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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. I want to start off by saying, as a very long time Premium member, this was definitely a much needed & long over-due upgrade. The new houses are great & the fact you can change the house on that same lot without moving is even greater. I am already really loving my new Linden Home. That being said, there is something I would like to address/suggest. Although there are many interior wall options, they're all light & bright, mostly all bright pastels (even the brown is a "bright" brown). It would be awesome if there were also the same options of darker/duller interior walls available.
  2. I am looking for a free or cheap script that will remember the sequence in which linked prims are touched. The reason I need this, is so that I can make a musical instrument that doesn't include songs, but the ability to create your own. There would be a dialog menu that pops up when you click the root prim. It asks you if you would like to record, or record with a loop, And if you choose option 1 you touch all the strings in the order you want them to play in, hit finish in the dialog menu, and it will play once. If you chose option 2, then the recorded sequence will play in a loop until you hit "stop" on the dialog menu. An extra thing I would like is the option to save your favorite sequences into a memory bank that has 10 slots. So you can easily switch to different sequences, allowing you to make a completely custom song. [Edit]: I would also like for sequences to be stored in notecards, along with a variable that sets the length of each note, so that the user can determine how long each note in their sequence will be. Defaulted to a whole note. This is for a prim object in which each string is a separate prim, that contains its own sound in its contents. So there needs to be communication between the linked prims and the root prim in order for this to work.. I am willing to pay for a script that does its job well.
  3. Привет! Я не помню ответа на секретный вопрос из моей основной учетной записи. Моя учетная запись была зарегистрирована почти 8 лет назад, и я нигде не записывал ответ на секретный вопрос. Но я слышал, что он должен войти, когда вы получите запрос на личную информацию. И если я не могу ответить на этот вопрос, помимо подтверждения документов, моя учетная запись может быть заморожена. Правильно? Теперь я являюсь владельцем магазина, и я собираюсь снять свой доход с моей учетной записи PayPal . Поэтому я создал вторую учетную запись, а мой сценарий поставщика, из основной учетной записи, отправляет выручку в эту учетную запись. Мне интересно, правильно ли я сделал это? Если я продолжу передачу L $ между двумя моими учетными записями, будет ли LL запрашивать подтверждение моей основной учетной записи? Мне нужен ответ на секретный вопрос для проверки моей учетной записи? В идеале я хотел бы подтвердить только мою основную учетную запись и сделать передачу в PayPal только через нее. Так как это более удобно. Что нужно для этого? ps : Я не хотел создавать отдельные темы для всех этих вопросов, так как он тесно связан друг с другом. У моей подруги такая же проблема. На самом деле, я знаю многих людей, которые столкнулись с проблемой забытого ответа на секретный вопрос ...
  4. Issue is now resolved - Thank you Hello all, I've searched in a lot of places and can't seem to find an answer. I have an object that makes several HTTP Requests via llHttpRequest, the problem is that every time it does there seems to be some kind of default "particle" animation consisting of white dots (see image). They appear every single time a request gets made, and it occurs when attached to an avatar or rezzed. Only the owner of the object can see their own objects' particles, but I really need to disable them. I have tried: llParticleSystem([]); Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Greetings everyone, and thank you for the time. I have been working to prepare a new avatar of mine, my latest and I have rigged up and made a lot of avatars before so while I am not a professional user of Blender, i am familiar with it and in making mesh avatars for Second Life. This time, i have decided to prepare something non-human where the shape I have i made it hunched a bit, however with bi-pedal legs and a hunched stature it makes aligning and working out the template armature really advanced for me. Too advanced so far, I have tried a lot of things but in vain. After sweating with this for a while, now I would like to turn to anyone experienced in rigging avatars where I have not managed to succeed and request support if anyone wishes to rig up my non-human model for me and turn it into an avatar. I would also like to be sent the file and work as an educational means so that I can study and learn how all of this works out with non-human models. It would mean so much if I could have support with this. I would offer lindens for the trouble if this is preferred, though it should be discussed first. Feel free to drop me a message under the username Krokheimer in Second Life, too. Hope to hear from you soon, Krokheimer
