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  1. In addition to their FLF sofa and chair set (which I'm tempted by in spite of owning a similar one by Muniick, but haven't checked the LI yet), floorplan have a 50%-off sale until the 15th.
  2. I picked this up because I already have their Thirties fridge, which is massive but then maybe Thirties fridges were? That one's difficult to resize because the door is weird, but no such issues with this. Will be handy if I ever pick up another trailer.
  3. Playing with an overland Tortuga at the moment, will probably let it go in the new year but having fun in the meantime: 120 prims left for the outside; will probably install a pool.
  4. Because the Linden Homes team clearly had no idea how much disruption would be caused by cloud uplift. Makes more sense to launch a beachy theme in the spring anyway, if you ask me.
  5. The home decor alt is doing Sway's, Simply Shelby and Zerkalo, and (from today) Artisan Fantasy. She's a member of the Circa advent group but has only bought about two things from them.
  6. 7DS have temporarily lowered their group join to L$1, if anyone else wants to get in on the advent action. Here's the advent alt wearing one of the skins they gave out today on the free Lelutka head (hair from Nyne, a few days back).
  7. Of course they can. I imagine they would be given a few months notice via email, and possibly some kind of inworld notification nearer the time, but there's no reason why they wouldn't eventually get the land taken away from them and their items returned, just as if they'd neglected to keep up their payments.
  8. Same. Whenever I get a Trad, I end up adding walls.
  9. Time constraints, I'd imagine. I think cloud uplift has been holding things up in general, and was pleasantly surprised to see any kind of reveal this month.
  10. I was not expecting to like these as much as I do, but they incorporate aspects of everything I like about the other houses. The layout of the Matterhorn feels like a cabin got together with a Hardy and had a baby. (An inevitable consequence of mixing different types of housing on the same region, I suppose.) I don't know which is my favourite but am leaning Alpenrose because it seems the most bathroom-friendly.
  11. 7DS does free group join every few months, otherwise their group would not be so enormous. 😉 My lucky chair alt is doing an advent challenge where she puts together a new look every day with the Firelight hair and 7DS skin. She's rocking the Virtue outfit today, which is decidedly more classy than the Entice lingerie she started with:
  12. I picked up this year's tree for L$15 from the Libertine stall at Redeux. I'm using the 'simple' version at 6li but it will probably be three times that once I've finished decorating it. The reindeer ornaments are a group gift from Kraftwork, the garland is from a Lagom lucky board, the star is Simply Shelby (I think it may have been a gift at Redeux?), and the other ornaments are a mix of Apple Fall freebies from last year and a L$10 full-perm bauble from MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VF-MESH-Christmas-Ornament/6623976 (The basket is a current moss &
  13. Astralia are doing free group join today; 50% off for group before a 40% off sale for everyone tomorrow. Still not cheap, but they do have a deck designed for the houseboats at L$199 and a bunch of neon/tropical stuff that could work well with stilts. (I got a L$49 trash can, I think that's enough for the moment.)
  14. Of course they don't. Even those who announce releases on the 'when was the last time' thread have every right to change their mind and hang on to them, or pass them on privately. I wasn't suggesting he deserved to be spammed or whatever he's claiming; I was saying it was possible he might have been, though I agree it seems unlikely.
  15. The majority of abuse reports I've sent (people encroaching on Linden Land, offensive flags, over-enthusiastic orbs) have been acted upon. I generally don't report for out-of-season decor because the owner might not have been able to get inworld to take it down, but snow on the beach? in November? if that was next door to an otherwise perfect plot I'd report it.
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