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  1. they pretty much have to do something modern to accommodate the Meadowbrook refugees, don't they? open-plan, floor-to-ceiling windows and maybe a built-in swimming pool. other than that, i think cottages would be perfect for a 512. one or two rooms, thatched roof, chimney, window shutters, a choice between timber and stone walls, one storey or two. set in the forest among winding paths and the occasional startled deer. less out-and-out fantasy than Elderglen but with a definite fairytale vibe.
  2. how can they possibly know when everyone who wanted to get in has got in? when the number of people on the sim drops to zero? when they get bored? when they've reached their sales targets? it is entirely within the spirit of Black Friday (and Bellisseria, for that matter, to stay somewhat on topic) to limit the best deals to a select few. i'd love to pick up a couple of items at that price, but with only one premium alt and limited time inworld i realise it's unlikely, and that's absolutely FINE. the people with the resources to get in will probably spend a lot more than i can. it's only fair, just like it's only fair that people spending hundreds of dollars on premium accounts get the pick of the houses while singletons like me are lucky to get an abandon. [i was trying to put together a shopping list so i wouldn't be hogging a slot for too long if i actually did get into the sim, and as far as i can tell a lot of their stuff isn't even on marketplace, presumably because it was too time-consuming and boring to list it. which, again, is fine. i don't NEED any more furniture, it'd just be nice to have.]
  3. trying to get into Apple Fall is the new trying to get a house. but with tp hammers instead of autorefresh. even if they limited people to ten minute slots (which sounds unworkable due to the slowness of the vendors) it would take over a week to accommodate everyone in their group. i don't know why you'd even attempt having a major sale with that many vendors, just chuck your items into single prims or change the prices on marketplace. i'd be willing to forgo redelivery options on a L$50 item, i do it with gachas all the time.
  4. well i am still seeing a bunch of halloween decor around, but i can also see a) life can easily get in the way of logging in for a couple of weeks and b) not every Bellisseria resident hangs around the forums or is a member of the groups, so you can't expect them to know that their ghosts should have been exorcised by now. (i'd rather see christmas decorations in november than halloween ones, but that's just my personal taste.)
  5. When i got the Sold Out page I did NOT click the back button. I stayed on the page and turned auto-refresh back on. Five minutes later, I had a house. I have no idea whether this would work for other people, I just know it worked that one time for me.
  6. it's summer in the northern hemisphere, you'd expect fewer people around as they are on vacation, out of doors, looking after kids etc. they might have skyboxes. they might have left sl over tilia and forgotten to cancel all their premium memberships. also, if people have multiple homes they seem more likely to hang out in their house than their houseboat.🤷‍♀️
  7. picked up one of the Edgar abandons, haven't been inworld to see it yet but definitely keeping because it is a HOUSE and that's all i care about.
  8. My auto-refresh pinged twice in the last half-hour but every time I go to check it tells me I've exceeded the refresh limit. It's set to 100 seconds, so either my plugin is malfunctioning or they've decreased the limit. Going to try setting it to 120 now and see how I go.
  9. releasing a houseboat in 3... 2... 1... good luck!
  10. technically it will be winter for 90% of the world's population, though a) i imagine the proportion in sl is more like 70% and b) most places don't even have what i would call winter anyway, so yeah, i said it was weird.
  11. honestly if i were LL i would be busting a gut to get the trailers released by the end of this month, even if it were at the expense of more traditionals. i know it's weird but even in a virtual world i don't want to be camping in the winter.
  12. i don't see an issue with people catching and releasing, because it frees up homes for others who will value them more, and who maybe couldn't get online at the time of release. i don't love that the best locations will end up dominated by those with the time and money to keep house-swapping indefinitely, but it's kind of inevitable.
  13. i'm guessing it was in chat on one of the two big community groups, that's where most of these announcements seem to get made. i found out from the forums so this is definitely not the first time it's been mentioned here.
  14. my soft toys: Glogg, Pinguino, Meep, Pudbun, Sloff, Catanda, Bamboo, Owlipose, Murtagh, Adorable Gift. i would be happy to live in any of those.
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