expecting people to 'buy' their own sims on Bellisseria by means of multiple alts. But they haven't done that, for the same reason that stilt homes aren't coming anytime soon; they need to get cloud uplift done, and that takes as long as it takes.
  3. I got an abandoned houseboat in the north-east when the Pickle was released, stayed there for about three months. It didn't bother me that it wasn't on the Pickle because I liked being near the trads, it felt a bit more realistic. I might take a boat up there later to see who has it now and whether the neighbour with the fullbright tree and giant wooden box on her deck is still there.
  4. I am still advocating for the next 512 to be dinky thatched cottages, as a semi-replacement for Elderglen. They could serve as a nice transition between woodland and a rural farmhouse setting. I'd love an urban setting but it's really hard to achieve that kind of density while still giving people the privacy and security they demand. I think given the choice between an otherwise empty high-rise and a skybox I'd probably opt for the skybox.
  5. That's very true; but I wonder whether, say, opening multiple private windows in Firefox would allow you to log in multiple alts simultaneously, all running auto-refresh? Of course, you still have to click through to claim the home, which slows the process down. But if you miss that window and get the 'no longer available' page, you can keep refreshing that page and sooner or later the claim will go through on another house of the same type. (I could test this hypothesis using my non-premium alts, but I really can't be bothered.)
  6. You can set up a scripted object to give out items when clicked, but that's obviously more of a faff and adds unnecessarily to server load. Either way, I have no issues with people 'selling' free stuff (I love free stuff!) as long as it's decent quality and in theme. If I saw someone had set up a freebie warehouse full of 2000s-era stuff in their front yard I would 100% AR that as being out of theme, but if they've just got a little table of unwanted gachas they're giving away that seems to me perfectly feasible in a suburban setting (especially if there's a cute sign).
  7. The beach house; I may change it up for autumn, I may not: I was lucky enough to go to Cornwall just before lockdown and that very much inspired the vibe. Except for the nursery, which was inspired by owls:
  8. My point is this. Someone with a single die has a one in six chance of rolling a six. Buy four more dice, and you just increased your chances fivefold. Nine more, and it's tenfold, Congratulations, you increased your odds of rolling a six to around 84% The way the system's set up, you can just keep buying dice until your RL money runs out. Or you can roll your single die ten times; but obviously the ones who are rolling simultaneously have a better chance of nabbing at release time. And they can roll their ten dice ten times, so... whichever way you slice it, they have an advantage. Nobody wo
  9. I think most GoH players want to see their discards go to someone who'll actually use and enjoy them, and will go out of their way to make that happen. I found myself in the same sim as my first Vic a few weeks ago and it was quite sad to see that nothing had been done with it since I gave it up, apart from the new owner rezzing a plywood block in the hall. (Yes, yes, of course, if they want their pet plywood block to have its own mansion that's entirely their own decision, and it's not like it was in a great location or anything. I just liked that house and would have liked someone else
  10. My first place was a Windlass with the same walls and floors. You've got me feeling all nostalgic now 🙂
  11. Oh, it's not that many people with premium alts in the double figures. Three or four, maybe? Except that this then adds up to 30-40 premium accounts, which is... a couple of sims. Throw in everyone who has to have five or more because they need to own a house in every style, and that's a few more. And I do know of people who routinely invest in last names for their premium alts; same as they kit them out in L$5k mesh heads and bodies, which also isn't necessary to get a home. It's just another way of showing off how much money you have. That's an integral part of the game for some, just as it'
  12. No, that's not the max. I spent more than that on my annual premium and I didn't even buy a last name. Not everyone is in the US and prices vary. Obviously if you're paying from month to month it works out more expensive, and obviously if you're also getting last names for dozens of premium alts we're talking thousands rather than hundreds. Now, that would be a ridiculous amount of money for me to spend on pixel houses, but as I said I don't know everyone else's individual circumstances. Believe it or not my concern isn't primarily for myself; it's for people who hear about the new homes,
  13. Yes, it's silly to claim everyone wants exactly what the OP wanted. It was just very unfortunate for her that her tastes happened to coincide with the hoarders.
  14. Given the defensive vitriol aimed at anyone who dares to criticise the practice, I don't have a hard time believing it at all. People spend silly amounts of money on their hobbies all the time.
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