  6. Hello, I'm offering services for custom mesh under a few guidelines and rules: - I have a few limits on what can and cannot be done, best thing to do is contact me and I can give you more than a yes or no. - NSFW is fine, I take pride in the work I'm doing regardless (Within TOS, Laws and common sense). - All items come with a full, final commission price, no more is paid upon agreement (additional requests made after payment are accepted as new commissions) - Exclusive items have an additional fee, otherwise all rights belong to me and I have the ability to do what I see fit with the item in question. - Be timely with our correspondence (Larger projects especially, you will still be charged for agreed hours) and make fair attempt to make me aware of any time you will be away for, as will I. - I offer graphics design to a lesser extent, this typically depends on what you need. Find out more about inZoxi and pricing: Site, Sketchfab Page, store front, these include samples of my work, you can also attain a viewing by contacting me in world, details below on how to do that. What do you need from me? First of all, visit inzoxi.co.uk for pricing, if you're all set from there then go ahead and send me either a notecard in-world or an email with a basic overview of your project and any references (images) you can provide me with, we will work out a final total from there. I won't be responding to any messages on this forum, please contact me either via email (hello@inzoxi.co.uk) or in-world at Zoxin Resident. What happens if you cannot complete my commission? You will be paid back what you have paid in (be it half or full) if I cannot complete your request - I've got better ways of making money than being a con artist. Please appreciate that these things do happen and may be able to re-accept your request at a later date. Thanks for your interest, Zoxin (Inworld Profile) inZoxi Creator.
  7. Hello to anyone reading this, I typically enjoy running as feminine, male avatars and find myself having a very hard time coming across clothing. In this specific case, I have spent a lot of time and effort on an effeminate elf avatar for a medieval sim. Unfortunately I cannot find any regular clothes that aren't dresses to fit my body. Body setup is Maitreya with the V-Tech Boi Chest mod. I have tried countless demos and rigged mesh outfits, but none fit my body in a satisfying way. What I'd like, is a tunic like the image linked, complete with white sleeves beneath, and a belt/sash with a pouch. Some medieval-y slacks and boots would be great but aren't completely necessary as most lower wear tends to fit. It's just upper body that is way off. Let me know if you're interested in hire. My ingame name is "kleverkitsune". Thanks in advance, Jake (KleverKitsune)
  8. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but there used to be an avatar that had a tail that collided with the ground (likely using scripts) Unfortunately I cannot get the Fairysnake naga avatar because their store closed down... I want to sort of "recreate" that system from the fairysnake naga. So I don't have to use the 5j lamia tail anymore. The problem I am facing is that I want to play ANY animation I want while being a Naga-ish creature without deforming in the most absurd ways. Which is why I request a script to make a collision enabled physics tail.... If It has been done before. It can be done again!
  9. AleHuntter

    Avatar Request

    Is AAnyone Accepting requets? i may thinking on one those 4: 1:https://sfmlab.com/item/2128/#item-1 2:https://sfmlab.com/item/2408/#item-1 3:https://sfmlab.com/item/1848/#item-1 4:https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/digimonmasters/model/9524/ if someone interested,please inform the price of each one,i will choose one depending on the price.
  10. Hello, a friend of mine is role playing Rihanna and she is willing to pay for a custom skin that fits the look she is going for. You can IM either of us inworld. Kawaiiduirii resident or ri13 resident, thanks!
  11. Ok so someone no one really knows shows up in our sim, donates 11k lendons, and then request ban, no one has banned them yet, but they have started going around harrasing everyone trying to get banned, to me this is very suspicious and im not sure what to do. We are a public sim and usually only ban when we need to, what to do? Should i ban them? Im trying to figure out what motive is behind this, it seems like a trap.
  12. I am trying to do a Credit process and can not figure this out. It will not let me click the yellow button. Any ideas??
  13. Am not getting used to it, this forum have configured the enter key wrong. When i now oress enter i get empty line. Am told you need to use shift-enter. first that's not logic and normal on forum. second, on tablet shift-enter is not practical. So i want to have it on this forum so enter just brings me to the next line without any wrong actions that add a space. you see it already happen in this post to, useless linefeeds. This really the only big mistake on this forum, it's also a not normal functionality that no other forum use. Linden lab, please fix this.
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