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  1. My auto-refresh pinged twice in the last half-hour but every time I go to check it tells me I've exceeded the refresh limit. It's set to 100 seconds, so either my plugin is malfunctioning or they've decreased the limit. Going to try setting it to 120 now and see how I go.
  2. releasing a houseboat in 3... 2... 1... good luck!
  3. technically it will be winter for 90% of the world's population, though a) i imagine the proportion in sl is more like 70% and b) most places don't even have what i would call winter anyway, so yeah, i said it was weird.
  4. honestly if i were LL i would be busting a gut to get the trailers released by the end of this month, even if it were at the expense of more traditionals. i know it's weird but even in a virtual world i don't want to be camping in the winter.
  5. i don't see an issue with people catching and releasing, because it frees up homes for others who will value them more, and who maybe couldn't get online at the time of release. i don't love that the best locations will end up dominated by those with the time and money to keep house-swapping indefinitely, but it's kind of inevitable.
  6. i'm guessing it was in chat on one of the two big community groups, that's where most of these announcements seem to get made. i found out from the forums so this is definitely not the first time it's been mentioned here.
  7. my soft toys: Glogg, Pinguino, Meep, Pudbun, Sloff, Catanda, Bamboo, Owlipose, Murtagh, Adorable Gift. i would be happy to live in any of those.
  8. apparently Patch has stated that if you need a refund on your premium membership you can get one.
  9. Ruth 2.0 isn't Omega-compatible as the creator of Omega refuses to work with it, I think due to licensing issues, but I think the feet are Slink-compatible. Since it's a freebie it wouldn't hurt to pick one up and see whether it works for you. One of my alts has the Tonic Fine, it was about L$2K I think? but worth saving up for as it has Omega built-in as well as the Slink-compatible feet.
  10. after some initial experimentation with shadow textures i ended up going with charcoal walls in the windlass, much more forgiving.
  11. oh, most successful software startups have these embarrassing groupies who will brook no criticism and think all customers should be in a state of permanent grateful prostration before those who are so kind and generous as to bestow their wonderful product upon them. i imagine LL are used to this kind of nonsense by now, much as they are also used to the abuse.
  12. they are going within SECONDS. your chances are so low it's honestly not going to make any difference.
  13. i've just worked out how to put the most vocally unpleasant on ignore 😊
  14. this is an excellent idea. complaining won't get you your home any faster. if, however, people start cancelling their premium memberships on the basis that they're getting a second-tier service, it may motivate LL to make some concessions to those who can't currently get a free 1024; whether that's offering two old linden homes per avatar, or offering a temporary discount on abandoned mainland, or any of the other suggestions which have been made. (i doubt it, but at least you'd be saving money in the meantime.)
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